Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Hi Everyone,

I have some wonderful memories of Easter when I was a child that I would like to share with you.  We were always up early on Easter Sunday for sunrise service and a huge breakfast afterward.  Yep, I admit that the food was an enticement for me to get up before dawn.  Also, I'll acknowledge once I was at the service, which was outdoors, watching the sun come up made me glad to be there and put me in the mood for the words spoken about the resurrection of God. How could anyone deny a greater power with all that beauty surrounding them.  Not me.

After the sunrise service, we went home and changed into our Sunday best and headed to Sunday school, and then church services.  Next, we went to Grandma's house for dinner where we always had fried chicken and all the other good fattening stuff to go with it.  My mouth melts at the thought of homemade ice cream, hot pies and cakes for dessert.  Yum!

After dinner, we were handed baskets and told to find the Easter eggs hidden in the back yard, or if it was cold the eggs were concealed in the house.  We had real hard boiled eggs not the plastic kind.  You can't imagine the squeals and excitement expressed when someone found a colored egg.  It was great fun. 

Before the day was over, we were eating again.  In those days, we ate a lot, and it was all good.  LOL  Most people worked very hard back then, so they didn't gain a lot of weight.  They were lucky that way. 

Easter was a wonderful day filled with beauty, love and family.  How did you celebrate Easter when you were a child?  Was it happy for you?

Have a great week everyone.  See you next Sunday, and thanks for visiting me today.



Louise Behiel said...

What great memories, Sandy. our easter was always quiet, with a ham and all the trimmings. lots of family around.

Sandy said...

My mom's side of the family was wonderful, Louise. That's where we had most of our family gatherings. Only one aunt on my dad's side of the family kept in touch. She was great.

K.T. Bishop said...

we went to church and got stuffed Easter baskets! I did the same to my daughter and Tot!
I appreciate you sharing your memories with me!

Carol Ericson said...

Sounds like wonderful family time. Easter was not a big deal at our house growing up. We colored hard boiled eggs a few days before and we'd hunt for the eggs and a basket filled with chocolate eggs and bunnies! I really enjoy a sunrise Easter service now.

Sandy said...

You're welcome, K.T. Just think your daughter and Tot will have those memories all their lives.

It was wonderful family time, Carol. A sunrise Easter service is beautiful. Thanks for stopping by.

Bob Hamilton said...

As you may or not know I am an only child. On my mother's side of the family I was the only child,grand child,etc. Thus loads of goodies,candies,praises and whatnots were heaped upon my small frail body(past tense).I was'nt aware that I had to share this day with Christ. But as all who know me will atest that old wives tale about only children being spoiled is just that an old wives tale. Bob

Sandy said...

Yes, I knew you were an only child, Ham. You were definitely spoiled with attention. lol No wonder you're such a jokester. You're great fun.