Sunday, November 30, 2014

Do You Remember the Day?

My husband is taking over my blog, so be sure to leave a comment.  Here he is, my honey, Ron Marshall.  Smile!  It's all yours.  I may add a few comments here and there just to spice it up a bit.   

I can remember some (just some) years back when television was not on 24/7. I would watch TV in the evenings until it went off the air around midnight, TV back then signed off the air with the Star-spangled Banner song. (That was a really long time ago. They had rabbit ears then.)
Television with Rabbit Ears

Also, I remember there were only a couple of  advertisements in a thirty minute program. Now, I wonder how many people watch TV today and wonder where the hell all of those advertisements come from.  I can change channels to several different stations, and the odds of finding another advertisement is almost guaranteed. To me the odds are pretty damn good you are going to get a commercial everywhere you go.  (I understand your frustration, honey.)

I understand they need to make revenue but every 5 or maybe 10 minutes, if you are lucky. When they first talked about cable TV coming it was rumored that they would be commercial free. I just wonder why we pay so much money for cable or whatever means we get our programming to watch nothing but commercials.

So many commercials are trying to sell you medications, and you have to ask your doctor if a certain med will cure you. They warn you on the advertisement the side effects could be heart attack, liver problems, internal bleeding, swelling of your joints, etc..  There is always a disclaimer, and it goes on and on. Why would you even consider taking a medication with so may side effects.  It scares the hell out of you to take anything.  (You are right, honey, and not only that many medications make you feel dizzy and off-balance.)

Another commercial is for quick car loans with no questions asked.  hahahahahha  Well I was just wondering if you remember, I sure do. 

Well, that's it from my husband this time.    He just had to rant. 

Have a good week, and I'll see you next Sunday. 

Sandra K. Marshall, Author
@ Eirelander Publishing


Rose Anderson said...

I enjoyed your rant, Ron. Commercials drive me crazy too. Did you ever notice how loud they are? It's 50 years at least, but I can even remember the phone numbers on some of the local commercials from way back when. Talk about indoctrination! I'm a little bit younger than you both. I remember the Star Spangled Banner coming on at the 3am sign-off. Hope you feel better, Sandy. :)

Melissa Keir said...

It's nice to meet you Mr. Marshall. I remember the TV with the bunny ears and having to get up to change the channel. I remember how few channels we had and how the shows seemed to be more exciting, maybe because we hadn't seen them a million times.

Some times the past is really the best!

Marianne Stephens said...

I remember the small screens, no remote controls. And ONE TV in the house!
Medical commercials...annoying! I don't want to hear about erectile dysfunction, etc. Sigh. I don't think we have choices anymore. What the networks put on (who pays them the most money) is what we're stuck with showing up on the TV.
And "back then", we thought cigarette commercials were bad! HA!

Sandy said...

Thank you, Rose. I think I got sick again after Thanksgiving. Too much going.

Rose, I'm surprised Ron forgot to mention how loud the commercials as he complains to me a lot about them. lol

Sandy said...

Melissa, I remember laying on the carpet in front of television at our Grandma's house and it was exciting.

Marianne, the medical commercials are the most annoying. You and Ron would have fun discussing them. At least, the cigarette commercials had neat eye candy. lol

Susan said...

Enjoyed your rant, Ron! I remember the rabbit ears too!

Sandy said...

Thanks for coming by, Susan.

Ron has enjoyed all of the comments.

Kari Rogers Miller said...

Back in the 60's, I once wrote a letter to the TV station about all the "horrible" commercials and the station wrote back...that they were glad they got my attention.

Sandy said...

Oh no, Kari! Sometimes, you can't win.

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