Sunday, February 5, 2012

Do You Believe In God?

Religion and politics are taboo for authors because you will alienate some of your readers.  All my life I have followed the rules, but this time I’m not.  For one thing you can’t please everyone.  As an author, I know not everyone will like my books for one reason or another.  Since I can’t satisfy everyone, I’ll write what I want.  If people stop following because of my topics so be it.

Right up front, I’ll say I believe in God.  It’s a blind belief, and I don’t need to have it proven to me that he exists.  I’m comfortable with my way of believing.  Others need it scientifically proven, and that’s fine, too.

What I really want to talk about today is the pastor, deacons and priests who lead up our churches and preach to us weekly.  These are normal men and women like you; they can be good or bad people just like you and me.  If one of the church leaders does a dastardly deed such as child molestation, have an affair with someone in the church or anything else considered a sin.  Do you stop going to church and helping others because someone sins?  Do you stop believing in God?

I haven’t stopped going to church or stopped believing in God.  What these people do will be judged here on earth by the court system and by God. I have to admit I’m judgmental when it comes to abusers of children, animals and people in general, but I wouldn’t let any of this stop me from going to church and praying to God.

Many people blame the church for anything that happens within their confines.  This is not necessarily true. The individuals who commit a sin are the ones to blame.  There are some extenuating circumstances if there is a cover up.  In many ways the church leaders are gullible and know the laws of the church but not the laws of their country.  They make mistakes and should be punished, but first they need to be taught what they have done wrong.

Church leaders believe in evil, but they also think everyone can be redeemed.  If someone is really evil they can’t be saved.  The church can’t have it both ways.  Infidelity is considered a lesser sin in our country, but in other countries it is a crime punishable by death. 

There are many who don't believe in God because of all the evil in the world.  What do you believe?

All comments are welcome, but please be respectful of others opinions.  Everyone has an opinion, and we don't have to agree. 

Until next Sunday have a great week.

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Jordanne Ford said...

I'll bite! I love me a good God talk. Do I believe in God? Yes and no. I'll start with the no first. Do I believe that there's a grey bearded dude sitting on a throne overlooking us all, ready to hand out judgements against us when the time comes, allowing us access to Heaven, or condemning us to hell? No. Do I believe in a higher power, a spiritual energy, Creator, a collective consciousness? Absolutely. Do I believe in Jesus? The words written in the Holy Bible as that of the word of God? This is where it could get tricky. I believe that Christ was a very special person indeed. I feel his presence in me and in my life. Do I believe that he was the only son of 'God'? No, I believe we all are a part of the same. As for the Bible, while I can agree that there are threads of truths in there, good ideas and tenants to live by, I think the vast majority of writings have been tools of manipulation for man over the course of centuries for their own gain. J

K.T. Bishop said...

I do and think he's a white guy with long white beard!

Sandy said...

LOL Okay, Jordanne. Oh gosh, I would love to sit down and have a talk with you.

K.T., I disagree with the white guy and long white beard. He can look like anyone of us. Smile.

Judy said...

I believe in God and I believe in Christ. Oddly enough studying the Roman history has bolstered this belief too. Most of all I believe in Christ's two commandments. Love God. Love one another. And that's it. But I have to admit #2 can be tough at times. Also I guess judge not lest you be judged. ouch.

Christie Craig said...

I'm a believer.


Jill James said...

Do I believe in God? Yes I do. I can't always articulate the reasons why very well but every time I see I new-born baby I know something more than an accident or a stirring of the primorial ooze got us here.

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Yes, I believe in God.

robynl said...

yes, I believe in God(Father/Son/Holy Ghost)

Jordanne Ford said...

Leave it to me to ramble on and pontificate.

Sandy said...

Thank you for your comments, Judy.

Thank you for stopping by, CC.

Jill, I sometimes have trouble articulating my thoughts and beliefs, too.

Thanks for coming by Stacey.

Robynl, so glad to hear from you. When I think of God, I think of Father, Son and Holy Sprit.

J, you can ramble any time you want. Love the horse.

Dory Jensen said...

I believe in God and christ(too many answered prayers for me to believe otherwise.) Why blame God for evil in the world? All gardners know, know matter what you sow, not all of it will grow and no matter how well you tend it, there will be weeds. All religions have a golden rule about love and respecting others. I don't think there is a Heaven divided into protestant, catholic, hindu or muslim sections. I think he just wants us to pick one and live by its rules the best we can.
How we do that is up to us.

Sandy said...

You're right, Dory, heaven isn't divided. Thank you for your comment.

Robin Covington said...

Yep - I believe in God - I see him in my kids everyday.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Robin. I think when we take the time to look around, we'll see him everywhere.

Marianne Stephens said...

I believe in God and the fact that people do evil because of free will God has given them. Choices people make aren't always right...but that won't stop me from believing in a Higher Power.

Sandy said...

Absolutely right, Marianne. God gives us the choice to do good or evil.