Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Thoughts on Election Campaigns

Hi Everyone,
Okay everyone, I'm not talking about the candidates, so no bashing here.  I'm sick of listening to politicians on both sides of the fence.  I'm going to tell you what I think needs to be done during elections. 
1:  3 months of campaigning maximum before vote
2:  No Super Pac's (Has anyone thought about what the money given to super pac's might accomplish if used to pay down the debt?)
 3:  Candidates shouldn't have to raise money and shouldn't receive donations from anyone
4:  1 free add for each candidate per month for 3 months (networks donate the time)
5:  Three debates for presidential candidates and one debate for vice presidential candidate
 6:  A URL should be posted verifying the truth of all candidates so the voters can have easy access to find out the truth if they don't want to check out facts for themselves.  This is a necessity since when listening to the candidates you only get the partial truth from any of them.  Part of the reason is because 2 minutes isn't enough time to explain anything.
We should respect all of our candidates who run for any office because the jobs are not easy, and I can't imagine anyone wanting the jobs unless they love our country.  Oh sure, there is corruption everywhere, but most really want to make things better.
Remember folks, democracy isn't perfect but it's a lot better than many other governments. 
Give me your opinions of our election campaigns, but there will be no bashing of candidates here on either side.
Have a great week, and I'll see you next Sunday.
Sandra K. Marshall, Author @



Jill James said...

This is not about the current nominees, this is a general thought. Please stop telling me what the other guy is doing wrong, tell me what you will do right.

I'm to the point where I will vote for anyone who DOESN'T sling any mud.

Native said...

I actually like you ideas, sonrisa... I'm was a History Major and a researcher so even though I am a Big Obama Supporter, I still research and read everything legitimate and make up my mind....those tv adds and even the debates never matter to me.... I take the tiempo to be informed and turn the channel when an add comes on... Their records speak for me and nothing else....

Louise Behiel said...

I am a Canadian and I am so with you. I like the policy in the UK where if a candidate spins tall tales regularly and egregiously and iwns, he's turfed out and a by election is held. our election campaigns in canada are about 6 weeks. it's more than enough to figure out who you're voting for. any more is overkill.

thanks Sandra. I have never figured out why the american federal elections do not mirror all the wonderful upstanding people I know who live in the US. it's like a different country.

Sandy said...

Hey, Jill, I agree with you on the mud slinging, but a lot of that really bad stuff is from the Super Packs. It's disgusting.

Native, I'm so glad to hear you're checking the facts instead of believing everything you're told. I get so much junk on politics from friends, and I never forward it unless I check it. Most of the time the message is so full of half-truths that I'm sick that people would forward to everyone in their contacts.

Thank you, Louise, my Canadian friend. Six weeks would be a blessing. lol

Diana said...

Super PACs are a disaster!!! The Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United must be overturned.

And I've heard so many discussions about mud-slinging campaigns, and it continues because the experts say it works. I can't imagine anyone in their right mind who has been influenced by a negative campaign ad.

Anonymous said...


England and France do several of your ideas. Well worth considering.

Sandy said...

Diana, I agree with you. The only reason it works is because people have become like sheep. They believe anything they're told. The more negative it is the better. I just want the facts.

Sandy said...

Yes, it is, Casey.

Marianne Stephens said...

I'd like to see no negative ads allowed. Just tell us what you do/will do and give us details where to verify your statements.

Sandy said...

Those negative ads are coming from the Super Pacs, Marianne. Do away with them first, and then we can tell the candidates we don't want to hear anything negative. I agree with you.

Ilona Fridl said...

Another thing on the list. No more robo calls. They always seem to come when I'm busy doing something. (And you know this ain't gonna happen)

Sandy said...

LOL You're so right, Ilona. They usually come when I'm fixing lunch or dinner.

K.T. Bishop said...

I don't have a dog in this fight, but Obama scares me the most! The worst part of Obamacare is the welfare clause. Ugh!

Sandy said...

Thank you, KT. I have to admit I don't know what to think any more. This election has the worse choices we've ever had.