Sunday, July 19, 2009

Do You Ever Wish You Could Hibernate?

Hi Everyone,

Sometimes I wish I were a bear and could hibernate three months out of the year. Only, I wouldn’t want to sleep, I would just write and enjoy the scenery.

When I decided to blog, I made a commitment to do it every week, so even though I don’t want to this Sunday I have to honor this obligation. To be honest, I’m just plain tired, and I need a vacation badly.

It seems like everyone wants a piece of your time. This happens to everyone not just to writers. In August, I’m heading for the Rockies, and I’m looking forward to getting away, but will I really be doing that?

I’m visiting family because I promised a great-nephew and great-niece that I would attend their birthday parties this year since I missed them in 2008. It will be great to see my sister and brother-in-law, my nieces and their husbands and all the greats. I love them all and would love to spend longer than a week with them.

Yesterday, my hubby asked me to bring him a glass of iced-tea while I was in the middle of promotional work for my publisher. Should I begrudge him the interruption even though it was the third time he had wanted me to get him something. Well no, the poor man was sweaty from working on my car in the sun on the driveway. He was doing something for me, and I was glad to do it for him, but the interruption still irritated me.

My question this week is where would you go to hibernate if you could?

I would go to the mountains or the ocean and stay holed up for a month to write without interruption. Walking in the mountains or along the ocean would be relaxing and would revive my muse when needed. If I could have both that would be where I would want to be. Spain comes to mind here. Once upon a point of time, hubby and I wanted to buy a place on a cliff that overlooked the ocean. Or maybe it was Portugal. Jamaica and Florida were other places we thought of. It’s been a long time since we had dreams like that.

A couple of months in a condo all alone in New Mexico or Arizona would be nice. Nope, it wouldn’t work. I would worry too much about what was happening at home. I would be calling hubby every day to make sure he was okay and asking about everyone else.

I have to admit I am a very social person, so I cannot see myself staying in any of these places without family or friends I can visit when I want to. Lol But just think of all the writing I could accomplish in a couple of months.

Until next Sunday, have a wonderful week.



K.T. Bishop said...

Guess having a full-time job's different. I spent my off week writing and working in the yard. Writing has become addictive.

diana lambdin meyer said...

I would hybernate on a little Greek island, but right now I'm listening to the Mama Mia soundtrack and recalling our fabulous trip to Santorini last year.

Sandy said...

Hi K.T.,

Writing is addictive, and that's why I get irritated when I'm interrupted. lol

However, if it weren't for my husband I probably would forget to eat. lol

Thanks for stopping by.

Sandy said...

That sounds great, Diana.

I want to go to Greece.

Thanks for your comment.

EmilyBryan said...

A few years ago my DH and I went to Hawaii. At the end of a winding road along the coast of Maui, there is a lovely beach near the little village of Hana. The surf comes thundering in and there's a lovely little green cottage that over looks it all.

I go there in my mind several times a day.

Paris said...

I'd love to rent a villa in Tuscany and spend a month writing and not have to worry about anything else--of course that is the tricky part!

Rebecca Royce said...

I would love to go to St. Lucia. Its been a dream since I was a child. Not sure why but I would just love it.

Sandy said...

Oh, Emily, isn't it wonderful what the mind can do for us. That sounds like a peaceful spot.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sandy said...


A villa sounds nice anywhere because then you get someone to wait on you. lol

The worry is always the tricky part. Smile.

Sandy said...


St. Lucia would be very nice. I would like to try Fiji sometime. It's a beautiful spot. We stopped there one time on the way to Hong Kong, but we weren't able to get off the plane.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sandy, I'm impressed with your commitment to blog every Sunday. I'm sitting here roaming the blogoshpere intstead of writing my own blog. But I'll get to it. When I come out of hibernation.

Marianne Stephens said...

I'd go to a motel where I could set up my laptop and not be interrupted. Seems someone always wants something from me here, even when I tell them I'm busy. I'd pick a motel not too far away so I can keep tabs on everyone, but not tell them where I am!

Sandy said...

LOL Pat, I know you're not in hibernation because I saw over at Facebook.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sandy said...

LOL Oh, Marianne, we women just have to know what's going on.

Good idea though. Only, I want to be in a nicer location than a motel. You know the amenities like food service. Smile.

Thanks for coming by.

Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) said...

Hey Sandy

Coming out of flu-driven hibernation to reply here.

For me, I'd love to take a couple months off and spend them writing in the flowery garden of an English cottage in summer. Or in a cottage in Cornwall, but not in winter, lol! My only problem would be that I'd have to cook, since pub grub is so not my thing! If I had a cook/chef or food delivery service, would be paradise!



J Hali said...

I'm a water and mountains girl. Anywhere warm I could find both would be fabulous. Not the social type so I could hibernate for months and months. LOL - If I didn't have to, I'd never go out!

Sandy said...


I'm sorry you have had the flu, but I hope you're all better.

A flowery garden of an English cottage sounds lovely. It would remind me of my grandparents back yard, and it always smelled so good.

It would be food that cause me to opt for a hotel or a villa with service. grin.

Thanks for coming by, Z.

Sandy said...


We sound very much alike. I just can't hibernate for more than two or three months, and that is usally in the winter months here. lol

Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Interesting question.

I'm not a social type so I could easily be a hibernator. I could go to someplace with mountains, like Montana. Stay inside during the winter and write, preferably by a window with a view. In the summer I would enjoy the view from the front porch while I wrote.


Sandy said...

Thanks for your comment, Liena.

I've heard the mountains of Montana are great.

Carol Ericson said...

I'm not much for hibernation! However, the beaches on some small Greek Isles are wonderfully deserted. To hibernate and write? Maybe a little beach cottage in northern Calif.

Sandy said...

Hi Carol,

Thanks for stopping by.

Yes, a little cottage anywhere would be great. Smile.

Belinda said...

While all of you writers hibernate and write, I'll just relax and read your books.

Sandy said...


I'm so jealous. Although, I must admit I just finish a really great book last night, or I should say early this morning. lol

Thanks for commenting. I really appreciate it, Belinda.

Anonymous said...

I'd pick Detroit....I love the excitement of not knowing if you might be mugged and assulted.

Hugh Goldblaght

Sandy said...

LOL Glad to get someone with a sense of humor here, Hugh.

Thanks for coming by.