Saturday, July 9, 2011

Are We Proud Americans?

Hello Everyone,
I’m a proud American.  I love my country.  Yes, we have problems.  Compared to other countries our troubles could be considered small.  That being said people in other nations live in really poor conditions.  We are having difficult times, but if we pull together like families in the fifties did instead of fighting one another, we’ll pull through like we always do.

Monday was July 4th, our independence day.  We celebrate our independence once a year. I happened to watch CNN news showing emigrants becoming U.S. citizens across the country. It was such a heartwarming scene to watch them raise their hands to become a legal member of our country. I listened to the reasons why they came to the United States.  Many of them left horrendous circumstances at home and came to America to start a new life, a new beginning.

These people believe in our country more than many of those who were born here.  Americans have become complainers, and we have that right only because of the country we live in.  We are able to say and protest against anything we want to.

The wonderful United States of America was founded by emigrants.  I have Dutch, German, English and I’ve heard there’s some French in my genes.  I hope that these new citizens never become as disgruntled as we have become.

I want to welcome all legal emigrants to our country. I hope you never become disappointed with us, and you always believe in our land as much as you do now. 


Sandra K. Marshall, Author


Jill James said...

Sandy, I love my country and I will never apologize for being proud of being an American. Every person should be proud to be a citizen of the country they live in.

My Irish ancestors came here in 1924, I'm told to escape being hanged as rebels. Haven't proved that story yet. I do have some ancestors in America back to 1700, before we were the United States.

Linda LaRoque said...

Nice post, Sandy. We're so fortunate here in America and enjoy freedoms others can't imagine, yet sometimes we don't appreciate them. Watching immigrants becomes citizens and take their oath is indeed a touch scene. Gives me goosebumps!

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Great post, Sandy!

MiaMarlowe said...

My family has been here since the 1600's which tells me they were probably in deep trouble in the old country! LOL.

I've been blessed to do some traveling in other countries and enjoyed it tremendously, but I'm always thankful to return to American soil.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Jill. My grandmother always told us that our great-great-great grandparents came over on the Mayflower. I haven't checked that out though.

Thank you, Linda. It's sad we aren't more appreciative of what we have. We have become a land of waste and wanting more when we already have so much.

Thanks, Stacey.

Thank you, Mia. My family was Quakers, so I'm sure they came here for religious reasons.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Sandy, I'm like you - I have Italian, Irish, German, Scots, and French blood all mixed in. A Heinz 57! I'm very grateful to be an American, and I always will be. Despite its faults, it's a wonderful country!

Robin Covington said...

Sandy - I am of Irish and Cherokee nation descent. So, I have a history that remembers what terrible mistakes we have made as a country, the injustice that we have committed against our people during times of ignorance.

BUT, we have grown as a country and learned from our mistakes. It is one of the things that makes us the best country in the world - our ability to learn and heal and grown stronger. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.


Sandy said...

Thank you, Vanessa. I'm grateful, too.

Thanks, Robin. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else either.

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Great post, Sandy! I can't imagine living anywhere else. :-)

Robin, my mom had a huge love of anything Native American. In fact, if she started on the subject, that was all she'd talk about for the rest of the night. LOL She has a beautiful collection of Native American things (mostly dolls), which are supposed to go to her granddaughters, but my grandfather keeps threatening to sell.

Sorry, a little off-topic. *grin*

Sandy said...

Thanks, Donna. It's all right to get off topic. I have that problem, too. lol

Pat Dale said...

Like you, Sandy, I'm a proud American. No, we're not perfect, but neither is anybody else. My ancestors came here from Ireland in the early seventeen hundreds, half a century before we gained our independence from GB.
I feel we need to be careful to avoid the blame game when we look back at the things that forged this great nation. If we want to be judged by history for our actions, they should be judged in context of our time. We should also remember to judge our forebears in their own context, not ours. Too many people, in my estimation, are trying to put the founding fathers in a contemporary context, and making much of their failings.
I put on my country's uniform and went off to war in a time when I, like the majority of my peers, could have stayed home and profited by it. I do not regret it, nor do I judge those who chose to avoid military service. It has always been this way and, unless the country changes in a major way, always will be. Ours is and should be a volunteer service to the nation.
We've lived through four decades of 'what's in it for me' and it had nearly brought us to our knees. For those who proclaim loudly, 'give peace a chance', I say, "If America can't give peace a chance by keeping barbaric animals from destroying the world, what nation will rise to the occasion?"
Be not ashamed, America, but remain humble in our attempts to do the right thing!
My thoughts, anyway.
Pat Dale

Sandy said...

Thank you, Dale, for yout thoughts. They are good ones.

Ilona Fridl said...

I guess we're a nation of grumblers, because we can. Somehow, we've always made things better with trying to straighten out our mistakes. There will always be problems, but at least we can deal with them. I think that's what makes us great.

Judith Leger said...

Absolutely wonderful post, Sandy! I work with a professor who is from another country. He and his wife have received residency papers. He was so excited. They've applied to become citizens. He made me laugh. He said in his country the man was the head of the household, but here his wife told him that the woman is the head of the household so while they are the United States he has to listen to her. :D too funny! He's so good natured though, I really think he would have done that anyway! Thanks for sharing!

Marianne Stephens said...

We have all our freedoms because we're willing to fight for them. We can complain because we have the right to do so. I'm a proud American and all those living here should be, too.
Nice post, and good timing for our Independence Day continued week.

Isis Rushdan said...

Great post, Sandy.

As you know, I proudly serve in the Armed Forces. It breaks my heart when I hear people gripe about the imperfections of our amazing country. Nothing in life is perfect. We have it pretty good. I'm grateful to all Americans who can appreciate our liberties and those who fight for them.

Sandy said...

Ilona, I agree with you a hundred per cent, we will always make our country better in spite of our grumbling. Thank you for stopping by.

Thanks for sharing, Judith. Lovely storty about the professor and his wife.

Thanks, Marianne. Yes, we have fought for these rights and for others around the world to have the same rights.

Dear Isis, you know how grateful I am for your service as I have thank you many times. I continue to pray for our men and women who continue to serve. Thank you for stopping by, Isis.