Sunday, September 28, 2014

My Favorite Season Is Fall

I love fall for so many reasons, but most of all because of the colors.  Red, yellow,  orange, wine and greens are just gorgeous mixed together in the trees and on ground bushes.  Their beauty is wonderful to see. 

It's fantastic to ride the trails on horseback, or on the road by car, truck and motorcycle while enjoying the sight of the fall colors around you.  The air is brisk and to me it's energizing.  Even a nice long walk along the river can be invigorating, and a enjoyable way to get your exercise.  Wink!

The anticipation of hot apple cider, hay rides, cooking hot dogs and marshmallows over bon fires is high for  kids and adults.  Going to pumpkin patches to pick out pumpkins for Halloween and Thanksgiving is a thrilling treat for everyone.

Pumpkin Patch in Weston, Missouri

The Ozarks
Just to give you an idea of how beautiful it is here in Missouri in the fall look at the photos below.  Even the photos don't do the season justice.
Along the Missouri River

Park College in Parkville, MO
The only drawbacks to fall is the ragweed and the coming of winter.  I don't even mind the coming of winter because all seasons are beautiful, and as long as I can stay inside when it's freezing out I can still enjoy the beauty.

Now you know my favorite season, what is yours?

Have a great week, and I'll see you next Sunday.

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Melissa Keir said...

What beautiful photos. I like the fall but the summer is my sweet spot! I love the warmth, especially after the long Michigan winters. And best of all, I get to spend summer with friends (not at school!)

Anonymous said...

I love fall because of football season, both the NFL and college (when Alabama is winning).
Fall is also neat in October, because it's my birthday (18th) and Halloween. I can't get enough of Pumpkin cookies and donuts...

Sandy said...

Melissa, my hubby is with you. He loves spring and summer. When fall comes, he starts dreading winter. lol

James, yes, October is a fun fall month. My brother's birthday is October 10th, so you have something in common. Smile!

Kari Rogers Miller said...

I have to confess I love Spring best....mostly because of the crocus and daffodils bursting from the gardens...but I also like Summer and Fall and believe it or not....Winter. yes, even in Florida!
Great post Sandy

Sandy said...

Thank you, Kari. I love all of the seasons, but fall is my favorite. The weather is very near perfect in the fall.