Sunday, August 29, 2010

Do You Think Man is Making New Diseases? and Blogmania

Hi Everyone,

Today, I have two topics to discuss. First, I want to tell you about Blogmania, which is coming September 15th & 16th, Wednesday and Thursday. On those days, my blog will turn into a eclectic buffet. What better way to get Christmas presents for your loved ones and friends? All you have to do is browse around the blogs participating at Blogmania to find the goodies you need without leaving your home.
On top of not having to go shopping, the things you win will be free. Just to give you a taste of what I have to offer here's a list: 1. A Christmas basket; 2. A fall basket think Halloween/Thanksgiving, which may divided between two baskets if there's too much for one; 3. A hot beverage basket with cup, and there's more. Actually, I need to start putting the baskets together because I can't remember everything I have. lol
Now onto the question I'm asking, Do You Think Man is Making New Diseases? I will be dying to hear your comments.
I think diseases have been here all along, but I do believe with the use of antibiotics that the strains of our present diseases are becoming stronger. This is a very simplistic answer to this question, and I'm sure people who are more knowledgeable will give far better answers.
Until next Sunday, have another great week.


Jill James said...

I do believe there are labs all over the world just dreaming up new diseases. Stephen King probably has it right in The Stand and we will all die from the superflu. LOL

KT BISHOP said...

The world is full of diseases, which will be here until the end of time.

Sandy said...

LOL Jill, interesting comment. Thanks for coming by.

Sandy said...

Thanks, KT. I agree.

MiaMarlowe said...

Yes, the way we use antibiotics have caused many bacteria to mutate into more virulent strains. That's been well documented.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Mia. I've read about it too.