Sunday, September 8, 2013

Predicting the Weather

It's September and it's supposed to be fall.  In August, when we usually have triple digit temperatures, we had fall temps.  This month, we're having 90+ degree weather.  Everyone is predicting a harsh winter, who knows what will happen.

Have you ever tried to forecast the weather?  As a kid I grew up in the country and everyone predicted the weather.  It amazed me how often the farmers were right.  They always knew when a storm was coming by looking at the sky. If the air became very still, or the wind started blowing hard they knew something was brewing.

Today, we have meteorologists with all kinds of scientific equipment who calculate the weather.  Are they more accurate than the farmers were years ago?  Well, there's the Farmer's Almanac (two different books- I didn't know this), and a lot of people swear by their predictions. 

For me, it's impossible for anyone to be totally accurate, not even science.  There are just as many mistakes made by the scientific community as ordinary people make.  The farmers aren't scientific, but they had good judgment and good read the signs when something was about to happen. 

Have a great week, and I'll see you next Sunday. 

Best always,

Sandra K. Marshall, Author at Eirelander Publishing



Melissa Keir said...

Farmers based their livelihoods on the weather. They watched and learned the signs. I love watching the weather and will trust my own instincts a lot. But you're one gets it right all the time. So my motto is better safe (and prepared) than sorry!

Sandy said...

Yes, the farmers had a lot to lose if they were faced with destructive weather. I'm always prepared when they're are warnings out, too, Melissa.