Sunday, June 27, 2010

Contest, Contest, Contest

Hello Everyone,

No one wants to wait for Christmas to celebrate the're having a Christmas in July Event! Great Prizes, to include a new Sony Touch eReader, hats, totes, tee-shirts, gift cards, and more!

To enter our BIG contest:

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3. There are 20 RBRU Bloggers' Websites/Blogs listed on the right
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Contest runs from 1-midnight ET 31 July. Sorry...we'll ship big prizes
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Please note: If you join just to enter the contest and then leave the
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Like Santa, I'm "making a list and checking it twice" so will keep track
of those who join and leave. ALSO...going NO MAIL sometimes happens to
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“Anything You Can Do” by Marianne Stephens at:

Other Books at: Ellora’s Cave, Cerridwen Press

The leader of Romance Books R Us is Marianne Stephens, and I'm reading her book, Gone to the Dogs, right now. I laughed out loud last night while I was reading. There's humor galore and mystery to boot.

Good luck to all of those who enter this contest.

Also, remember ADDICTION comes out in print July 1st at Eirelander Publishing,

Until next Sunday, have a great week.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gulf Coast Castastrophe

Hello Everyone,

Not all of you will agree with me on what's going on in the gulf coast, but this is my blog, and I'm going to give my opinion. Many of you have probably watched the senate and listened to the testimony from them and the BP CEO, Tony Hayward. Of course, he said very little on the advice of lawyers.

Anyone who knows me knows I like everyone. I do not hate Tony Hayward, he's only as greedy as everyone else on this earth. That includes you and me. Do I think he thought of the bottom line and his stockholders before he thought of ordinary folks who make a living in the region. Most definitely. Do I believe he was sincere when he said he was sorry. Humph. No way. The only thing I think he's sorry for is that he was CEO when the catastrophe happened. He meant it when he said, he wanted his life back. Well, Mr. Hayward, so do the people in the gulf.

There is one person I dislike immensely, and his name is Joe Barton, Republican representative from Texas. If I lived in Texas, and I voted for him I would be asking him to step down immediately. For a man in our congress to apologize for his country for asking for money to help the people and businesses in the Gulf area and call it a shakedown is apprehensible. He's not a patriot, and he's in bed with the oil companies. How would his constituents feel if this had been off the beaches of Galveston? Maybe, he wouldn't have said those words to appease BP then.

Everyone is pointing fingers at someone. The President is being condemned because he didn't act faster. We have a President who is analytical (remember my blog last week about are you analytical), and he tries not to jump in and start doing things without considering all possibilities before acting. We had a President who jumped to action, and he went after the wrong target. No matter whether we act slow or fast there are bound to be mistakes. We all make them.

Here's a group I point fingers at and that is whoever was supposed to be inspecting every detail while the rigs were built and the maintenance of them. Who was being bought off? Someone knew there was a problem. Certainly, the workers did but they didn't speak up for fear of losing their jobs. Instead they lost their lives. These inspectors definitely need to be held accountable for allowing BP to continue drilling.

Those people who are yelling about their jobs, I say: Are you willing to risk your lives that this won't happen to you? Wouldn't you rather the drills are inspected thoroughly before going back to work? I know that's easy for me to say when it's you with the bills you can't pay. Just ask yourself who will pay them if you're dead. I understand very well what is happening even if I'm not there. Keep reading and you'll see why I think I understand.

BP wants to make it right but unfortunately they can't undo what has happened. There's no way to make it right now, but only help make it better. BP is burning off oil now. It's keeping the oil from the shores, but what is the fire doing to the fish in that area? The fire may keep the oil from going inland, but how much oil has already made it from the gulf into the ocean? I bet no one has thought of that. What kind of damage has this oil spill done long range to the sea life in the gulf and oceans?

Now to get back to blame. We are all to blame for this problem because of our dependence on oil. Will this catastrophe teach us anything? I hope so, but I doubt it. Why do I say that? It's because of the 'me factor'. We all think of me and what we want. I'm not excluding myself either.

