Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone had a happy July 4th. When I was a little girl I loved Independence Day for so many reasons. We had a picnic, sparklers (so pretty), firecrackers (that was and is a boy thing), brightly colored bottle rockets, and homemade ice cream.

How many of you remember homemade ice cream? A show of hands everyone. Ah, these store bought brands can never compare to what we used to have. I remember begging and getting to help make the ice cream. For that reason alone, I loved summer, but there were many other reasons for doing so, and the fourth of July was one of them.

When I was a kid, we usually celebrated July 4th at Uncle Ray’s where we always had fireworks after dark. They lived out in the country, so the display was quite magnificent. I can remember times when we went to Great-Uncle Bud’s house for the 4th. On those times, he would take us for a ride on his tractor out in the fields. Those were simple pleasures, but they were still wonderful.

After we had our fireworks at home, we often went to Lawrence for the display offered for everyone to see on the Kansas University campus. Some kids were scared of the noise and lights, but others like me were awed.

What did you do this year for the 4th? My hubby and I started with breakfast at the American Legion, and then I went to our church to help make food and feed the homeless. After that, I stayed inside away from the humidity, the fireworks and heat. Lol

Okay, time for a brief history lesson since it’s a sad fact that many don’t know why we celebrate the 4th. July 4, 1776 is the date that we celebrate the birth of our independence from Great Britain.

Our forefathers risked their lives to sign the Declaration of Independence. Great Britain was sovereign over our colonies and those men could have been tried for treason. This decree stands for all the things we believe in, freedoms of religion, without persecution and with the ability to think and do for oneself.

At this time, I stand and give a grand salute to our men and women of the military who are still fighting for all our freedoms. Thank you. Thank you. God Bless them and their families.

Until next Sunday, have a great week.



Anonymous said...

Great Post, Sandy. I, too, tip my hat to all those defending our country.

Happy 4th!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post!

My mother used to make homemade ice cream. You are right, nothing compares to the taste of it.

I, having a son in the Navy, also tip my hat to those who defend this country!

Hope everyone had a great 4th.


Sandy said...


Thanks for stopping by. Our military deserves so much for their defense of us.

kt bishop said...

I remember the good ole' days. Homemade ice cream, watermelon, bbq (new lifestyle making me wait until Tuesday). Too bad everything's store bought and materialistic.

Sandy said...


Thank your dear son for his service to our country.

Hugs to him and your family.

Yep, our homemade ice cream had the real ingredients in it. Smile.

J Hali said...

I tip my hat to all those defending the country also. I'm not always happy with where we are fighting or the why of it. But God bless those who do it. I have two nieces and a nephew out there.

Homemade ice cream - nothing like it. My Mom was the best. I remember picking berries for the syrupy toppings she would make. I should have paid more attention.

Sandy said...

Oh, K.T.,

So glad to hear from you. Yes, I remember those days well, too. We barbequed hamburgers and had hot dogs with potato salad, watermelon and ice cream. Those were definitely the days.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sandy said...

Give your nieces and nephew a hug of appreciation from me.

None of us paid attention to what our families did for our holidays. We just accepted and expected it to always be here, but because of our lack of attention many of us have lost our traditions.

Paris said...

Sandy, great post! Remembering those who serve and those who have served, is something that everyone needs to remember on this holiday.

And thanks for reminding me about homeade ice cream--there is nothing better! I remember my grandmother putting it together and my grandfather hand-cranking it for every family get together in the summer.

Marianne Stephens said...

Nice blog about our country's birthday celebration! As a child, I remember we always went to see fireworks somewhere. As an adult, we took our kids to enjoy fireworks and now that they're adults, my husband and I just relax and enjoy family and friends.

Sandy said...

Oh, Paris, to think we kids begged to help with the hand-cranking. lol That's considered hard work these days.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sandy said...


Thanks for your comment.

Fireworks are for young people's enjoyment, and relaxing with friends and family is really nicer for us. Especially, the relaxing. Smile.

Linda LaRoque said...

We used to make homemade icecream all the time. Now we can't find our freezer. Larry asked about it the other day. Though vanilla is our favorite, we like Big Red icecream too. Made with diet Big Red soda, and the fat free Eaglebrand milk it's a good alternative for diabetics and is soooooo good.

You're so right, kids don't know the history behind July 4th and I'm guilty of not celebrating like we used to. When the kids were little we always went to the lake for a picnic or something. At our age, we don't want to be out in the heat.

Great post, Sandy!


Sandy said...

LOL I know exactly what you mean about staying out of the heat.

Thanks for stopping and reminiscing with me, Linda. Smile.