Sunday, August 25, 2013

Do You Remember When Flight Attendants Wore These Uniforms?

I looked at this video with flight attendant uniforms, and to be honest there were a lot of uniforms I didn't recognize.  So, I'm posting the video for everyone to look at, and the person who is familiar with the most outfits worn by stewardesses will win a prize: a bag of print books, but none will be mine. 

Just leave a comment giving me the number of uniforms you remember, and the one with the highest quantity will win.  Go to:

Have fun folks.  I'll be looking forward to hearing from you. 

Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope your week is fantastic.  I'll see you next Sunday.

Best always,
Sandra K. Marshall, author at Eirelander Publishing

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Does Sex Sell?

We see all the glossy magazines with photos of beautiful models both women and men.  They advertise clothes, shoes, perfumes, hair products, makeup and numerous other items.  There are even more advertisements on television with gorgeous women and hunky men. 

What woman hasn't drooled over the beautiful swishing hair of actress/model Andie McDowell? Everyone would love to look like the models who wear Cover Girl makeup. Sometimes, dancers are used to model clothes and shoes, especially kids' shoes. 

You're probably wondering what is bringing about all these thoughts, so I'm going to get to the point now.  My publisher decided a while back to make new covers for my books; you know update their look.  The first thing I noticed was there is a sexy looking couple on each cover. 

The romantic couples look great on my new book covers, but I am going to be eager to learn if these covers sell more books.  What do you think, does sex sell?

Have a great week, and I'll see you next weekend.

Sandra K. Marshall, Author at
Eirelander Publishing

Sunday, August 11, 2013

I Am Back

Hi Folks,

As you can see I have been working on my blog again.  It's so much fun rearranging things.  Wink!  I have been busy writing on a short story, and I'm about to finish it up.  Also, if you look down the right side of my blog, you'll see I have downloaded new book covers.

My publisher, Eirelander Publishing, decided the bookcovers for my mystery trilogy needed to be updated.  They are going to be re-released at the end of August.  Until then they won't be for sale.  Another change is my publisher will not have a store front at their site to sell books, but all books will be sold at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance E-books, and other spots. 

Below is another contest at Romance Books 4 Us.  Be sure to join in the fun and win some great prizes by going to 


Did you know that August is National Romance Awareness Month? We're going to help HEAT UP SUMMER with our Romance Books '4' Us Contest while we keep writing those "HOT" romance books! Contest runs 1 August - midnight ET 27 August. To enter: Find the 20 pages that have an animated SUN like the ones you see above (this page doesn't count). Make a list of the names of those pages (ex: Marianne Stephens, Liz Crowe, etc.) and send your list to: NOTE: Snail mail prizes only shipped to US or Canadian addresses.



1. $50 Gift Card for Amazon/Barnes & Noble.

2. Two winners will each receive a Romance Books '4' Us Tote bag.

3. Two winners will each receive a print copy of Fiery Bride from romance author Cynthia Woolf.

4. An ebook of the reader's choice from romance author JC Szot.

5. Winner's choice of ebook from list provided by romance author Kathryn R. Blake.

6. Digital copy of Conquering Passion from romance author Anna Markland.

7. E-copy of Fantasies Unbound as well as swag goodies from romance author Raine Delight.

8. An ebook copy of Blind Acceptance by romance author Missy Martine.

9. A bag of books (some signed) received at RT2013 from romance author Marianne Stephens.

Thank you for joining me today, and I hope to see you back next weekend. 

Stay healthy and happy.

Sandy AKA Sandra K. Marshall, author