Sunday, November 18, 2012

Do You Like to Talk On the Telephone?

At our house I won't answer the telephone.  Whenever the phone rings, my hubby has to pick it up, or it doesn't get answered.  You are probably asking yourselves why by now.  Is she crazy?  lol  I just hate to talk on the telephone.

Okay, you're still asking why, and I have an answer.  The reason I don't like to talk on the phone is because I had so many jobs where I was constantly on the phone.  In some of those positions about 50% plus of my work was answering and talking on the phone.  I, also, had to make calls to other people.  Are you starting to understand why I hate telephones?

Have any of you had jobs where you answered the phone so much that you don't like to talk on the phone?  I'll be waiting to see all of your comments. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  Enjoy your turkey dinner, but remember those who'll be going hungry this day. 

Have a safe holiday.  See you next Sunday.

Sandra K. Marshall


Elf2060 said...

Your title caught my eye...I am the same way, it drives my hubby nuts that I won't answer the phone and that I am slow to return calls but I used to answer the phone on two different jobs (which of course was interesting trying to make sure that I was using the appropriate greeting at each job). Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well!

Sandy said...

Thanks, Elf. I'm sure a lot people have had jobs where they were on the phone all the time. lol

Diana said...

That's funny Sandy. Do you text?

Anonymous said...

This last political season finally drove us to Caller ID. Now I never answer the phone until I know who it is--and then do I want to talk to them at that moment.

I have a rather soft voice on the phone and when calls have to be made which are difficult I hope my hubby will do that since he's got a very authorative voice. People listen and he can be very persuasive.

So for the most part I talk on the phone when I know the conversation will be enjoyable.

You have a great Thanksgiving also.

Sandy said...

No, I don't text, Diana. I am not that up-to-date. lol

Thank you, Casey. I know about the authorative voice of a male. lol

Marianne Stephens said...

I always answer the phone. Hubby doesn't...and he worked for a phone company for 21 yrs!
Since most calls are from family and friends, I answer.
But, I always look at the Caller ID and don't answer no name, no number, 800 calls. They can leave a message!

Sandy said...

That's probably why hubby doesn't answer the phone, Marianne. He probably had to answer a lot of calls.

We are so lucky to have caller ID. I would never have gotten anything with all those robo calls during the pre-election.

Author GE Stills said...

I've had jobs in the past that entailed a great deal of time on the phone. Now if my wife is home she gets the honors of answering if it is answered at all. One of my pet-peves is robo calls. I guess one plus is that I have a tendency to say all manner of rude and often nasty things to them knowing full well it is a computer and then I hang up. I am so glad the political election is over. I got so angry. Ever evening right a supper time. (of course) we would get calls from both parties.Too bad there isn't a button on your phone that would send out a signal and burn up the damn computer calling you. :)

Judy said...

I don't mind the phone as long as the number shows up with a name on the ID. I love talking with REAL people. As for texting...I can do but don't because my smart phone is smarter than I am. What I really despise are passwords not being accepted and having to dance through those loops. I'm being reduced to making a password notebook to keep them straight. I saw today to use 'incorect' as a pass word...that way when the site comes up with "Your password is incorect...I know.
Now to see if I get this posted on your blog site. I usually don't

Sandy said...

I'm with you, Gary, on burning up the computers on those robo calls. lol My hubby does the same thing you do; cuss like mad at those computers. I wonder if they're taped. lol

Judy, absolutely do not use incorrect for a password. That was probably put out there by a hacker. lol I don't have time to learn how to use a smart phone.

K.T. Bishop said...

You're the first woman to hate talking on the phone!

Sandy said...

Oh, there are others who feel the same way I do, K.T..

Mary said...

Hi, Sandy: Couldn't resist this subject. I worked in a stationary store/print shop in London, England at one time. One day the phone rang, I picked it up and was a little distracted and simply answered, "Hello, Mary speaking." The man on the other end said, "I hear you provide a unique service." Well, it was hardly unique but who was I to cavil? I said, "Yes, our service is prompt and I'm sure you will be pleased with the end result. What exactly do you need?"

He proceded to tell me in detail, and I swear this happened. As he told me in raunchy detail what he required, my mouth gaped and, I swear, at that moment the phone fell to pieces in my hand and dropped to the floor.

So, pardon me, but for a long time after I was wary of answering the phone. Only in London, you say?

Sandy said...

Oh my, Mary, that's horrible. Fortunately, that never happened to me. I would be leery of answering the phone, too.