Sunday, January 27, 2013

Who Has Control?

Okay, the festivities for the inauguration and Martin Luther King are over, and it's time to get to work.  It's time to compromise in order to get anything done in the next four years.

Let's face it everyone tries to gain control at one time or another.  It's a part of life.  People want control of their lives, at home, at work and in government.

Does it happen?  I daresay we like to believe we have control, but there is always someone fighting you for that control.  Example:  My husband says if he says red I'll say blue.  He just wants me to agree with him sometimes.  I tell him I do, but I, also, have a mind, which I use, and when I don't see eye to eye with him I say so.  Often I do concur with what he says, but I want to throw out another thought (blame it on reading The Devil's Advocate), or am I just being contrary as he says.  Wink!

To me debate is healthy, and I love to have healthy discussions even if I don't agree with the person I'm talking to.  When there's a problem with talking to another being is when one person is so sure they are right that they won't listen to another's ideas.

This happens with all of us at one time or another, and even if I am the one in control (once in a while) I need to listen to the other person (hubby in this case) because they have ideas, too.  Everywhere people are trying to convince others their beliefs are the right ones.  Sometimes it takes trials and errors to find what works and what doesn't.  One time the idea might not work and the next time it does, or vice versa. 

Everyone makes errors and that includes governments.  I like to watch and listen to debates, and I wait until it concludes to form an opinion.  I like to listen to all the news media outlets to hear what they think even though I have decided for myself where I stand.  There are times when I'm not sure where I stand because I agree with both sides. Sure there is a battle for control going on in our Congress, but for me, our government's process is fascinating. 

So many complain about our government, but we still have the best because none of the parties have complete control no matter who is in office.  That's why our Congress is divided into two groups, The House of Representatives and the Senate.  Our forefathers set it up this way so there would always be a healthy discussion before a vote, and that is Democracy.

This is, also, the way all relationships should work.  Discuss the topic before making a decision.  My final thought is no one has total control, and you shouldn't have because you would be living under a dictatorship in your country and your home. 

I know many of you will disagree with my analogy of our government and your home life.  You have a right to your opinion, and so do I. 

Have a great week everyone, and I'll see you next Sunday.

Sandra K. Marshall

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Some commercials are fun and entertaining, but for the most part I just skip to another channel while a commercial is on.  Yep, I can watch more than one television program at a time and avoid taping them. 

Back to the subject of commercials, there is one type of commercial that is irritating the heck out of me.  When the first one came out with the kid telling the older man how younger kids had it good compared to the kid talking to the elderly guy, and the guy answering, "Uh hum, I've been telling you." That one I thought was rather cute. 

The ones I don't like and the ones I find condescending are the ones with kids ten years or younger telling even younger kids how good they've got it.  Well, all those kids a year or two older have it good and they should stop acting like they don't.  Give me a break with these stupid commercials.  None of these kids are old enough to have missed out on anything yet. 

The people making these commercials are alienating the largest part of the population.  These kids aren't buying your products; their parents and grandparents are, and you could be setting against them against you. 

Are there any commercials that irritate you?  I'm eager to hear what you think about commercials. 

Have a great week, and I'll see you next Sunday. 

Sandra K. Marshall
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

People Watching

I come from a long line of people watchers.  My mom used to watch people all the time, so did my grandmother.  One thing I've noticed lately is that no one looks happy.  They are in a hurry and they act grouchy. 
Why is that?  I know a lot of people are out of work so they have a reason to be unhappy.  There could be something good about being home and spending more time with your family talking and even playing games.  Oh, I know that can only be good for so long since you have to feed, clothe and provide a home for you and your family.

A lot of people aren't happy with their jobs.  Why is that?  Were they happy with the job at one time and became dissatisfied after a while?  If they were unhappy with it from the start, maybe they should have been looking for a new job all along. 

Are people unhappy in their relationships?  If they're not married they should move on.  If they are married they should look at why they're unhappy and communicate with there spouse.  Often times bad times can bring people and families together.

What can be done to make people happy again?  I'm not sure of the answer to that.  Maybe, slow down a bit, take time out to relax, and not expect so much from yourself or others.  Everything is fast paced, even the games kids play are fast.  With social media there's no time to be alone.  The fast pace of life doesn't give people much time to just sit and relax.

People are unhappy over all the bad news they hear on news shows.  It's depressing for all the people I see, and I understand, but there's always been bad news in the past, but I didn't see everyone so discontented.  Could it be, we've had too much and still want more? Shouldn't we be content with what we have while we strive for more?

