Sunday, August 22, 2010

Do You Believe in Global Warming?

Hi Everyone,

We have all listened to the pros and cons on global warming from the scientists, the news media and the politicians. My question is do you believe in global warming?

To get everyone started I will give you my opinion, which I'm very good at doing. Wink!

I do believe in global warming.

There are things going on underneath our earth, in our oceans and outerspace that we are not totally aware of. The things we are aware are also causing global warming such as gas emissions spewing from our vehicles and plants. Some of these things we see but can't visually see the damage being done. For instance, what is happening in our oceans and fresh water lakes.

Just a few weeks ago, ice broke apart in Greenland. Is this due to global warming or to natural circumstances. Would this have happened without the help of man or is it happening because of man? I could go on more on this topic, but I'm eager to hear your opinions.

Reminder: There is no bashing anyone for giving their opinion.

One other thing I want to say is that the TWA reunion at the Aviation Museum in Kansas City at the Charles Wheeler airport was terrific. I enjoyed seeing everyone even though I was about to pass out from the heat. Smile.

Until next Sunday. Have a great week.



Amy Atwell said...

I'm a believer, Sandy. My 81-year-old father? Not so much. Oy, you don't want to hear us wrangle over it.

Sandy said...

LOL I know there are some people you just can't convince.

Thanks, Amy.

Carol Ericson said...

I believe there is some warming of the globe (although you'd never know it from the temps in Southern Calif this summer!), but I don't believe it's caused by man. From what I've read, the temperature of the Earth is cyclical and based on factors completely out of our control. And I don't believe scientists can predict how temps are going to rise or fall (anyone remember the coming ice age predicted in the 70's?). Heck, meteorologists can't even predict if it's going to rain tomorrow!

KT BISHOP said...

Wow, a topic that for once, leaves me with few words to say. I believe in global warming.

Linda LaRoque said...

I believe in global warming. We're seeing the affects everyday -- the extreme temperatures, excessive flooding, etc. It's common knowledge that due to ice flows melting the salt balance of the oceans has been altered affecting currents below the sea. I don't believe it's ALL mans fault, some is a result of the earth's natural cycle as Carol mentioned.

Jill James said...

I believe there could be global warming but I'm not science knowledgable enough to say for sure. But, what if this is the natural cycle of the planet? What if we try to end gas emissions and then we cool down the planet too much? I just sometimes think it is man again being so egotistical he thinks he affects everything around him. Now, if someone wants to show me actual data, I'll read it.

J Hali said...

Sandy, good blog!

My 2 cents: We've taken a lot from this planet, given very little back--something has to give.

Sandy said...

LOL You've got that right about the meteorologists can't predict rain accurately, Carol.

Thanks for your comment.

Sandy said...


You're one of my briefest commenters. lol

Thanks for stopping by.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Linda. A very logical answer by a well-read person.

Sandy said...

Wow, Jill, that's a new idea.

Thanks for stopping in.

Sandy said...

Thanks, J. Hali.

You're right. Humans are takers. There are those who plant 100's and 1000's of trees, and they are the givers.

EmilyBryan said...

Since I've written in a number of different time periods, I'm aware of the evidence that in the year 1000 AD, the world was much warmer than it is now. It's part of why Greenland was colonized by Northmen, and part of why scientists theorize that settlement died out after thriving for 500 years. The world entered a "little Ice Age" @ 1500 which made Greenland unsuitable for a European style agriculture society.

I find the way your phrased the question interesting. You ask if we "believe," as if it's an article of faith. Since the science is inconclusive, that's pretty much what it is.

Data from ice cores and tree ring studies show there have been periods of cooling and warming throughout the planet's history, with no input from the human race whatsoever. We may be entering a warming trend. Or there may be a massive volcanic eruption which pushes the temp back down again. Global warming is more a political fight than a scientific one since most schemes to impact it merely involve shuffling who's allowed to pollute more and who pays for it.

Sandy said...

Emily, that is a wonderful comment and shows your interest in history. You brought up some interesting thoughts.

I wrote my question purposely like that because I also believe that God made our world to recycle itself. Even though I believe humans are damaging our earth I believe it will be cleansed.

Thank you for your comment.

April Ash said...

Nature will do what it wants. I don't think "we" have that much in influencing "global warming".
Seasons change. Some winters are COLD, some are not so cold. Some summers aren't so hot, some are HOT. If we could influence weather, we'd be in control.

Paris said...

I'm on board with Emily's opinion. The world went through many climate changes without any input from humans. But humans tend to play the blame game and at the moment the catch-phrase "carbon footprint" is being bandied around and the focus is on the individual. My argument is that there were volcanic eruptions and melting ice before we came along. In the scope of it all, I think we are what we've always been, a flea on nature's back. A minor annoyance.

Sandy said...

LOL Marianne, we definitely are not in control.

Thanks for your comment.

Sandy said...

LOL A flea on nature's back. A minor annoyance. I love it, Paris.

Thank you everyone for your comments. All of you have given me something to think about.

You have also given me an idea for next week's blog. Grin.

Rita Elizabeth St. Claire said...

Yes, I do believe in global warming.

Good blog, Sandy! Nice to see it.

Sandy said...

Oh, Rita, I'm so glad to hear from you. We are going to have to play catchup soon.

Thank you for your comment.