Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine's Day: First Kisses

It's almost Valentine's Day, and we all know it's the day to tell someone you love just how much affection you have for them.  What better way to tell your loved ones you love them than with a kiss and a hug.  Of course, you can add in flowers, candy, jewelry, tools or anything else you think she/he would like.  With this cold weather you might decide to create some steamy heat.  Wink!

Here are some samples of first kisses by the characters in my Riverboat Mysteries trilogy.

The Catalyst:

Walt chuckled and sat on the edge beside her. “It was easy. I just rubbed your feet and you were blown out like a candle.” He leaned down and brushed her lips with his.

“Well, you certainly know how to wake a woman.” She smiled sleepily and pulled him back for another longer kiss


She swooped down, kissed his mouth, and forced his lips apart. The touch of her hands pushing up his shirt and her fingers stroking his abs and chest nearly undid him. When she pressed her core against his penis, he couldn’t hold back his groan.


The Deceived: 

Without realizing what he was doing, he pulled her close and bent down to her lip glossed mouth and kissed her. At her gasp as his tongue entered her mouth, he remembered she wasn’t experienced, and he stopped just embracing her as he tried to calm his breathing.  Holding her, he chastised himself.


As you can see these kisses are very different, and the reason is because the characters are different.  In The Catalyst, Carolyn Madison was a rape victim, so Walt goes very slowly with her.

In Addiction, the heroine has been married before and she's been in a relationship since her divorce.  She's a take charge kind of gal.

In The Deceived, the heroine is a virgin, so the hero, Mike, tries to calm his hormones and take it as slow as he can. 

What was your first kiss like with your husband/wife, or significant other?  Do you even remember?  Mine started out sweet and slow and became very sensuous.  Smile!  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. 

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  Enjoy the day with your loved ones. 

Thank you for reading.  Have a great week, and I'll see you next Sunday.

Sandy AKA Sandra K. Marshall


Kari Rogers Miller said...

Thanks Sandy for your Valentine Kisses! :)

Kisses can be categorized in many different ways...:)

There is the good-bye kiss (quick smooch on the lips) when one is off to work for example...

And the H-E-L-L-O kiss (long and expecting???) which is the kiss leading to "other" things in private places.

And there is the Platonic kiss (usually on the cheek) used for close friends and family members.

I have one family member (not close) who is female and insists on a peck right on the lips! Don't really care for that one, even though there is no hidden meaning...if you know what I mean.

When I see her coming....I head for the Dessert table and stuff my mouth with cake or cookies...or better yet a cream puff! ;)

Happy Valentine's Day Kissing to all!

Rose Anderson said...

All very nice, Sandy. I love kisses of all sorts. :)

Sandy said...

Thanks, Kari. I don't like the kiss on the mouth either from friends. Yuck!

Thanks, Rose. For the most part, I like kisses of all sorts, too.

K.T. Bishop said...

the only person to kiss me on the lips is my girlfriend.
I always love cheekbone of babies...

Sandy said...

Oh, babies are so sweet. I love to kiss their sweet little cheeks. Thanks, K.T.

Melissa Keir said...

With my husband's first kiss, I forgot to breathe! It literally took my breath away. :)