Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trick or Treat

Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow is Halloween.  The question I'm asking today is do you ask the kids who come to your door to show you a trick before you give them a treat?

When I was a kid, we had to perform before we got our treats.  I have to admit we received better treats than just candy.  We used to get wrapped up homemade cookies and pop corn balls and apples along with candy. 

Since, we usually had a foot of snow or more, we often were invited in for hot apple cider or something warm.  The homes we went to were in a farming community, and it was safe to accept homemade items.  Also, we went to town if the weather wasn't too bad.  That's where we got most of our candy, sometimes it was homemade. 

Happy Halloween everyone.  Come by and tell me what your halloween was like when you were young. 

Have a wonderful week. 

Best always,
Sandra K. Marshall


Jill James said...

My mom made my costumes when I was little. By the time I was 12 or 13 I made my own. We trick or treated until we were 16 years old, but we were dressed up and polite.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Jill. My mom made our costumes, too.

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend and I went Trick or
Treating (in the black of night) and people would give us dimes when they ran out of treats! Back then that was big money! lol Great topic Sandy!


Sandy said...

Hey, Donna, thanks for coming by. Yep, back then a dime was big money.

Marianne Stephens said...

Usually went out with a group of friends for one or two hours at night. If it was cold, we just wore masks and winter jackets. I liked it when the weather was warmer and we got to wear our costumes!

Anonymous said...

I remember the days of homemade treats and bobbing for apples. I think they are long gone.

Diana said...

I loved trick or treating in my Grandma's neighborhood "in town," because I was a farm girl too. We always had to talk to the people at the door.
Now kids just stand there with their bags out, never saying trick or treat or thank you.

BTW, my biggest treat was 23 years ago. My son is a Halloween baby. :)

Pat Dale said...

I'm laughing at all the memories your blog triggered for me. Back then, not giving away the date but it was a time when Dick Tracy wrist-radios were the stuff of fantasy, you did NOT want the kinds of tricks that got played on you for refusing to give up a few treats.
Soaped windshields were the dickens to scrape off next morning so you could go to work. Turned over out-houses were even more of a problem. Need I go on?
Some of it was fun back then, like the times as a new teacher I would hide on my roof and water-balloon trick or treaters. Of course, my wife would appear with a towel and a big bucket of treats and warm drinks. In a small Nebraska town, it was lots of fun for all.
Nowadays, it seems that kids have no idea what its all about, other than holding out a bag or bucket and expecting it to be filled with tooth-decaying goodies. Maybe that's the biggest trick of all. LOL
Pat Dale

Belinda said...

We also got and gave homemade goodies. Carmel apples, popcorn balls, cookies.... I dressed in home made costumes by our Mother and later by me. Halloween, like so many other holidays have become so commercialized and I miss those good ole days when things were more simple.

Linda LaRoque said...

I remember getting home made treats also--popcorn balls and candied apples.

We've not had trick-or-treaters in about 5 years. I guess most everyone in our neighborhood take their kids to church parties or other activities.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Marianne. When we had snow, we wore our coats and boots.

Valclarizo, I remember the bobbing for apples, too. Great fun.

Sandy said...

Yay for Diana and her Halloween baby. I know what you mean about kids not saying thanks. They are in a big hurry to go to the next house for more treats.

LOL Pat, I remember the turned over out houses, too. I think some of that was done by adult men, too. Grin. They were kids at heart.

Sandy said...

Belinda, I'm with you. I wish our days were simpler. You know, I've already had a carmel apple this year. I love them.

Linda, thanks for stopping by and telling us your memories. I think kids started going to parties when it became unsafe for them to go trick or treating.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy - remember me? LOL It's good to be back!

We never really did Halloween as a kid here in the UK, wasn't the big thing it is now. But I've had my share of fun as an adult scaring the kids LOL

Great post! Please drop by mine if you have chance, Sandy.

Sandy said...

Of course, I remember you, Angelika. How are you doing? It's fun to scare the big kids. lol