Sunday, December 6, 2009

Help for Those in Need

Hi Everyone,

I have decided to have another contest before the first one is finished. lol This one is going to be for the rest of the month, and it's going to be easier. All you have to do is make the most comments for the rest of the month of December starting today. Easy. Right! We'll see.

Once again, I'm not telling you the prize. It's going to be another surprise. Wink!

Before I close today, I want to remind you of pet shelters, nursing homes, children, food banks, Salvation Army, and homeless shelters that need our help. This is the season for giving, so please help where ever you can. I know everyone is needing something and none of us can do everything, but just one present to a person in a nursing home or to a child can make a huge difference in their lives. One dollar in a Salvation Army kettle can do so much.

Thank you. Until next Sunday.



Sandra Sookoo said...

Thanks for the humanity reminder, Sandy! Right now I'm baking up a storm for the maintenance people at my apartment complex and the office staff. :-)

Happy holidays!

Amy M said...

A few years ago my girlfriends and I decided that instead of giving gifts to each other, we now all chip in $25 and buy gifts for a charity or other place in need. This year we are going to buy gifts for a hospital in town, for their children's ward. Such a rewarding feeling.

As a family, we collect pop tabs for Ronlad McDonald House, and we donate food to them as well.

You are right, if everyone did one small act, it would make such a huge impact!

Amy M

K.T. Bishop said...

I used to get excited about this time of year. Now, I don't anymore and for several reasons.
Part of it's about the meaning has vanished. People are more into materialistic things, other than celebrate the meaning of Christ's birthday. The other part is seeing the homeless and jobless, which makes me helpless.

April Ash said...

A nice reminder for us all, Sandy. There are those in need and can use help, even if it's something small.

Ashley said...

Hey Sandy

You know your post hit hard today. Not but 30 minutes ago a house only 6 down from mine, has burned. We know living in these almost 100 yr old homes we run the risk. I can not tell you how it breaks my heart.

We give through the salvation army, Hannah house and we do canned food drives. It gives you a sense of pride knowing you are helping where you can and we are teaching Cheyenne the meaning of giving and helping your fellow man.


J Hali said...

Sandy, I stopped buying presents many years ago. I donate to my local SPCA. That's it. Holidays became far too commercial for me.

Very nice post. Kudos to you.

Liena Ferror said...


I think the holidays have become to commercialized as well. The whole reason for the season has been forgotten about by some. To me the holiday is about your family and friends. Not who gives who the best or most expensive gift. It makes me realize how fortunate I am to have those things in my life.

Great post!


Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Great post, Sandy!! Yep, this year and last, instead of exchanging names for Christmas, us adults donate the $ to charity, and I bought 2 month-long bus passes for the homeless to keep warm during the day last year (WI winters!) instead of a gift for my in-laws. They loved it. I can't donate as much $ this year (laid off) but I have been donating extra time ringing bells with the kids and writer friends. And you know, not only do more people donate when there's someone ringing, but I feel pretty good for helping when I'm done.

EmilyBryan said...

Charles Dickens said it best, "It is in this season of all others, when Want is keenly felt and Abundance rejoices."

Thanks for the gentle reminder, Sandy!

Elle J Rossi said...

Hi Sandy,

Normally, I donate to The American Cancer Society and the Humane Society but this year I'm going to give my brother money to help with his mounting medical bills. I can't imagine facing what he and his family face every day and hopefully this will help even if only a little.


Heather Snow said...

Nice reminder, Sandy. Our neighborhood bookclub chooses a few families in need and donates gifts and groceries every year for our holiday party. It's a fun way for us to all give together.

Missed you Saturday.

Carol Ericson said...

Thanks for the reminder, Sandy. At this time of year, I try to give to Toys for Tots, canned food drives at work, and send gifts and supplies to our troops. Makes the holiday more meaningful.

Charisma Knight said...

Hi Sandy!

We do Toys for Tots every year where I work. As a matter of fact, we have several offices in each state, and as far as I know all the admins coordinate this. I love it when our proud Marines come in each year (in their uniforms) to pick up several boxes of toys.

Although I don't go to church on a regular basis, we donate new canned goods. A friend of mine asked me to help out this year for St Mary's Catholic Church in Annapolis, MD.

Every year, Northrop Grumman has Donuts with Santa, and canned goods are given at the front door as you go into the cafeteria. The kids get their pictures taken with Santa, and you sit from 9-12 eating donuts and drinking coffee and tea. They also have games for children to play while we sit and chat. It's an awesome way to rack up canned goods for those who are in need.

Any little thing helps, gift cards, a new blanket, clothes, toys, etc.

Unfortunately, although we raise a certain amount, it seems as though there is never enough. No one should have to go without in this world, you know?

It really irks me when we order food for meetings how much is wasted. I know for a fact every company has this problem, and the thing that crosses my mind is, gee, the homeless people downtown wouldn't let this food go to waste.

Last year, my managers had a briefing with a customer, and a few managers from the other offices visited. They brought all kinds of pastries, and ordered food from an expensive Italian caterer. No one barely at any of the food.

Thanks Sandy for this awesome post.


Christie Craig said...

Great Post Sandy.

The holidays are a great time to remember to reach out. This year, I'm buried under deadlines. So thanks for the reminder.


Donna Marie Rogers said...

Great post, Sandy! We can all use a reminder to give during the holidays. I've been so busy taking care of my inlaws that I haven't had a chance to do anything. I'm going to write myself a note to pick up some toys for Toys For Tots. :-)

Sandy said...

Sandi, what a nice jesture to bake goodies for your maintenance and office staff.

Amy, I'm having lunch with friends today, and I'm going to suggest your idea to them for next year. Yes, it gives you a good feeling to do something no matter what it is.

K.T., I understand the helpless feeling.

Anything is helpful even if it's just the thought, April.

Ash, that's so sad that a neighbor has lost their home right before Christmas. Anything one does is a help, and it sounds like you do your share.

Ladies and Gentleman, I think the best thing any of us can do is to teach our children to be giving and respectful of others.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Joann, for stopping by. I'm getting very close to your attitude myself.

Hi Liena, thanks for coming by. Family should be an important part of the holidays.

Stacey, that's wonderful that you and your children donate to ring the bells. They aren't getting near as much money this year because of so many people being out of work. I never thought of bus passes for the homeless so they can keep warm. A great idea.

You're welcome, my dear Emily.

Sandy said...

Elle, I totally understand. I've been helping my brother for a couple of months now. Family must come first.

That's a nice idea, Heather. I missed everyone, too.

Carol E, thanks for coming by. We mustn't forget our troops. So many of them are paying a high price for us.

Charisma, it irritates me how much food I throw out around my home just because my hubby doesn't want any more of it. I keep telling him there are people who are homeless who would love this food. I was raised to eat what was on my plate because there were people starving in this world.

Sandy said...

You're welcome, CC. I understand the deadlines though.

Family has to come first, Donna, but I'm glad I'm able to give you a gentle reminder.

Sandy said...

Thanks all for being here this week. You're a great bunch of people.

Hugs to all,

robynl said...

great ideas Sandy and the commenters are sure coming through on their end.
I too donate to the Cancer Society and have a tray of Christmas cookies to give to the Care Home I worked at before getting Breast Cancer.

Sandy said...

Oh, Robyn, I hope all goes well with your treatment for breast cancer.

Hugs to you my dear.