Sunday, April 27, 2014


First, I must apologize for not posting a blog last Sunday, but I was sick.  Although, all issues have not been solved I am better.

Here in the Midwest it is tornado season, and we are being prepared by the meteorologists in our area for the danger.  When I was a kid I lived in the country, and we stood in the yard to watch the tornadoes.  It is not something one should do, but back then we didn't understand how dangerous tornadoes could be.


Most of us having listened to our forecasters have a good idea of what causes tornadoes, but just in case you haven't paid attention I have listed a simple explanation below. 

Tornadoes are caused by unstable air in the atmosphere.  The lower atmosphere tends to be warmer than normal while the upper atmosphere tends to be cooler than usual.  The varying temperatures combine with unstable wind speeds to make a tornado.

Where is tornado alley?  Below is a photo of tornado alley.

There are a number of other regions across the United States that see an exorbitant amount of tornadoes in a given year.

None more so than what's classified as Tornado Alley by the National Climatic Data Center.  On a smaller scale there also exists Dixie Alley in the south, Hoosier Alley in the upper Ohio Valley, and out east the Carolina Alley.  Every state in the contiguous U.S. has recorded at least one tornado since 1950, these regions of host the greatest threat in any given year. 

Stay safe and pay attention to your weather forecasters.  Have a great week and see you back here next Sunday.

Sandra K. Marshall, author
@ Eirelander Publishing


Anonymous said...

Great post!

Very informative.



K.T. Bishop said...

Tornadoes aren't our thing on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Between June and September, we always have to look out for Hurricanes! Remember, Sandy, as long as Jim Cantore don't show up in your town, you're safe!

Melissa Keir said...

There's a section of Michigan that gets tornadoes very regularly. I've been in two so far, but was very lucky. I don't fear mother nature as much as I fear my own inability to protect my children. Even now that they are grown, they are my first concern when bad weather hits.

Sandy said...

Yay, Theresa, you made it. Smile!

Thanks for coming by, K.T. Hurricanes aren't fun either.

Melissa, I understand, and you can't be with your children every minute. You would really feel helpless if you were there and still couldn't protect them.

Kari Rogers Miller said...

Great post Sandy...unfortunately, living in both Kansas and Missouri...I have seen my share of tornadoes. However, it was a tornado in Dallas Texas that caused me the most bodily harm. Still sporting a chronic shoulder issue. But it could have been worse!

Now that I am in Florida....hurricanes are the concern...I've learned that if it is is time! But precautions are definitely in order.

I hope you are feeling better now.
take care

Sandy said...

Dallas is part of Tornado Alley, Kari. I'm sorry you were hurt there.

I'm going to have to go to the doctor tomorrow.