Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bullies, Facebook, Rape and U-Tube

What is going on with our kids?  I know there are a lot of good kids in this world, but we don’t hear nearly enough about them.  Instead, we see bullying in our schools, on buses and social media, especially Facebook.

None of you have missed the news about a young 16 year old girl being raped in Ohio.  She was drunk, passed out and being treated like a bag of trash.  Two young men raped her while other young kids stood around laughing, taking photos with their cell phones and shouting, ‘she’s so raped.’

There is something so wrong with this image.  Three lives have been totally ruined, and the town needs to come together to see the truth of the matter.  These kids were underage and shouldn’t have been drinking and there should have been adults there to stop this scene.  Where were the teachers, coach or parents?

These kids were normal kids, but whenever you get any group together whether adults or children a mob mentality develops and everyone loses control.  All it would have taken was for one kid to use his cell phone to call 911 or the police to stop this rape.  Instead, they used their cell phones to take pictures of the rape and post them on U-Tube.  I have no idea what they were thinking or thought they were doing.  From there laughter, they obviously thought the whole scene was funny.

To me this scene was disgusting.  Have none of these kids been taught right from wrong?  They obviously have no respect for each other, or anyone else.  It’s a travesty for the town not to band together and stand behind the young girl who was raped.  By not doing it you may have another suicide because this will be impossible for her to live with unless she gets outside help. 

The boys will need help, too.  They will be scared at what they have facing them in the future, but I hope someone is able to get through to them that what they did was wrong.  Both boys are good-looking, but I don’t see remorse on their faces.  I just see fear and they have every reason to be afraid because there are consequences for every action.  Who taught them this kind of behavior is okay. They'll learn a very hard lesson now; it's not okay. The young lady was trying to fit in with the in-crowd, but she has learned a hard lesson, too.  It's not worth getting drunk to fit in.

I hope all the families of these kids involved in this tragedy sit down and have long talks with their children.  This is not a time to take sides.  It’s a time to think of your children and be there for all of them.  The parents and teachers might even ask yourselves what you should have done to prevent this horrible event.  You might ask: what did I do to contribute to this act?  

This town is in the limelight now, and I guarantee there will be a lot of people around the world judging your town.  What I have to say to the other towns is that you better check into your own schools to see what is going on.  Boys calling girls whores and girls calling each other whores in classrooms.  These kids have not been taught to respect each other or themselves.  Do parents know how their kids are acting out?  If they don’t know; they should be finding out.

Bullying and abuse has to stop in our schools.  It’s becoming an epidemic and starting at even younger ages than high school.  Something has to be done.  I don’t know what the answer is, but could spending more quality time with your kids help. 

What do you think we should do to save the children? 

Have a great Sunday, and I'll see you next week. 

Best always,
Sandra K. Marshall


Melissa Keir said...

It starts at home in how you treat others. It continues in school in lessons on respect and peer pressure. But society has to take some of the responsibility. We have shows like America's Funniest Home Videos where people get money for funny videos for doing dumb stuff. We have music and shows that tell kids that being silly and troublemakers is okay.

I pray that things will change for the better in our world and as a teacher, I'm doing my part.

Jill James said...

We are now seeing the consequences of entitlement. "I can do what I want. You can't stop me." Sorry, but it is only going to get worse. Watch the last Batman movie. I cried through half of that movie. It was too real to be entertainment. It showed a world I see happening right now.

Sandy said...

Melissa, thank you for your comment and for doing your part.

Jill, I haven't seen the last Batman movie, but if it was distressing enough to make you I don't need to see it. Many kids are given everything they want as soon as they ask for it, which is a shame. They need to work for it. They believe they can get away with anything without any repercussions, but these kids are finding out it isn't so.

The Comeback Kid said...

Parents are not allowed to spank anymore. Kids nowadays don't have any fears. Like grounding is going to scare them. Suppose we can thank the ACLU for this?

Sandy said...

Well, my brother and I certainly got spanked a lot when we were kids, and we turned out okay. I loved getting grounded, so I could go to my room and read. Smile! My sister was so frail she didn't get spanked at all, but she also turned out okay, Tom.