Sunday, September 29, 2013

More News

Hi Everyone,

I want to share more news with you.  Last week, I signed a new contract with my publisher for a short story titled Hitting Bottom.  I don't know if the title will remain the same, but the story is about the heroine's life falling apart and how she rebuilds her life.  Along the way, she reclaims her hero. 

Also, the second book in the riverboat mysteries, Addiction, is being re-released with its new book cover this weekend.  I don't have the link yet, but as soon as I do I'll post it.  I just received the link, so I'm adding it now.  Smile!  Addiction at Amazon.

Now, I'm working on a new short story, which I'm hoping to get done in a couple of weeks.  It depends on life's situations, but fortunately, I belong to a goal oriented group and we challenge each other to reach a certain amount of words a day.  I don't always reach the goal, but I try.

Soon, I'll be blogging on several different promotional sites, and as they come up I'll be posting the links for you on Facebook and here. 

I'm working on my website, and I have to admit it can use some work.  lol  If you go to my website just remember it's a work in progress.

My book, The Catalyst, focuses on family dynamics between the mother and her children.  There is danger and romance, but it's also about the misconceptions between family members.  It can now be found at Barnes and Noble.

Buy links for The Catalyst:  Amazon and B&N 

See you next week with more news I hope.  Smile!  Having something new to tell you is exhilarating. 

Have a great week everyone, and I'll see you next weekend.

Sandra K. Marshall
Author at Eirelander Publishing


K.T. Bishop said...

I'm always happy for your success and appreciate the advice (writing and non-writing) you've given me over the years!

Sandy said...

How sweet, K.T. Thank you for coming by.

Linda LaRoque said...

Congratulations on the new contract, Sandy! Aren't short stories fun?

I'm working on my first inspirational.

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Congrats on the new contract and the gorgeous new cover, Sandy! And here's to hearing more good news next time! :-)

Melissa Keir said...

Congrats on your new contract! *waves at KT* Didn't know we both knew Sandy!

I love the new cover too! How exciting!

Sandy said...

Thanks, Linda, and good luck with your inspirational.

Thanks, Donna. I just added the link to B&N just a bit ago. lol

Thanks, Melissa. That K.T. gets around. lol A good guy though.

J Hali Steele said...

Hi there Sandy, congrats on the new contract! Always love your posts, they're so insightful and always with a bit of humor.