Are people unhappy because they don't have instant gratification anymore?  This could be a phase that everyone is going through, and they will eventually become happy again.  I hope so. 

I hope to see some happy faces again when I people watch the next time.

Have a great week, and I'll see you next Sunday. 

Sandra K. Marshall
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Taste of Meals on Airlines in the Past

Many of you know I retired from TWA, and at one time it was one of the premiere airlines of the world.  For those interested in aviation and museums you might be interested in visiting the one in Kansas City, Missouri. Here is just a bit of what you will find inside.

Below, I'm giving a description of what the meals were like on premiere airlines. 

Once upon a point of time airlines were luxurious.  In first class, you received a menu to make selections from and in coach the flight attendant told you the choices you could make.  Also, in first class you were served your meal on real china and real silver silverware.
For those of you who remember the luxury of airlines in the past, here are some meals served in first class in years gone by.

On the L-1011, coast to coast, you could expect to start with an eye opener of your choice either a cocktail or other beverage.

After takeoff, you were given a variety of seasonal fruit served with pastry. You could choose from your choice of croissants, biscuits or bagels and accompanied with coffee, decaffeinated coffee or tea. 

Next you were offered brunch specialties such as the Chef's Garden Omelet filled with fresh vegetables and served with one or more of the following: Spanish sauce, Ranchero sauce, chicken a la reine, mushrooms a la suisse, black olives and cheese; Whole Wheat French Toast sautéed with nutmeg and vanilla, accompanied by yogurt and syrup.  Both of these entries were offered with grilled ham steak, or beef and veal sausage.

Soft drinks and juices such as Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Canada Dry, Club Soda, Ginger Ale, Tonic Water Perrier, Mr. & Mrs. "T" Bloody Mary Mix, orange juice, apple juice, tomato juice and grapefruit juice were offered.

On the Lockheed 1649A Constellation (I think this is an overseas menu) you could expect after takeoff to receive a cocktail or beverage of your choice and mixed nuts.  Appetizers would consist of Black Forest ham and cantaloupe served with honey mustard sauce.  Next came a salad of leaves and greens garnished with bacon, tomato and hard boiled egg with a choice of Italian herb or ranch dressing.

Your choice of entrees would be filet mignon with bordelaise sauce, twice baked potato and sautéed mushroom caps; Chicken Vera Cruz seasoned with Mexican salsa and guacamole served with Creole rice; Blackened Tuna Steak with Creole sauce, rice and sautéed mushroom caps.

The flight attendants in the Royal Ambassador section would advise you of the day's selection.  Along with your entree you would be served southwestern vegetables, selection of dinner rolls and butter.

On the Boeing 767, first class overseas flight, you could expect Premium champagne prior to takeoff.  After takeoff you could have a cocktail or beverage of your choice along with cured olives with herbs and roasted cashews.  Appetizers served would be Scottish smoked salmon, long tail shrimp, mesquite-marinated chicken breast and asparagus spears garnished with strawberry and kiwi served with wasabi sauce.

Next the salad came garnished with cucumber slices, radishes, croutons, and a choice of balsamic vinaigrette or low-fat blue cheese dressing.  Then you had a choice of entrees such as Filet Mignon served with bordelaise sauce and duchess sweet potatoes; Grilled Breast of Chicken served boneless with forestiere sauce, and new potato wedges with rosemary; Fillet of Salmon grilled with printemps sauce and scallions, and accompanied by saffron rice; Medallions of Lobster and Chateaubriand served chilled with smoked turkey, artichoke salad and remoulade sauce.  All hot entrees were accompanied by green beans with red peppers, dinner rolls and butter.

Last but not least dessert was an assortment of fruit and international cheeses, Haagen-Dazs vanilla frozen yogurt and chocolate brownie load with chocolate sauce.  You had a choice of coffee and or tea. 

Then when the sun was coming up, you're served a continental breakfast buffet.  You can shop duty free on this flight.
It does sound magnificent to be on a flight like this.  In the old days, passengers were given something to drink and eat even for short flights. 

For those of you interested in learning more about the history of Trans World Airlines (TWA) visit the website of the historical museum at  Also, you can find the museum at 10 Richards Road at the old MCI airport.

Happy New Years Everyone!  May 2013 be a good one for all of you. 

Have a good week and I'll see you next Sunday

Sandra K. Marshall