Sunday, March 9, 2014

TWA Hangar Dance in Kansas City at TWA Museum

 1940’s Hangar Dance

For all of those in the Kansas City area, or anyone coming to the Kansas City area, here is an event that will interest you. 

To benefit the TWA Museum
10 Richards Road
Kansas City, Missouri

(The dance will be held in Signature’s Hangar at the museum.)

Saturday, April 26th

5:30-7:00 Check in & Museum Tour     

6:15 –6:45 Free Swing Dance Lesson

7:00-10:00 Dance to the Music of the

Moonlight Serenade Orchestra

Vintage WWII, other military uniforms and TWA uniforms welcomed or come as you are!!!

If you have a photo and/or story about your history with TWA or the military, please bring it with you to share!

Cash Bar

Hot Dogs & Chips will be available for purchase or bring your own snack!

$25.00 per person before

April 12th

$30.00 per person after April 12th or at the door!

(Tables seat 10)
Ticket Information:

Call the TWA Museum at 816-234-1011 for more information or email or

Fill out the form below, attach your payment and we will confirm your reservation via e-mail or by phone.

Please include names of attendees on the back of this form.




Phone Number






State Zip


Email address

Method of Payment:

Check Visa Mastercard


Name on Credit Card


Credit Card Number


Expiration Date CCV #

Mail or drop off this form with payment to:

TWA Museum

Attn: Karen Holden Young, Nancy Sitzmann

10 Richards Road

Kansas City, MO 64116

This sounds like a really good time, and also rides in the afternoon.  If you would like to go to the museum site, here is the URL -
The Heart of America CAF Wing will offer warbird rides to the public the afternoon of April 26 prior to the dance. Ride reservations made in advance of April 26 will be discounted. To make reservations call Bob Robinson at 913-206-8027. Visit the HOA CAF website at and click on Airplane Rides for complete in-formation.

I hope all of you come and enjoy the fun. Have a great week, and I'll see you next Sunday.

Sandra K. Marshall


Kari Rogers Miller said...

If we were there Sandy...we definitely would go.....I have a certain fondness for an L1011 at the museum as well as the DC 3 that the guys put together....
Say hello to the gang for us!


Sandy said...

Thank you, Kari. The party is at the TWA museum instead of the aviation museum, which is close by.

Melissa Keir said...

What a fun event. I wish I lived closer. :) Enjoy!!

Sandy said...

I wish you did, too, Melissa. We could get together. Smile!

K.T. Bishop said...

this sounds interesting. Go Jayhawks!

Sandy said...

Thanks, K.T. Yes, there's a lot of history at the museum.

Poor Jayhawks!