Sunday, December 27, 2009

Review by BK Books

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We had a winter wonderland here and the kids in the neighborhood have been out sleighing in our driveway. lol Remember doing that as a kid. Brrr! No way could you get me out there now. lol

This will be one of shortest blogs, but I wanted to wish all of you a healthy and Happy New Year.

For some good news, my book, Addiction, received a wonderful review from BK Books, and I'm absolutely thrilled with the five stars they gave me.
Review by BK Walker - Addiction by Sandra K. Marshall is one of the best books I've come across this year! A must read for those that love a true murder and mystery.

If you wish to read more of the review you may go to this link:

Thank you to all who have visited my blog this year. Even to those who didn't leave a comment. Wink! I know you are there. Smile.

Happy New Year! Stay safe and may there be peace even if it's just in our little corner of the world.

Next week, I'll post the winners of my contests.



K.T. Bishop said...

Congrats, on your second book!

Steve said...

Congrats, Sandy, on your great review. Christmas squeezed in at my house between deadlines and revisions. Ahh, but we're celebrating again the 29th, when my daughter is back from her inlaws.

Merry Christmas.


Elle J Rossi said...

What a wonderful review! You best be floating right now.

Happy holidays to you and yours and may next year be even better than this one!


Sandy said...

Thank you, K.T. Thanks for stopping by.

Sandy said...

Thank you, CC.

Christmas sometimes seems to go on and on. lol
Especially, after the kids get married. Grin.

Sandy said...

Thank you, Elle. Yes, I'm floating. lol I have to remind myself that not everyone is going to feel the same way.

Happy holidays to you and your family, too, Elle.

Linda LaRoque said...

Wonderful review, Sandy. I left you a comment over there. Happy New Year!

Sandy said...

Thank you, Linda. I'll check it out.

Happy New Year, to you and yours. I hope your Christmas went well.

Lynn S. said...


Congrats on Addiction's review. I loved it!

May the new year bring you many sales. I wish you much success!

Dale Thompson said...

Wonderful review, Sandy! Congratulations and best wishes.
Pat Dale

Sandy said...

Thank you, Lynn. I'm so glad you liked ADDICTION.

Sandy said...

Thank you, Dale. I was pleased with the review. Now, if only everyone thinks the same way. lol

Amy M said...

Very exciting on your review! Glad to hear your Christmas was good.

Amy M

Sandy said...

Thank you, Amy M.

Yes, it is exciting to get such a good review.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, too.

robynl said...

a Happy New Year to you also.
we had a great time at Chrismtas with the kids tobogganing/skating and snowboarding. There were toboggan rides pulled by a Quad and Quad rides. Some kids stayed out till after dark and came in rosey-cheeked and hungry.

Sandy said...

Hi Robynl,

It sounds like you had a splendid Christmas.

Thank you for coming by and telling us about it.