Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy July 4, 2011

Hi Everyone,

July 4th is the day, we Americans celebrate our independence from Britain.  This is the day where carnivals spring up all over the country and fireworks are lit.  Families get together for barbeques, hamburgers and hot dogs, potato salad and baked beans along with all the condiments. 

After the eating comes the fun. Usually, we'll play baseball, touch football, or go to the pool.  This is the way it was when I was a kid.  Today, things may be a little different since so many kids play on Play Station or Nintendo or computer games of some sort.  Whatever we do, we celebrate our freedoms. 

On this day, we must remember our boys and girls in the military who aren't at home to celebrate with their families.  We must remember all the ones who are still fighting for our independence. 

Here is a uTube video that expresses my sentiments: I have been to this URL, and I believe this video was made by a fifteen year old girl named Lizzie Palmer. 

Warning:  You'll need a hankie for watching. 

I want to add my thanks to our armed forces for fighting for our country.  Once again here is a link to go to click on to help our veterans for free:

Huge hugs to all of you.

Best always,

Sandra K. Marshall


KT BISHOP said...

Our political figures need to treat our military better!

Sandy said...

I have to agree with that, K.T. Thanks for coming by.

Carol Ericson said...

Sandy, Happy 4th! We still have an old-fashioned 4th in our town with a big celebration at the park with water melon eating contests, 3-legged races, pie eating contests, water balloon toss, hoola hoop, food booths, and then later bands and the fireworks. We have block parties all over town - some with live bands - and our seniors' group makes hollowed out egg shells filled with confetti. And American flags all over town. I love it!

Anonymous said...

What a great post and wonderful video. My son-in-law just got orders to be stationed in Okinawa, and my youngest daughter will be going with him for the next 3 years. In these uneasy times, it's hard to let them go, but that's the life they both chose. Happy Independence Day!

Sandy said...

Thanks, Carol. Your celebration sounds fun. We do much the same thing here with a carnival and parade thrown in. Smile.

Sandy said...

Thanks, kayspringsteen. We owe our thanks to your daughter and son-in-law, and I hope you will tell them my appreciation.

I know you'll miss them, but young people like them are needed for our country to remain what it is.

Marianne Stephens said...

I agree. As a former Army wife for 20 years, I know what it's like for military personnel to leave their families and head to places to secure our freedom...and I know what it's like for families to wait for messages from their loved ones far away. My son's in the National Guard, and is always on alert to go somewhere. This weekend, instead of being home or overseas, he's helping with sandbags along the Missouri River...lots of flooding.
God Bless our military!

Sandy said...

Thanks, Marianne. I think you and your family have done your part.

Anne Van said...

Great video link Sandy! So appropriate for the 4th!

Sandy said...

Thank you, Anne.