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Author, Stacey Joy Netzel

Good morning everyone,

I want you to meet my dear friend, Stacey Joy Netzel, and she is a joy.  Stacey writes stories in small towns and those that are in larger cities have a small town feel to them.  Please give her a warm welcome.

Stacey's Bio:
Stacey Joy Netzel fell in love with books at a young age, so for her the graduation to writing them was natural. An avid reader and fan of movies with a happily ever after, she lives in her native Wisconsin with her husband and three children, a couple horses and some barn cats. She works part-time as a travel agent, and in her limited free time enjoys gardening, canning, and visiting her parents in Northeastern Wisconsin (Up North) at their cabin on the lake.
Her newest release is the contemporary romance, More Than a Kiss, but for romantic suspense you can check out Lost In Italy, and her Colorado Trust Series, Trust in the Lawe, Shattered Trust, and Shadowed Trust. Other titles include Ditched Again, Welcome to Redemption Series (books 2,4,6), Chasin’ Mason, Dragonfly Dreams, If Tombstones Could Talk, and her Christmas anthology, Mistletoe Rules, which took 1st place in WisRWA's 2010 Write Touch Readers' Award.

Blog and Website:
Rugged Heroes ~ Resilient Heroines ~ Heartwarming Romance


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"From the classroom to the boardroom, directors to ducklings, Stacey Joy
Netzel takes you on a fun, romantic joyride with two lovable people who are
just trying to do the right thing in the cutthroat world of journalism and
big business." ~ Delia DeLeest, author of NOT LOOKING FOR TROUBLE

A Note from Stacey:  This book started as a short story about two people who meet during the filming of a commercial and it was supposed to end once the commercial wrapped. However, my characters wouldn't cooperate with me and the story continued until I had a full-length book. Today you get to see the very first time Sadie and Zach meet. Oh, and just so you know, they don't share their first kiss as Battlefield Nurse and Zombie. Read on!


When a kiss...

All reporter Sadie Barton wants is to be taken seriously and judged on her
own merits, not her stepfather's money. She and her actress sister left
Wisconsin to get out from under his controlling thumb and leave behind the
malicious whispers that they're no better than their gold-digging mother.
But California isn't all sun and fun, and paying the rent while trying to
prove herself is harder than she ever imagined. more than a kiss...

Something about Sadie drew self-made millionaire Zach Robinson-and it wasn't just the amazing kiss they shared as impromptu actors in his company's commercial. He's used to women being interested in his wealth, and Sadie's fierce independence is an enticing breath of fresh air. He's falling fast-until his brother suggests acting runs in her family and Sadie might not be exactly what she seems...


Chapter 1

Sadie Barton's fingers tangled together at her waist as she hovered just
inside the doorway of a classroom at West Hollywood High. The set looked and sounded like a war zone-figuratively speaking, of course. And yet still
fitting, considering her sister's role in the commercial.

The intimidation factor rose exponentially. MovieMail was the biggest
mail-order and online DVD rental company in the country and this commercial would be aired nationally. Her stomach flip-flopped at the mere thought and she shook her hands a couple times as if to fling away her tension. It didn't work.

Why did I let Gemma talk me into this harebrained scheme?

If her sister weren't puking up her guts this morning, she'd turn around and
go home. If they didn't need the money to pay next month's rent, she'd
definitely turn around and go home.

Unfortunately, her wage as a human interest reporter at Life's a Beach and
Then Sun Times didn't stretch far enough to cover all the bills. Especially
when they'd just cut her back to three days a week. Until Sadie found
another job, they needed any acting work Gemma could get-which is how Sadie ended up here. Damaging a fledgling professional reputation by having Gemma call in sick to the biggest job she'd gotten since they'd arrived in California six months ago was not a risk they could take.

Thank God, it wasn't a speaking part. Then they'd really be in trouble for
the ruse. But sitting at a desk in costume was something Gemma assured her
would be a piece of cake. Sadie had her doubts, but since she refused to
call their mom and stepfather for help, here she stood-shaking in her tennis

So much for the Barton Sisters from Wisconsin taking L.A. by storm.

