Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Review of Erinsong

Hello Everyone,

I just finished reading a historical, (I normally don't read a historical) but I thought this one was quite good. It kept me turning the pages.
Before I say more about the story, I would like to tell you a bit about the author. Emily Bryan writes her historicals under the name of Diana Groe. Before Emily became a writer she was a classically trained soprano who performed operatic roles. She is a dedicated traveler and enjoys visiting new places. If you would like to know more about Emily as Diana visit

Romantic Times BOOKclub says: Diana Groe calls to mind the great mistresses of the genre: Beatrice Small, Virginia Henley and Connie Mason.

Blurb from Erinsong:

An Irish princess. A Viking warrior. His people's raids on her country should have made them bitter enemies. But when he washed up on her beach with no memory of his life, Brenna found herself drawn to the handsome stranger. His kind words and gentle touch helped ease memories of brutality and inflame a passion she never thought possible. She longed for his hands to caress her body the same way they ran over the gleaming wood of his ship. But even their desire can't deny the secrets of the past. And as they travel through the land of Erin on a quest that could change the course of history, long-ago betrayals and treachery threaten to destroy the haven they've found in each other's arms.

This story had a lot of twists and turns to it. Erinsong provided a lot of surprises throughout the story.

Short excerpt:

"Is that all I am in your eyes? Just a Northman?" When Brenna tried to pull away, he tugged her in close and cupped her chin. "Can you not say my true name? Not even once?"
He leaned toward her, his deep eyes dark in the moonlight. His mouth was so close, one corner turned slightly up. Brenna gulped, wondering what that mouth might taste like.
"Jorand," she said softly.
The name was nearly swallowed up as his lips covered hers in a kiss both sudden and inevitable. Her first impulse was to pull away, but his mouth beguiled her. It was not the kind of kiss she expected from a man like him.
His mouth was warm and sure, pressing against hers just enough to let her know she'd been kissed before he pulled back. It was as sweet a kiss as she could imagine. A kiss that wanted to give, not take. A kiss that left no bitterness in its wake.
"There now, that wasn't so terrible, was it?" he asked.
"Saying your name or letting you kiss me?"
Her lips twitched in a suppressed smile. "It was tolerable."
"Just tolerable?" He grinned. "I can do better than that."

Like I said, I'm not a reader of historicals, but once in a while I break down and read one. I'm happy to say that I'm not sorry I read Erinsong. It was a wonderful story. Although, it was set in a very different time period the characters and settings came alive on the page. I highly recommend this author to all enthusiastic historical readers.

Have a great week. I'll see you next Sunday.



Paris said...

I hadn't read a romance since my grandmother had given me sackloads of Harlequins while I was in my teens but then my sil told me about a fabulous historical...The Wolf and the Dove by Woodiwiss and I was hooked! I haven't read them in several years but this one sounds intriguing!

Sandy said...

Thank you, Paris.

The last historical I read before Erinsong was one by Karen King and before that Julie Garwood. I just don't read them.

Ilona Fridl said...

Hi, Sandy! I write historicals. Although, my book is set in the 1920's and my mother gets upset about that being historical. Anyway, I always loved to read them because they take me to another place and time. Emily's sounds great!

Anonymous said...

That's why I love historicals...I get to go to unusual places. Erinsong has a taste of Tristian and Isoulde story...and I love that story. Thank you for sharing it

robynl said...

thanks for bringing this book to our attention Sandy; I read some Historicals so this is great.

April Ash said...

I also don't read many historicals, but this sounds like one I'd enjoy. And, it's interesting to know the author once sang opera!

Christie Craig said...

Hi Sandy,

Emily is not only one heck of a writer, she's a total sweetie. I also recommend her Christmas novella. I think the title is, "The Lady Under The Stairs." It's a great read.


Rae Lori said...

I've heard of this author but I haven't heard of this book. It sounds intriguing! Thanks for blogging about it, Sandy. I may have to pick it up and check it out based on your review. :-)

Sandy said...

Hi Ilona,

At one time, I read the sweet regency historicals but I switched to mysteries and romance and never looked back. I think I may be missing out on some good authors.

My mother would have loved reading about the 1920's.

Sandy said...

I had a feeling you would be in touch with Erinsong. It's a great read so if you haven't read it yet be sure to get it.


Sandy said...

You're welcome, RobynL.

I only read a few historicals every few years but this one captured my attention. It was so different from most of the historicals I've read in the past.

Sandy said...

Thanks, April.

I thought it was amazing she had sung opera, too. What a talented person this author is.

Sandy said...

Hey, CC, thanks for the reminder.

I also read The Lady Under the Stairs. I think I did comment on one of my blogs about what a different story that was because neither the hero or heroine were royalty. That's very unusual for historicals, or at least the ones I've read.

Sandy said...

Thanks for coming by, Rae.

If you haven't read her yet yo should.

Historical Writer/Editor said...

I love historicals, and this sounds like a good one! Oh, by the way, Sandy, adorable cat pictures! :) -Laura

Sandy said...

Thank you, Laura.

I love it when you come by. Diana is a terrific author and a sweet person.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this sounds just my sort of read! Thank you so much for introducing me to a new author, Sandy. I will check Diana out!

I have news, too! :)

Take care,

Sandy said...

Hi Angie,

Thanks for coming by. I'll look forward to your news. Smile.

EmilyBryan said...

What a nice surprise, Sandy! I just got home from a week of running away with my DH and found your lovely blog about my Erinsong. (I'm chagrined to admit I've let the website go. All my books, under Diana Groe and Emily Bryan, are now featured on my Emily Bryan site.

I'm so glad you enjoyed Erinsong. My Irish love story is dear to my heart. (Oh! and the title on that Christmas novella with the scullery maid heroine is My Lady Below Stairs in A CHRISTMAS BALL anthology. I'm thrilled to share that it's a finalist for the Reader's Crown award!)

Thanks again for sharing my books with your readers, Sandy!

Sandy said...

Ah, Emily, I guess I'm going to have to visit your new site. I'll remember that for the future.

Congratulations on being a finalist in the Reader's Crown award and good luck, Emily.

I love to share books that I enjoy, Emily.