Sunday, September 6, 2009

What Are Some of the Things that Irritate You?

There are many things that upset me, and some of them aren’t really important. For instance, my husband opens a drawer to his dresser and doesn’t close it (he’s gotten better over the years). He used to come into the house after work taking off clothes and dropping them through the house as he walked to the bedroom. I did eventually convince him it would be better to drop them all in one spot in the bedroom, which he does now.

You are probably asking yourselves why I didn’t teach him to put his clothes in the hamper by now. The answer to that is, I tried, but that didn’t take. Grin. I just learned to live with it. There are other things that he does that annoy me, but I am going to give the poor guy a break and not make this post about him.

Something else that stirs me up is people who complain or are negative all the time. I am an optimistic person and pessimistic people can get me down in the dumps if I’m around them too much. My husband is a complainer, but he’s not depressing, so you would think after all these years I would have learned when he is badmouthing a driver in front of him. Of course, he complains about other things, too. Oop. So much for not being about the hubby. Smile.

There is one thing that really irritates me. I hate to start saying something and have someone interrupt me before I have a chance to get the words out of my mouth. At times, I only say a few words before I am cut off. It makes me furious, but who are the rude people who do this?

Families are the worse culprits. I remember my mother saying she could never get in a word around her mother and her sister. Friends get to laughing and talking so fast, they try to speak over one another. You and I are also guilty. I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t do it at one time or another.

When is enough, enough? If it becomes so rude that it irritates the hell out of everyone. Usually, everyone let’s the person or persons take over and keep their frustrations to themselves. There are those people who know it all, and since they do, you know nothing.

Okay, I admit that sometimes I can’t get the information out the way I want to. Oops! That goes back to not being able to finish what I was saying in the first place. Are we as a people becoming bad-mannered, or have we always been rude? Once upon a time, I was much more courteous and a better listener than I am now. Since I’ve become busier and more rushed I have become discourteous by saying curt words, or brushing people off.

These are just a few things that get my dander roused. Since I know I interrupt people, I’m going to try harder not to. What irritates you and do you do them, too?

Have a great week everyone. I’ll see you next Sunday.



Anastasia Rabiyah said...

What irritates me? I'd have to say the most annoying thing I face is that the men in my life do not, will not, are too lazy to...clean up after themselves. This includes my husband and my three sons. Why does this irritate me? Because I'd rather be writing than picking up laundry off the floor, carrying dirty dishes to the sink, or throwing trash into the trashcan that they decided would be easier to drop on the floor. I won't mention the toilet seat... Or will I? Come on, that's just gross.

Do I clean up after myself? Ha. Yes. I'm the only one in this house that cleans anythings.


angelikadevlyn said...

Hello! Sorry I've been quiet for a while, it's been the school holidays and I've hardly had time to write - and I have a deadline to contend with! Tomorrow I shall be back to normal, and will be able to get on with it. YAY!

What irritates me? Hmmm. Having my current MS on the main computer and not being able to access it when the rest of the family are around! :) I do have a laptop, so I've taken to sending the documents to googledocuments, so I can access it from any computer. However, that means I have to always have internet access, which is not always the case. It also means that I sometimes get confused to which file is my current file, and which computer is it on -- and that irritates the hell out of me and wastes precious time trying to sort it out! LOL

Great post, it really got me thinking. How do you cope with making sure your current work in progress is the right one?

Liena Ferror said...

When people look down their noses at me like I'm below them. I try not to look down at people and expect them to do the same to me. I'm by far not perfect and if someone expects and downs me because I'm not then my hackles rise. I don't like seeing people do it to others either. Irritates me to no end.

Great post, Sandy!


Sandy said...

Poor Ana, you have four men in your house who don't pick up after themselves. Terrible. Just think of what the women will be stuck with who marry those three boys. lol

I will say this about my hubby he will carry his own dishes to the kitchen and rinse them off.

Thanks for coming by, Ana.

Sandy said...


Thank goodness, I don't have that problem. My husband and I don't have that problem because he has a PC, and I have one plus my laptop.

I usually only work on one story at a time, so that's no problem for me. Now blogs, that's a different story. Grin.

Glad life is getting back to normal for you, Angelicka. Thanks for your comment.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Liena. I appreciate your comment.


K.T. Bishop said...

People who think they know-it-all or has to be the smartest person in the room...

Sandy said...

Thanks, K.T., for your comment.

I know what you mean. Once in a while, there are people who know more than I do on certain topics though. I'll admit that. Smile.

J Hali said...

Oh Sandy, you and your thought provoking posts!

Don't anyone shoot me but...the OLDER I get, my patience seems to be going the other direction. I'm long on years, short on patience. *laughing* I really dislike when someone keeps me waiting. If I pull up and they're not at the door - I've been known to leave 'em.

Linda LaRoque said...

I dislike people to be condescending and who when you ask them a question rather than give you an answer they give a lecture that goes on and on.

Sandy said...

LOL J. Hali, you sound like my hubby. He expects me to be ready at the drop of the hat. Sometimes without any warning.

I think as we age we get less patient.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you find my posts thought provoking. I try to come up with something that will interest everyone.

Sandy said...

LOL Linda, the part about going on and on sounds like my hubby. He isn't condescending though.

Thanks for coming by.

Annie Nicholas said...

I can't stand it when my time gets wasted. I have so little of it so every second is precious to me. Especially when I'm on a writing dead line. I've learned to always carry a pad of paper with me where ever I go to prevent to much wastage.

Amber Leigh Williams said...

This is a pet peeve you and I share. People assume since I am so quiet that they can interrupt me. It happens everyday. Eventually, I just had to let it go.

BTW, you look so pretty in your picture!



Sandy said...


Thanks for your comment.

