Sunday, April 15, 2012

Is the U.S. Postal Service Obsolete?

A lot of people don't use the post office any more.  I still use the post office to ship packages, but many of you use Fed Ex, UPS and other shipping companies.  There are those who use on-line banking and send e-cards for special occasions.  Not me, I still mail my bills, birthday, get well, Christmas, Valentine's and any other cards through the U.S. Postal Service.

On the other hand, I have a business banking account where I do all my transactions on-line.  It's simpler to do it that way.  My husband doesn't trust the internet, so he doesn't want to do internet banking for our personal accounts. 

Even though the postal service raise their prices every few years, I still think they are cheap.  Oh, they're not if you plan to do everything through email.  Frankly, I prefer to receive a thank you card, Halloween card, Christmas card or any card through the snail mail.  I save special cards, but don't save email cards.  It just loads down my computer to save everything.

What do you think about our postal service; is obsolete?

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Belinda H said...

I hope and think it will be a long time before the Postal Service is obsolete. There are so many people who do not have a computer or do not trust on line banking and shopping. I make so many cards as a hobby and soon to be small business, I will continue to use the mail for those purposes. I like to get a card in the mail and believe many people do also. I do think we will see major changes to our service in the not so distance future. Reduced residential delivery, increasing prices to mail and ship items. How long can the US Mail lose money and still stay in business?

Sandy said...

Thank you for your comment, Belinda. You ask a very good question, but I have another: Why are they losing money? Are they being missmanaged?

I love to receive cards. Yay, you're going into business. Good luck, Belinda.

Anonymous said...

Like Ebooks, all will shift that way. Scary tho if you think about it. letters is one thing on the internet but finances are another.I use all of those you mentioned. My carrier said thatthe cost on junk mail has NEVERgone up even as our stamps have. That alone would save the USPS. Maybe we would get less junk mail, save trees if they would consider this.

Sandy said...

LOL I like your idea about the junk mail. Wouldn't that be nice?

K.T. Bishop said...

It's a shame the US Mail service and newspapers, two world institutions, are slowly becoming obsolete!

Louise Behiel said...

Personally I think it's inevitible for the Canadian and US post to be obsolete and go out of business. Not in this decade, but when I look at the kids coming up - they will want immediate responses - not waiting for snail mail. My gen Y staffers are this group - they don't go anywhere without a smart phone, text and email and talk all the time. One of them didn't know where to take a parcel to mail it. so yes, it's inevitible but not as long as our generation is around.

Sandy said...

Yes, K.T, it's a slow process. Thanks for your comment.

I agree with you Louise. When we're gone the postal service will be to.