Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Weather

Good Morning Everyone,

This morning I woke up to a quiet rain that made me want to stay in bed and sleep.  It wasn't long before the softness turned into a downpour with thunder and lightening.

As a kid I grew up in a farming community and often the weather was a topic of discussion.  Farmers worried constantly about too little, or too much rain;  too much sun, or not enough for their crops.  They were apprehensive if their crops would survive a storm.

It seems everyone has an interest in the weather these days with so many towns and cities being hit by tornadoes, hurricanes, sunamis, earthquakes and other natural disasters.  When I was a kid, we stood out in the front yard and watched tornadoes hit in the countryside.  These days it's not safe to do that, and we run for cover.

Part of the reason so many towns and cities are being hit by disasters is because we have built up the countryside and there's not nearly as many open spaces for these calamities to hit. 

Here in the midwest, I see a drastic change in the weather patterns.  Many things can be causing it.  Modernization may be one of the big culprits.  

What's the weather like in your area?  Here in the midwest the weather may be forty one then seventy or ninety the next.  We are having huge swings in our temperatures.  

Have a good week.  See you next Sunday.

Sandy AKA Sandra K. Marshall


Louise Behiel said...

Same thing here Sandy. wild swings and very unusual weather patterns

Carol Ericson said...

Everyone always likes to discuss the weather! Here on the coast in So Cal, it will be sunny in around 70. One misconception about the weather in So Cal is that it's always sunny and warm here. While we do have our share of sun and warmth, the temps vary wildly depending on where you are. Here by the beach, it's rare to have temps much over 80 degrees - 80 is HOT for us. But if you drive 30 minutes inland, that same 80 degree temp at the beach can go up another 20 degrees. Also, along the coast we have a lot of fog and overcast days. One summer, it was overcast almost every day for five straight weeks. Sometimes the sun would peek out around 3:00 but then the fog would roll in again. I felt sorry for any tourists who expected to sun themselves at a So Cal beach!

Historical Writer/Editor said...

I like the climate in Colorado. The air is dry, and we have sun most days of the year. Our temperature goes up and down. One day it could be in the seventies and the next day snow. It's a real adventure.-laura

KT BISHOP said...

I've seen more rain in the winter and spring than last summer.

Sandy said...

It's weird weather, Louise.

Extreme weather is everywhere these days. We're having 90's now and next week it'll be in the 70's again.

LOL You're right it being an adventure, Laura.

Thanks for coming by, KT. We're getting a lot of rain in May.