Sunday, September 15, 2013

Abducted Children

I had a different topic to write about this week, but it will have to wait for another time.  This week, I was watching Erin Burnett OutFront on CNN, and I can't get the topic out of my mind.  The news story was about abducted children.  It was shocking and horrific.

They were talking about very small children being abducted.  The suspect had hundreds of pornographic photos of little ones, and toddlers were being tortured.  On-line the suspect was talking about cooking and eating children.  Ms. Burnett said the suspect denied that he did anything like that, but admitted there were those who were doing it. 

The sadness and disgust on Ms. Burnett's face when she said there were hundreds of thousands of predators out there preying on children, and some were actually doing this deed.  It wasn't a topic she wanted to talk about, nor do I.  It has to be talked about because we are the protector of those incapable of taking care of their selves. 

 If I were to catch one of these predators there would be no trial.  I do not say that lightly because I do not like killing anyone or anything, but there is a limit to my tolerance. In situations like the one I heard Ms. Burnett talk about I have reached it. These abusers deserve no mercy in my opinion.  They cannot be rehabilitated. 

It's sad to say these people are all around us, and we have to be cautious.  We all hope, I hope our nation and the world has more good people than bad ones.  You have to be careful when you travel, on-line, in our neighborhoods and parks/playgrounds.  Be alert; be aware of anyone near your children. We love to post photos of our loved ones on Facebook, Twitter, and many other places on-line.  Don't do it, you're inviting the fox into the hen house without realizing it.  You can be found. 

I'm sorry my blog is so distressful this weekend, but I couldn't help sending out a warning.  You may listen to a partial of this news item at

Keep your children safe.

Sandra K. Marshall


Melissa Keir said...

That's why I'm a teacher, I love children... all children and want to protect them.

I have a child in my class this year who was severely abused by a family member. My goal is to give him a "normal" year with friends and happiness in school.

Jill James said...

Sandy, unfortunately these people are out there. We must be on alert at all times. My daughter was almost taken as a little girl. I let go of her hand for the time it takes to get your wallet out of your purse and she was gone. The store went on lock-down and they found her crying under a clothes rack ten feet from the door. She just kept screaming about the bad man. Fortunately she was too young to remember it. 3 seconds to get my wallet and she could have been gone.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Melissa. I know you are a wonderful teacher.

OMG, Jill, that had to be a scary experience. Yes, they are out there.

Sid Silhouette Johnson said...

There are definitely some very strange and sick people walking this earth. I seen something similar in a documentary about a man eating children. Couldn't stomach it. It is unbelievable what some people will do.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Sid. I find it unbelivable what people do, too.

Linda LaRoque said...

Very sad and shocking. It makes a person want to crawl in a hole with their loved-ones and never come out.

Sandy said...

Linda, I understand how you feel.

Amber Skyze said...

It's a very scary world we're raising children in, Sandy. It's sad that there are people out there. Thanks for sharing this.

Sandy said...

Yes, Amber, it is a scary world for children. Thank you for commenting.