Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Book Cover for The Catalyst

Hi Everyone,

Life is complicated, and sometimes we have very little control over what happens to us.  Crimes go unsolved, criminals go unpunished and the innocent may be punished for something they didn't do.  All of this is the way life is, but we don't have to like it.

As an author, I have complete (once in a while they get away from me) control over my characters.  I can make them do anything I want.  My heroine and hero will find their HEA (happy ever after), but they suffer a lot before they reach that point.  It's just like in real life; there are a lot of ups and downs.  The villains in my novels will most definitely be caught and pay for their crimes, which is not always the way actual events happen.

My first book, The Catalyst is being re-released with a new cover.  I hope you like it.


Blurb for The Catalyst

Dark revelations and secret love lead to personal resurrection.

Carolyn Madison didn't kill her husband but didn't mourn him either. The rapist deserved to die, or at least she thought so. Beneath a myriad of family secrets, Carolyn drags the skeletons out of the closet and in the arms of her true love, learns to love again.

Walt Tollhouse has pined for Carolyn since she was a shy seventeen-year-old. Little did he know Robert Dubois would steal her away, and then destroy the beautiful spirit he still loved. Beneath the guise of clean-up man, the martial arts instructor never pushes his battered love but gives her silent support she deserves. 

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Have a great Labor Day weekend. 
Sandra K. Marshall


Melissa Keir said...

I love the new cover and it sounds like an amazing book! :) All the best!

Sandy said...

Thank you, Melissa.

Diana Lambdin Meyer said...

Congrats! Make a million!

Sandy said...

Thank you, Diana.