Sunday, February 26, 2012

Where To Find Author's Jo Beverly and Suzanne Brockman


First, I want to apologize for not blogging last Sunday.  I picked up a very bad virus and my computer ended up in the shop.  I think the virus came through an update.  Like I say it was a bad one.

For those who love historical author, Jo Beverly, and romantic suspense author, Suzanne Brockman, you learn where to find them below. 

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See all of you next Sunday.  Hopefully, I'll be on time. 

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day

Our day of love, Valentine's Day is fast approaching.  This is a time when we do special things for our loved ones.  Usually, it's a box of chocolates, a special dinner with dancing, or a movie and dinner. 

Or it can be something as simple as a book where the reader can follow two characters and learn how they find their happy ever after.  The people portrayed in our books often go through real life trials and tribulations to find happiness and love.

I send out Valentine's cards to all my family and close friends.  I even send cards to all my mother's old friends and write them a little note so they know I still remember them.

All I want for Valentine's Day is a very good back rub.  For months I have been having trouble with deep tissue issues that left me in so much pain that I can't put any pressure on my right side.  First it was my left side, and I went to the physical therapist to take care of that.  This time I had my husband start rubbing and found it helped a lot.  Yep, I'll take a back rub and anything else he wants to treat me to.  Chocolate covered nuts???  Grin!  Get your mind out of the gutter guys.   

My publisher is having a sale of all their books at Coffee Time Romance if you would like to take a browse through to see if there is something you would like for Valentine's Day.

All of Eirelander Publishing's catalog is 30% off at the Coffee Time Romance Store!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  See you next Sunday.

Sandra K. Marshall

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Do You Believe In God?

Religion and politics are taboo for authors because you will alienate some of your readers.  All my life I have followed the rules, but this time I’m not.  For one thing you can’t please everyone.  As an author, I know not everyone will like my books for one reason or another.  Since I can’t satisfy everyone, I’ll write what I want.  If people stop following because of my topics so be it.

Right up front, I’ll say I believe in God.  It’s a blind belief, and I don’t need to have it proven to me that he exists.  I’m comfortable with my way of believing.  Others need it scientifically proven, and that’s fine, too.

What I really want to talk about today is the pastor, deacons and priests who lead up our churches and preach to us weekly.  These are normal men and women like you; they can be good or bad people just like you and me.  If one of the church leaders does a dastardly deed such as child molestation, have an affair with someone in the church or anything else considered a sin.  Do you stop going to church and helping others because someone sins?  Do you stop believing in God?

I haven’t stopped going to church or stopped believing in God.  What these people do will be judged here on earth by the court system and by God. I have to admit I’m judgmental when it comes to abusers of children, animals and people in general, but I wouldn’t let any of this stop me from going to church and praying to God.

Many people blame the church for anything that happens within their confines.  This is not necessarily true. The individuals who commit a sin are the ones to blame.  There are some extenuating circumstances if there is a cover up.  In many ways the church leaders are gullible and know the laws of the church but not the laws of their country.  They make mistakes and should be punished, but first they need to be taught what they have done wrong.

Church leaders believe in evil, but they also think everyone can be redeemed.  If someone is really evil they can’t be saved.  The church can’t have it both ways.  Infidelity is considered a lesser sin in our country, but in other countries it is a crime punishable by death. 

There are many who don't believe in God because of all the evil in the world.  What do you believe?

All comments are welcome, but please be respectful of others opinions.  Everyone has an opinion, and we don't have to agree. 

Until next Sunday have a great week.

Best always,

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