Sunday, October 2, 2011

There is no post today

Hi to those of you who come to visit my blog every Sunday.  I will not be blogging today. We are having our roof replaced due to hail damage we received a few weeks ago. 

They've already started hammering and thumping everywhere, so it will impossible to get anything done today. 

Thank you,
Sandra K. Marshall


Linda LaRoque said...

Do you have any earplugs? We start on our new floors Monday the 10th. Though I'm anxious to get it done, I dread having to pack and move so much stuff.

Isis Rushdan said...

Sorry about the roof damage. Hope it is fixed quickly!

Sandy said...

I needed them, too, Linda, especially when they were tearing off the old roof. Thanks for coming by.

Isis, I was surprised that it only took two days to finish. We have some other work that needs to be done, too, so we're not finished yet. Thank you for your comment.

KT BISHOP said...

Great chapter..... I am grateful for you hosting me earlier this year!