Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Tortoiseshell and a Bombay

Hello Everyone,

I want to wish all the mother's out there a Happy Mother's Day. May your day be as special as you are.

Finally, things are getting back to normal around here. I just finished my second round of edits, had an all day blogmania contest last week and I'm ready to relax a bit before I start writing on Monday.

For those of you who are cat lovers you know what my blog is about today by the title. Many of my long-time followers know we had to put our beautiful long-haired black cat to sleep in February because of failing kidneys. There is a picture of him in the early stages of his illness above. He got to the point where he only wanted to sleep and he couldn't eat.

We will never forget our Max and no one will ever take his place, but we have moved on. There so many animals who need a home these days. When we were mourning Max and missed him so much we found ourselves still talking to him as if he were with us. One day, my hubby said, "I'm going to go look for another long-haired black male cat." That was the start of our hunt for a new pet.

You know how when you shop you can never find what you want. That is exactly what happened to us. We couldn't find a long-haired black male cat. There were lots of black female cats but only one with long hair and hubby thought she was too old. He didn't want a lot of medical bills from the start. lol

One day he brought home a short-haired black female cat named Midnight. She looked so much like Maxie but her personality was totally different. Whereas, Max was social, Midnight didn't want anything to do with us. She hid under the bed and wouldn't come out. We got her out but she hid in other places. Hubby decided we couldn't keep her as he wanted a pet who wanted to be around him. He took her back even though I told him he hadn't given her enough time.

The search began for a long-haired black male again. A few days later, hubby was back in the same place where he picked up Midnight. Lo and behold she recognized his voice and she rubbed against his fingers through the cage. No, he didn't bring her home. He was still looking for a male cat like Max. lol Again hubby went back and this time he came home with Midnight determined to give her a real chance.

We decided Midnight received her name because she stayed up all night and slept all day. Midnight came from a place called Kitty Kat Connections who didn't euthanize their animals but hubby still worried that this little girl might get put to sleep because no one seemed to want her.

We learned some back story on Midnight. When she was born they didn't expect her to live. She was fed intravenously for days and they were just about to remove her tube but the vet wanted to give her one more day. She made it.

After that story, hubby decided to keep her just to give her a home even though she she wasn't drawn to either of us. We paid for her and received her medical records to take to our vet where we learned she had an upper repository problem that cats get when they are kept in cages around each other. Once our little Bombay was well she started gaining weight. She's a big girl now. lol

I was on the website for Kitty Cat Connection one day and found out Midnight had had a friend there named Jules. It was then I told my hubby that she might come out of her shell if she had a friend. There had been another little cat at the same shop who had been friendly to us named Dora, and she came from a place called Pet Connection.

Ron brought her home for a test trail to see if she would work for us. I've forgotten to tell you that both Midnight and Dora were found at Al's place. We talked to Pet Connection and learned that Dora had been taken from a house where the owner had 37 cats, and Pet Connection was planning on putting them to death if a home couldn't be found for them soon. Well, that sealed the fate for Dora with hubby and me. We love all animals.

Dora is a tortoiseshell cat and though small she's feisty. She's a fighter and you can tell she had to fight to get food or water. When we first got her she gobbled food down like she might not get any more. She also had to be taken to the vet for upper repository infection but both girls are well now.

Midnight has come out of her shell and she's dad's girl. and Dora aka Dory is my girl. I keep telling them, they are sisters so they must get along. Dora is learning she doesn't have to fight for food that she'll get her share of everything. Midnight is tolerant of Dora's antics and plays with her until she's tired. Dora never gets tired. lol She does come and lay on my desk while I work on the computer. Midnight lays on dad's lap when he lays back in his recliner.

Even though we have these little girls, we still think of Maxie a lot. From a couple of people who really disliked cats we have become cat lovers and it's all due to our wonderful Maxie cat. Pictures of Dora and Midnight are above Maxie's picture.

Until next Sunday have a great week.



Linda LaRoque said...

Oh, what a touching story, Sandy. I'm so glad Ron went back for Midnight. Everyone i know who has gotten a new cat say they hid for several days until they trusted enough to come out. Seems Midnight was destined to adopt you guys. Dora sounds like a little minx. I'm happy for you guys!

Christie Craig said...

Love the kitty pictures and story. Cats are so unique and so lovable.


robynl said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Sandy.

What an awesome story and so nice for the 2 kitties you adopted.

April Ash said...

We never forget our pets, do we? I love the dog I have now, and will feel like I've lost a good friend when he goes. Pets become so close to us!
Glad you have fond memories of Max...and have new pets to spoil and love!

EmilyBryan said...

Yay for rescued pets!

Sandy said...

Thank you, Linda.

LOL Yes, Dora is a minx for sure. Midnight is sweet as can be. We were meant to adopt her. They are both sweet little girls.

Sandy said...

Thanks, CC. We just love all animals even the wild ones.

Sandy said...

Thank you, April.

We missed Max so much that we had to find someone to fill our empty spots.

Sandy said...

Thank you, RobynL.

Always glad to see you here. I hope you had a wonderful mother's day.

Sandy said...

Thanks Emily.

Pets and small children are our passion. How can people treat them so badly?

Angela Guillaume said...

Oh Sandy, such a cute story! I had a little dachshund called Max Pepper once. Had to put him down because he got paralyzed. Yours is a beautiful tale - I'm sure that Midnight and Dora are the luckiest cats in the world.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Nat.

Midnight and Dora will be a couple of the most spoiled cats in the world. lol

Edie Ramer said...

Great story, Sandy. We have one cat, and she's a sweetheart. She's timid, though, except around me. They all have such different personalities.

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

I was starting to get a little sad reading this, Sandy, until I saw Ron went back for Midnight. Yay Ron! So glad your family is rounded out again, and may Max's memory live forever with you. :)

Heather Snow said...

I love torties! I miss my Dunaway...

Congrats on the new additions to your family :)

Historical Writer/Editor said...

Aw, cute cats! :) -laura

Sandy said...

Thanks, Edie.

Midnight and Dora are so different from one another. lol Dora, our tortie wants to play all the time. Midnight our Bombay is more a lover than a player. lol

Midnight is so dainty when she eats but Dora is a gobbler. Grin. Neither is timid, or not any more.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Stacey.

Yes, Ron just couldn't Midnight out of his mind. We are both so glad to have both Dora and Midnight.

Sandy said...

Thank you, Heather.

Our tortie loves to play. I hope she'll decide to become a lap cat some day. She lays beside my ottoman and watches TV with me, but won't stay in my lap like Midnight does with Ron.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Laura.

Yes, they are darling little girls.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great mothers day! We have a different mothers day here, so I never remember when my American friends have theirs!

Thanks for commenting on my good news! The book cover itself is a bit of an eye-opener. I'm wondering what it's going to go down like - great for the lads, but as for the ladies? :) Who knows?

Take care, and sorry about Max. I know how heartbreaking it can be to lose a cat, well, any pet!

But you've found a couple of beautiful girls there. They'll not replace Max, but each will bring you something different to love :)

Sandy said...

You're welcome, Angie.

Yes, the girls are beautiful and each has their own unique personality. They can't replace Max, but they are still great. Hubby says he's outnumbered now. lol

Thanks for coming by.