Chaos reigned in the form of cameras and cameramen, grips, boom operators, lighting technicians, and assistants with headsets. Then there were the myriad of actors and actresses in full costume. Her gaze skimmed over a cowboy and an Indian lounging in the back, a construction worker sitting at one of the desks with his arms crossed on top his hardhat, a bandaged soldier covered in dirt and blood leaning against the ledge by the window, and a woman dressed in a crisp business suit conversing with a gladiator a few feet away.

She'd been on a few sets with her sister over the past couple months, but
for the life of her, she didn't see where she was supposed to go for her own
uniform today.

A woman carrying a clipboard rushed toward the door where Sadie stood.

"Excuse me, where can I-"

The brunette held up a hand as she shoved past. "Busy."

Sadie blinked. O-kay. Raised voices carried to her from across the room.
Another person approached, but she gave Sadie pretty much the same response, albeit less polite words. She clenched her jaw in trepidation, and a twinge of annoyance. Good thing she was getting paid for this. Or Gemma was. One of them at least.

"Lost, Goldilocks?"

The deep, masculine voice came from directly behind her. Its sexy timbre
sent a reactive shiver along her spine. Thankful at least one person was
nice enough to actually help, she ignored the tiny spurt of resentment for
the condescending nickname.

"I'm looking for costumes," she admitted, turning to face her ally with a
grateful smile.

Confronted by a rotted-flesh, gray-haired, rag-dressed zombie, Sadie drew
back with an appalled gasp. God, she hated horror films.

The realistic looking zombie laughed. Through grotesque face makeup, white teeth flashed, all the brighter next to the sickly pallor of his skin. Nice
smile-if she could get past cracked lips, a gaping gash along his cheekbone
and dried blood smeared past his jaw line. She really hated horror films.

Humor might have twinkled in his eyes, but special-effect contacts made it
impossible to read the creepy matte-black orbs sunk deep into their sockets
by a ring of coal-black eyeliner.

"I'm Zach."

"Sadie." Shoot. Should've said Gemma. Too late now.

"Nice to meet you." He stuck out a hand that looked like it'd been caught in
a trash compactor and left to bake and blister in the blazing sun for a
week. "What are you playing?"

"Battlefield Nurse." She gingerly accepted his hand; rubbery flesh squished
between her fingers. She jerked free, unable to suppress a shudder of

Zach just grinned again. "Nurse?" He reached up and tugged on one of her
corkscrew curls. "What the heck happened to casting? Candy striper would be more age appropriate."

When he released the strand of hair, it bounced and bobbed in front of her
nose. Sadie blew it back in place with an annoyed huff. Freckles, natural
blond curls, and looking nowhere near her age really sucked when she was
twenty-four and trying to be taken seriously in a professional industry.

Most of the time she and Gemma could pass for twins, but Gemma had suggested she skip cosmetics to save time in hair and make-up on set. Without it, she appeared even younger than her twenty-one year old sister. Sadie knew she'd come to view the curse as a benefit someday, but not today. And especially not if someone found out about their little switch. The less attention she drew the better. She'd learned that lesson in high school.

Sadie sent her eyebrows toward the ceiling in what hopefully passed as
polite inquiry. "Costumes?"

His blinding grin flashed as he pointed down the hall. "Third door on the
left, Goldie."

The name grated, but she muttered a grudging "Thanks" and didn't spare him a second glance as she brushed by.

Crisp, tangy citrus combined with the heady scent of pure 'mmm'-inducing
maleness inundated her senses and paused her step. Sweet heaven, how could a zombie smell so good?

Thanks for reading and if you decide to pick up a copy of MORE THAN A KISS, I hope you enjoy the book!

Stacey Joy Netzel
2012 Finalist ~ romantic suspense category ~ WisRWA Write Touch Reader's Award Available at
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Love without trust cannot survive ~ but there's more than their hearts in

products_id=4404&zenid=53b10f0b75a88af0b2225e3add02e27d> TRUST IN THE LAWE,
ucts_id=4443&zenid=682c245e75b2d6c835ff4a4656c11642> SHATTERED TRUST,
products_id=4647> SHADOWED TRUST

One of the very first books I read of Stacey's was the series she wrote with a friend, Welcome to Redemption, and I fell in love with the tone of their stories. 

See you next Sunday, folks.  Have a nice week. 

Sandra K. Marshall


Anonymous said...

Stacey and Sandy,

I'll I can say is this woman is a prolific writer and a great one. I finished More Than a Kiss last night and loved it. What I especially loved was seeing yet again a growth step in her writing.