I know exactly how you feel. Anything that doesn't have to do with writing seems like a waste to me. Grin. Don't tell my husband I said that. Wink!

Sandy said...

Thanks, Amber, for stopping by.

I have never been quiet, sweet Amber, and it still happens. Smile.

Thank you for the compliment.


Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) said...

Hey Sandy

Thank goodness I've trained my men well - dishes in the sink and clothes in the laundry basket, stat! So no complains there. They even put the toilet seat down. Now, the utter chaos of toy soldiers, bits and pieces of toy cars and lego land, that's another matter...

I'm usually a go-with-the-flow person, but I turn into a 'monster' when I get on the road. Pedestrians that leave the pavement to walk on the roadside irritate me like no other! Especially since our urban roads are not that big to start with, you also have to worry about the ar*e of that guy/woman on your left/right. Then there's the folks who drive at 30 or 40 on the motorway when the speed limit if something like 90 or 110. I'm like come on, 60 is slow, stick to it if you don't wanna drive fast! Really irritating.

Then there's also another peeve that really gets my hackles rising - when people judge me by first appearances only. Too many times I've been cast off as the bimbo-ish airhead just because I'm small and look my age.

Sorry for rambling! Good post, Sandy. And hang in there with the hubby, the man loves ya!



Anonymous said...

Ha, I finally figured it out Sandy!
I see most of your comments came from other women! Here's a male viewpoint ! Having served in the military 50 years ago, if you were to open my closet doors today you would see all of my sleeved garments hanging with the left sleeve facing you ! I put my dishes in the sink, my dirty clothes in the hamper, my shoes on the closet floor ! I'm retired so I don't shave every day, I like to drink beer and park my ass in my recliner. Everything I own is paid for and my credit card balance is zero at the end of the month! Thank GOD for that. Up until November 2008 I held a full time job since I was 17 years old. Am I slovenly at times? Hell yes, but I've earned that priviledge.

Sandy said...

Oh, Z, you're great.

I can see the image of you as a monster behind the wheel. lol You write such wonderful descriptions.

Don't worry, I don't plan on giving up on His Ronness. He's a keeper. Or should I say Sir Ron since Lee demoted him. lol

Once anyone gets to know you they know you are not an airhead. The others don't matter.

Thanks for your comment.

Hugs, Z.

Sandy said...


You didn't sign your name, but I would recognize you anywhere. I am glad you figured it out, and I would love to get more men view points on this subject.

His Ronness doesn't hang up anything. I have to hang up his clothes, and put away his shoes. He was in the military, too. I wonder what happened. lol

I really can't complain about him too much as we've both become more relaxed as we aged.

Thanks for your effort in getting here, Turp, and for leaving your comment.

EmilyBryan said...

This morning my DH and I were making a quick run to the store and the person checking us out spent the whole time complaining about someone else (whether another customer or her supervisor we couldn't tell from the rant!) who had blessed her out royally that morning. Talk about spreading the misery around.

It's sad to think that it's easier pass on negatives than positives. We bent over forward and backward trying to be pleasant to her, but I don't think it helped. She launched into the same tirade with the person behind us.

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Sandy, the interrupting one is something I hate and know at the same time I need to work on it. I don't like picking up after everyone, either.

One of my biggest pet peeves is turning right onto a 4 lane highway (when there's no on/off ramps), and no one is in the left lane, but the people coming in the right lane don't have the common courtesy to move over. Even when I inch out, or make it look like I'm going to turn in front of them, they just sit there in the right lane. It's even worse when there's 2 or 3 or 4 of them in a row that are all equally as rude. I'm teaching my 16 yr old son, that's part of the reason there's 2 LANES!!!

Sandy said...


Emily, there are some people you can't make happy. It's best to have a good laugh when you leave them and stay in your good mood. Smile.

Thanks for stopping by.


Sandy said...

Hi Stacey,

You and my husband feel the same way about getting out into traffic. Another thing that makes him mad is when someone won't let you over to get off on the off-ramp. Some of those people will actually speed up to pass you to get in front of you in the lane you're in instead letting you over. It's crazy.

Thanks for your comment.

Angela Guillaume said...


I just wrote an entire post and lost it because of bad internet connection. Anyway, here are some of the things that irritate me...

--- people who lack compassion and respect, i.e., including prejudiced and judgmental people
--- negative people
--- "friends" who tell me I looked much better when I was thinner and claim "they mean well"
--- my husband eating candy and drinking soda and leaving wrappers/cans lying around all over the place (but I won't complain much because he is really very helpful in so many ways, and I'm not the best of housewives either)
--- angry/impatient drivers. What's up with them?
--- people who can't (or won't) make their own living and leech off of others

There's more but I'll stop here...


Carole Gill said...

Hi Sandy!
Very good post, and so true.
People sometimes do drive me nuts when they interrupt.
My husband (he's English) I'm American from New York originally--he often complains about traffic tie ups as we're driving along.
I say to him: "You wanna see traffic jams--go to New York! This is NOTHING!"
funny really.
the most annoying thing he does however, is he often (almost always) forgets to tell me that people are coming over to visit! Need i say that sometimes I'm so involved in things, my house is not perfect? WHAT?! I scream, WHEN ARE THEY COMING--his answer: OH IN ABOUT FIVE MINUTES, SORRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYY!
how's that?!
a riot (not at the time) only funny later on!

Sandy said...

Wow! Angela, you have quite a list. lol Some of those are the same as mine, or my husbands.

Thanks for coming by. They are very worthy ones to be irritated by. Good that you understand that hubby might not think you're perfect either. Grin.

Sandy said...

Oh no, Carole. I would kill him if my husband did that to me. My house is always a disaster until I know company is coming. lol

Now, I know I have nothing to complain about in my hubby. lol

Thanks for coming by.