Sunday, August 3, 2014

Does Technology Drive You A Bit Crazy?

Hi Everyone,

Most writers just want to write, but they have to do many other things as well.  One thing I hate to take the time to do is learn new technology.  Geez!  Can't they just leave things like they are and stop trying to improve stuff. 

Some of you may know my computer crashed a few weeks ago due to a storm in our area.  I had to buy a new computer, of course, my husband had been telling me for two years I needed a new one. I'm digressing (blame it on Kari, I read her blogs), so to get back on track my new computer required me to learn Microsoft 8.1.  My question is what was wrong with Microsoft 7?  I loved Microsoft 7.  Wah!

Okay, I'm going to be honest and say it's not as difficult as I'm making it out, but it is irritating to have your computer crash and buy a new one to find out everything you are familiar with isn't on the new one.  I'm irritated because I have spent too much time learning new technology instead of writing.  If Microsoft is going to change everything; why don't they provide a manual, so I don't have to learn by experimenting.  All right, if I had a smart phone, or at least knew how to use one I would have figured some of this stuff out faster. 

One of the big things that irritated me is copying stuff and trying to paste into my old word processor, which I love (2003).  I finally figured I have to copy and paste into notepad, and then I can paste into my Word.  However, that isn't exactly easy either because wherever I'm copying from I have to right click to copy and then go to notepad and right click to paste.  I right click again in notepad, go to Word and go to edit to paste.  Simple, right?  Yes it is, if you knew that was how it's done in the first place.  Okay, I will admit after many tries Microsoft finally popped up and gave me the solution.  Why didn't they give it to me the first time?

Another thing I don't like that Microsoft has done is they have changed Windows Mail, but I'm sure some people like it even better, but I'm not one of them.  Microsoft wants you to have a password for every app you use.  I have three pages of passwords already, please give me a break.  Oh, I know it is for my own safety.  Grrr!  It just doesn't make me like it.  Frankly, I could have done without most of those apps, but everything has an app these days. 

Not only have I learned Microsoft 8.1, but I have returned to Twitter after a 5 year absence when I got hacked there.  I still don't know what I'm doing on that site, but if you would like follow me there just look for #AuthSKMarshall. 

There is one technical little site that I'm loving.  It's called Hootsuite, and the reason I like it so much is because I can use it to send message to all my social media sites at the same time without going to those sites.  Yay, I don't have to go to Facebook, Twitter, Ning, Yahoo Groups, LinkedIn and Google+ to promo or post anything because I can do it on Hootsuite.  Is that wonderful?  Yes!

Learning anything takes time, but I'm doing it.  I just need more time in a day.  One more thing, don't get too comfortable with 8.1 because I hear 9 is coming.  Grin!  Doesn't that just make your day?

Moving on to some promo.  Something else, I don't like to do, but has to be done.  My short story, All Bets Are Off, came out in audio during this mess.  Here is the link for it if you prefer to listen to your stories rather than read them. 


Can a recovering gambling addict bet on a second chance at love?

Ana Torres has dug her self out of her gambling debts and started a business to help others with the same problem.  Now, she wants to show her soul mate she has changed and win him back. 

Jason Gibbs meets his wife at a party and realizes he still loves her even after all she cost him with her gambling addiction.  He wants to find out if she has changed, and if she has, he will woo her back. 

I hope you like my new blog template, and if you go to my website it's in chaos right now, as I'm going to change it, too.  Thank you for listening to me today, and if you have any helpful suggestions, or if you have a rant of your own I'm willing to listen.  Smile!

Have a great week, and I'll see you next Sunday! 

Sandra K. Marshall, Author
@ Eirelander Publishing,


Rose Anderson said...

I sympathize. Our author's world needs things to work! Have a nice Sunday, Sandy. :)

Melissa Keir said...

I'm worried that I have to think about a new computer. I'm not ready to deal with it. :)

I'm glad you are finding things you enjoy and are getting around the Microsoft issues.

All the best!

Jill James said...

Sandy, when we got our first computer it had WordPerfect. I loved that program!! But eventually we became a two computer family and the husband had Word at work so wanted it for home. I went kicking and screaming to Word. I still miss WordPerfect!

Sandy said...

Thank you for coming by, Rose.

Make sure you have backups, Melissa, or get the new computer and transfer everything over now. My husband kept telling me to do it, but I didn't pay attention.

I never could get used to WordPerfect, Jill. lol

Janice Seagraves said...

I know how it feels. I recently had to get a new computer. The old was kept having the blue screen of death then recover. It scared me that I might lose my stories. I backed everything up on my exterior hard drive then bought a new computer. I had to learn windows eight. It's refurbished and only has eight and won't up date to 8.1. Anyway, then I had to update Microsoft word and photo shop, both are not cheep.

My daughter asked for my old computer. She erased my files and now the darn thing runs like a champ.



Kari Rogers Miller said...

So glad Sandy, that you are learning your way around the new 8.1...I think I like it better, but you are certainly right in that it is a learning curve. I tell the Captain to "learn" it and then tell me, as I don't like to sit and waste valuable time reading how to do something. It is so much easier to have him just show me...:( I guess one could call me lazy...but that is another story and I do tend to digress, so I won't go there!
Hugs Always my friend!!! ;)
Now, if I could just get that "prove you are not a robot" thingy to quit asking me to prove I am human...even tho there are those who might disagree! About the human part...Oops! there I go again. I am going to stop while I am ahead...or am I ahead??
bye for now...see you on the other side...of the Blog, I mean!!!!...ok! I am outta here! ;)

Sandy said...

LOL Oh no, Janice, these kids are so much smarter than we are when it comes to computers.

Kari, I'm with you I would rather have someone show me how to do something than learn it on my own. It didn't work this time because hubby was in no mood for it. lol I'll see what I can do with the robot.

The Comeback Kid said...

I'm in a heap of trouble in the not to far future.

My wife just retired and got one of those 'smart' phones. She forced her ancient 'dumb' one on me. So now I have joined the 21st. However, if you ring me on the 'darn' thing, you will most likely get a 'voice mail'.

But, like you say, if you are an author now days, we don't have a choice but to grin and bear.

Tks for the Hootsuite tip. Hadn't heard of that one.

Sandy said...

You're welcome for the tip, Tom. I'm still using one of the ancient dumb cell phones, but Ron has upgraded his and is till trying to learn how to use it. lol