She's a rising star and I expect she will some day soon hit the traditional best seller lists.

kt bishop said...

Writing in small towns never get old, especially in the Deep South

Louise Behiel said...

Prolific and one of the nicest people you could ever meet.

Sandy said...

Casey, you're right, Stacey will hit the big time in the future.

KT, small towns don't get old in the Midwest either.

Louise, Stacey is a hard working young woman and definitely nice.

Thank you all for coming by.

amber polo said...

Love your work.
Hope you get to spend time up North at THE lake this summer. After leaving Wisconsin I once asked my mother "what lake" was the lake?
That's a Wisconsin joke. :)

Sandy said...

Amber, she's at the lake right now. That's why she hasn't come in here yet. Smile.

Edie Ramer said...

Great excerpt! I just hopped over and bought it at Amazon. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

The lake weekend got cancelled, but thunderstorms (w/lightning)arrived while we were at church, so the computer stayed off for safety reasons. All clear now, so...

Hello everyone--I'm blushing at how sweet you all are! Thank you so much for the compliments and right back at ya! I consider myself in very good company here.

I think part of the appeal of small town is the sense of community. I know I absolutley love the show Hart of Dixie because of the quirky characters and the big city girl like a fish out of water in the small town. Doesn't hurt that George and Wade are both hot. LOL

Now I'm off to the grocery store but will be back a bit later.

Sandy, thanks again for hosting me and my newest book!

Donna Marie Rogers said...

As Stacey's critique partner & co-author/friend Sandy mentioned, I always feel weird leaving comments when she blogs...LOL But since I haven't had a chance to read More Than A Kiss yet, I can honestly say I can't wait! Everything that's been said so far is true, Stacey is an amazing prolific author who simply gets better and better with each story she writes. :-)

Sandy said...

Edie is going to love your story, Stacey.

Stacey, I'm sorry you missed going up North to the lake. Remember my friend, Perkie, she and her husband just went up recently.

I have loved having you here, Stacey.

susan said...

I love your book settings and sure hope you get many big sales on these great books. If you have promo items you care to share with others I have the perfect place to display some if you care to send me some..I am in charge of a small community library and have a table of authors items that I share with others. Email me for address if you want to share some with me..and I will share with charge. sue Leech

Sandy said...

Donna, there is no way you should be embarrassed to comment for Stacey. I can tell you, I've enjoyed all of your books equally even the erotica ones. lol

Sandy said...

Thanks, Sue. I'm sure Stacey will love to send you some materials. Wonderful of you to support her.

susan said...

My address is sue Leech, 1273 Strahan rd., New Columbia, PA 17856 and I will welcome promo items from other authors who may read this. I do not charge..just glad to help out. sue

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Thank you, Sandy, that's a very sweet thing to say. :-)

Susan, I may take you up on that & send you some bookmarks. I am the worst at self-promotion, so I appreciate this opportunity. :-)

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Seem weird that my cp hasn't read my latest work and it's already published? That's because she's hard at work on her next Welcome to Redemption book--everyone cheer her on--we want more! :)

Seriously, Donna, thanks!

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

I meant to comment about the lake thing that something we just do in WI, or is it everywhere? I guess having grown up on a lake (the same one we go to) it's just natural to call it 'the lake' because most people I mention it to know which lake it is. :)

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Thank you very much, Susan! I'm thrilled to hear you enjoy my books. (You all are making me feel awesome today!)

And I will definitely take you up on the offer to send some promo items. Donna and I live just a short ways away from each other, maybe we can send you some stuff together soon.

Marianne Stephens said...

Love small town stories...they're more familiar and cozy. Good luck with your writing!

Sandy said...

Donna, I only say the truth. Your stories are wonderful.

Sue, as soon as I get more promotional materials together I'll send them to you. Thank you a bunch.

Stacey, when we say going to the lake, we're talking about the Ozarks. lol

Rhonda Hopkins said...

Loved the excerpt and can't wait to read it! :-)

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Thanks for stopping by Marianne and Rhonda!

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Hello and Happy Friday everyone!! With so many comments, I decided to draw two winners for a copy of the ebook!

The winners are LOUISE and MARIANNE!

Please contact me with your email address and to let me know which ereader you have or the format you prefer.

Thanks again to all who stopped by.

And an early Happy Mother's Day to everone!