To those people who think they aren't effected by this drill spill, well guess again. You'll start feeling it in your pockets as gas prices go up. You'll notice it as your food choices decline and the price goes up for sea food.

For those of you not concerned about any of this and who think nothing like this can happen to them. Guess again. There are volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes just to name a few nature made disasters but the man made ones can be just as bad. Do you have a nuclear plant near you? We have one not too far from us. Do we know how well they are inspected? Could something like what happened in the gulf happen at a nuclear plant?

Damn right it could and may if the inspectors are bought off. I can understand how the people in the gulf are feeling because something very similar or even worse could happen here.

Most corporations are greedy, and so are there stockholders. They want more and more. Those stockholders may be you. I know I own stock, and I want my dividend every quarter. I can remember a time when companies were happy with a 10% profit, and now they want a 300% or more profit. Where does it end? BP was one of those greedy company's. They are suspending their dividend to set aside the $20 billion to help those effected by the oil spill. Will the stockholders sell their shares because they aren't making any dividend and the stock is going down. They could. Will BP decide to declare bankruptcy and therefore no one would get any money. All of these things could happen.

All of this could have been prevented if only someone had listened to the workers. On my blog all of you are allowed an opinion and you can voice it here even if you don't agree with me. One word of warning, respect everyone's right to say what they think and don't put anyone down for their opinion.

I could say a lot more, but I think by now everyone is tired of hearing me rant. lol

Have a good week. I'll see you next week.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Are You Analytical?

Hello Everyone,

Those of you who follow my blog know I'm an author. When you write you need to know your characters inside and out. Your hero and heroine can think like you do but one of them has to take the opposite viewpoint. If they don't there would be no conflict between them. lol

Have you ever gone to a movie with friends or hubby and it was so good that you wanted analyze every part of it and explain it to others even those who saw it with you? lol I used to. My friends and I could see a movie and discuss every aspect of what went on between the characters. Now, if I go to the theatre with hubby it's either a good movie, okay one or bad. lol He has no desire to talk about it. lol

My hubby thinks I'm disagreeing with him when I give him another viewpoint other than the one he gives. Often I agree with him but will still throw out the other side of a situation just to give him more to think about. lol Of course, he doesn't see it that way.

About this time, you are probably asking yourself what is the purpose of analyzing everything. The reason is to understand the other viewpoint whether we think it's wrong or right. I have always been analytical from a very young age. I studied people, their mannerisms, their tone of voice and their actions. I wondered what these things meant. As I grew older I knew what they meant, and then I wanted to know why. Many of these actions were explained to me through books, movies, and other people until I was able to develop my beliefs.

I try to understand everyone and everything. I may not agree with a person, but I appreciate their feelings. Sometimes, I can't identify with them. Do you analyze or do you just accept that is the way it is without thought?

Have a good week. See you next Sunday.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Obsession and Passion

Hello Everyone,

I’m starting out my blog with good news. This past week my publisher announced that Addiction will become a print book on July 1st. To say I’m excited is an understatement. I haven’t told a soul other than my husband and sister until today when I’m announcing it to the whole world. It’s been difficult keeping this secret and those who know me best know just how hard it’s been. lol

If you’ve missed seeing me around for a few days it’s because I’ve been working on errata/galleys for The Deceived. For those non-writers who may not know the meaning of those two words they are the final edit before the book receives a release date.

Today, my topic is about obsession and passion. I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot ever since another author blogged about it. Because of my thoughts I wanted to discuss these two words a bit more.

The dictionary meanings are below:

Obsession: 1: a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling 2: Something that causes and obsession

For my purpose I’m listing one meaning of passion from the dictionary.

Passion: A strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object or concept.

To me all the really great painters and writers have been obsessed with their work to the exclusion of everything else in their lives. They are totally focused on what they are writing, painting, etc. I believe this is an external obsession.

These same authors and artists have passion and instill it in their various art forms. I think this passion comes from inside them making it internal. It’s necessary to have passion when writing but is it necessary to be obsessed? I personally believe that obsession can cause you to go crazy. What do you think?

Until next Sunday, have a good week.