Sunday, December 13, 2009

Interview With Villain

Hi Everyone,

It's Sunday, and I'm blogging. Smile. Okay, I'm doing something a bit different today. My heroine, Jolene, is going to interview the villain of my story, ADDICTION. Yay! Just beware though, that the hero might just pop in at any time. There's no stopping that man.

Jolene: Why do you kill women?

Villain: They are evil bitches.

Jolene: Huh! Why do you say that?

Villain: They are never there for you. They are supposed to protect their kids.

Hero: Humph. He's evil, not women. I should amend that, not all women.

Jolene: Why do you say women should protect their kids? Don't they usually?

Villain: The old witch who was my mother didn't. She deserved to die.

Jolene: Gasp! Did you kill your mother?

Hero: That was probably his first kill, that's where it started.

Jolene: Oh no. How horrible!

Villain: Turning to hero. You think you know it all, but you don't know me. Not at all.

Hero: I know your type. I've seen your profile. If you are not stopped, you'll continue to
kill innocent women.

Villain: Ha! None of these women are innocent.

Jolene: Why do you say that? What did they do that was so bad.

Villain: Um, uh. They allowed their children to be abused.

Jolene: Your crazy. All of the women you've killed have been single.

Villain: Sneering, I've seen their type. I saved their children from being abused in the

Jolene: You don't know that they would allow that to happen. Why do you want to kill
me? I haven't done anything to you.

Villain: You! You're the worse of all. You're an alcoholic, he said, contempt dripping
from his tone.

Jolene: I've quit, she said tearfully.

Villain: Yeah right. That's what she said.

Jolene: I want to live. Don't I deserve some happiness?

Villain: Hell no! He sprang forward, his hands reaching for her. You never showed me
any happy times.

Hero: Hey, wait just a moment. He stepped behind the man, wrapped his arm around
his chest. This chat is over.

Jolene: She stared into space hoping that it could really end like it had in her
imagination. Would she live to find love? She hoped so.

Okay, folks, don't forget the contest that started December 1st. The details are on my November 29th post. Also, the contest that started December 6th is an easy one, all you have to do is leave the most comments for the month of December.

Vicki Wurgler is the winner of my Author Island contest at and she won a big basket full of goodies. Among them is a DVD of casino games, candles, lotion, etc.

That's all until next Sunday. Keep warm and safe.

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Elle J Rossi said...

Hi Sandy,

I think it's pretty fair to say that your villain has issues. I felt like I was watching one of my very favorite shows..."Criminal Minds"!


Linda LaRoque said...

Your villian is one sick dude. I shudder to think what made him like he is.

Will check out your contest!

Ashley said...

Interesting...dudes got serious mommy issues, you do know this right Sandy LOL!!!!

Awesome post!


Sandy said...

Thanks, Elle. That's usally what make a serial killer, but not all of them. I have more relief in my story than Criminal Minds does.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Linda. Yes, he is sick and totally unredeemable. Sorry to say, but there does come a point where they are mad.

Sandy said...


Of course, I do. lol There are some things that kids never get past.

K.T. Bishop said...

From the villian playbook of Anthony Hopkins, Jack Nicholson and James Cagney, beautiful. I love those evil villians....

Amy M said...

That is one wicked villian! Cool post!

Amy M

Sandy said...

Thanks, K.T. So glad you like him.

Sandy said...

Thank you, Amy. You always need a strong villain. Smile.

Heather Snow said...

I love character interviews! I use them myself sometimes to figure out what in the heck my characters would do in certain situations. Of course sometimes they take my story in totally odd directions. Pesky characters...LOL.

Have. A great Christmas, Sandy.

Jill James said...

Hi Sandy, boy your villain has anger issues. Good thing the hero is there for your heroine.

robynl said...

other women get hurt because of his issues with his Mom; I hope Jolene lives to find love.

Congrats Vicki on your win.

Sandy said...

Thank you, Heather. You have a great Christmas, too.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Jill. She has a great hero. Grin.

Sandy said...

Robyn, she has some really tough times before she gets her HEA. Smile.

April Ash said...

Nice twist to have your heroine interview the killer. Good thing the hero was there!

Sandy said...

Hi April,

Thanks for coming by. Good thing, she was imagining it. lol

Charisma Knight said...

Hey Sandy,

Wow, the villain has some things he needs to sort out, huh?

I need to buy your book, so it is on my list lady!

Take care!