Sunday, January 31, 2010

More of My Travels

Hi Everyone,

Today, I’m going to tell you some more about my adventures while traveling. One of my first out of the country trips was to the emerald isle, Ireland. Prior to that I had only been to places within the states. This was a fantastic trip. We flew into Shannon and spent the night there. That night we went to Bunratty Castle to eat and party.

The next day we left Shannon and started a lovely four day tour toward Dublin. My mom was with me on this trip, too. We met a lovely lady named Anne Yokim (not sure of the spelling) from Sask. Canada who was on a three month tour of Europe, which started in Ireland. We stayed in touch with her, and she came to visit us a few years later. One of the stops we made was in in Killarney. During our journey, Mom and I had pictures of us kissing the blarney stone. Could that be the reason why my hubby says I’m full of it? Grin. The countryside is so lush and green in Ireland, you can’t help but believe in leprechauns and fairy’s while there.

We visited Glendalough and stopped to see the monastery and the Round Tower. We took a one day tour through County Wicklow. This area is so beautiful it takes your breath away. It’s hard for me to remember the order in which we traveled through Ireland, but I believe these two areas were south of Dublin.

The next day, we took the train from Dublin back to Shannon to catch our flight home. On that train, we met a terrific Irishman, and we struck up a conversation about politics. At that time, Ireland was having a lot of trouble in the northern part of the island, and this man believed the communists were the cause of the problem. Back in those days, everyone blamed the communists for everything.

On our Ireland trip, we didn’t have any problems making our flights. It was just a lovely vacation, and we had a great time.

Mom and I took many wonderful trips together. We saw Germany, Switzerland, U.S. Virgin Islands, California, Nevada, Florida, Illinois, Colorado, Hawaii and many more. My hubby and I also took many trips together. We went to Portugal, Spain, Australia, Jamaica and many other wonderful spots. His favorite place is Florida, or anywhere warm.

Trans World Airlines was a wonderful company to work for, and it gave me the opportunity to travel. Before that I had only dreamed of traveling by reading about those destinations in books. I will always be grateful for the opportunities I had with this once great company.

I might also add here that if you ever come to Kansas City there is a historical aviation museum to be seen at the old municipal airport now named the Charles B. Wheeler airport. If you would like to learn more about the museum visit Also, the Amelia Earhart museum is not too far away as it’s in Atchison, Kansas. For more info, visit

Until next Sunday have a great week.


Carol Ericson said...

Sandy, I've been to the U.K. several times - England, Scotland, Wales, but never to Ireland! Next trip to the U.K., we have to put Ireland on the itinerary. You're very lucky to have had the opportunity to travel like that. I remember flying TWA to Europe; in fact, I flew TWA on my first trip overseas when I was 22.

Sandy said...

Hi Carol,

I bet that was an exciting experience. When you were twenty-two, TWA may have still been flying around the world. You're younger than me, so I'm not sure. lol

Thanks, Carol.

Author GE Stills said...

I would consider you a world traveler Sandy. I am so envious. Having been so many places, the world is a stage for your writings.

K.T. Bishop said...

I haven't traveled consistently in a while. Used to do it so often on the job, once the recession goes away, I'll hit the road.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Gary.

I forgot to mention Egypt in my travels. That would make a great story. lol

Sandy said...

Good for you, K.T. Travel is an education for everyone.

robynl said...

wow you are an experienced traveller; do you get a souvenier or two from each place?

robynl said...

Sandy, did you get my 'thank you' e-mail for the lovely parcel I received from you for winning? Thanks.

Linda LaRoque said...

You've really gotten to see some wonderful places. Larry and I've wanted to go to Ireland for years. What time of year did you go and did you take bus tours or drive yourself? I've always wanted to visit Australia also but there are so many places here in the US we haven't seen. How wonderful that you and your mother got to see so many places together.

April Ash said...

Your travel adventures are great...and I didn't know about the museums near Kansas City!

J Hali said...

Hi Sandy, what great adventures you've had, and great memories to keep and cherish. I think my first ever flight was on TWA!

Sandy said...


I always take pictures when I travel. Those are my souvenirs and every once in a while I take them out and look at them.

Thanks for coming by.

Sandy said...

Hi Linda,

We went to Ireland in August and it was gorgeous.

Thanks for your comment.

Sandy said...

Thanks for commenting, April.

I'm really surprised you didn't know about the aviation museums. A couple years ago or so John Travolta was here to help raise money for the museum at Charles B. Wheeler airport. That event and others have been in the papers.

Sandy said...

Thanks for sharing J.

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Sandy, I hope I get a chance to travel one of these days...before I'm too old to enjoy it. *g* Sounds like you've had some amazing adventures. :-)

Sandy said...


No, I didn't get your email, but I'm glad to learn you received it.

Thanks for coming back and letting me know.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Donna. Yes, I've had many spectacular adventures.

You have to save for these travels though, then you'll be doing it for sure, Donna.

Christie Craig said...


Love your adventures. Hubby and I are hoping to make England this year. I can't wait.


Sandy said...

You will love it, Christie, although I've heard the food isn't that great. That's only two opinions. Smile.

I've been watching Emma by Jane Austen on PBS, and the countryside is gorgeous.