Sunday, September 16, 2012

Honor Killings

Hi Everyone,

My topic this week is a sober one, and I have given a lot of thought to it since I first heard about honor killings on 60 Minutes a couple of weeks ago.  I was raised to believe that there isn't any honor in killing.  In our country, we are raised to believe that to kill is a sin and is punishable by imprisonment.

On 60 Minutes, they were talking about an honor killing of a daughter by her father.  He killed his daughter because she didn't obey him and is considered to have dishonored the family.  How did she do this?  She didn't marry a man that her family picked out for her. Instead, she ran away. 

Believe it or not young people there was a time in Europe and our country's past when women weren't allowed to make a choice in the man they married.  Fortunately, this changed a long time ago and today, we do make our choices.  We fought very hard for the right to vote, to make our choices in every way we lead our lives, and we can't allow it to fall by the wayside.

It's against our laws to kill anyone, so anyone who comes to our country must obey our laws or suffer the consequences of their actions.  As shocking as honor killings are to Americans this is something that is going on in our country and more frequently than we could possibly imagine.

Since I'm allowed to express my opinion in my country, I want to say I think this is a horrendous practice and it has to be stopped.  We can't stop it around the world, but we certainly can stop it here in the good old U.S.A.  It would bring great dishonor to my family if I killed someone.

What do you think should be done about honor killings?

Thank you for listening to me this Sunday. 

In case, you have been following my blog about cataract surgery, I learned this week that my vision is 20/50.  I received a prescription for my glasses and will be getting them sometime this week.  Yay for that, as I'm tired of having a headache every day. 

Have a great week.



Natalie G. Owens said...

I just can't stomach stuff like this. It makes me truly sick. When you see your children, you don't see objects to mold as you please... but human beings to love. It's scary and tragic, and a real shame. Yes, there should be repercussions for these murderers - for any murderer, no matter the motive for their killing.

Congrats on getting the new glasses!

Sandy said...

Nat, I agree with you. It's hard to stomach something like this going on.

I won't get the glasses until next week, Nat. I'm going to be so glad.

K.T. Bishop said...

Glad you're getting new glasses and your headache's ending

Diana Lambdin Meyer said...

I'm happy that your surgery has gone so well. I've had problems with my glasses this summer - broke a pair and the new ones aren't right - and I've had that horrible headache every day.

Honor killings - Oh, I just can't go there, but in this country, it is considered murder and the offenders will be prosecuted.

Linda LaRoque said...

In this country, it's murder plain and simple. When people come here they have to adapt to our laws as we'd have to adapt to theirs if we moved to their country.

Glad you're getting your glasses.

Sandy said...

Thanks, K.T.

Diana, I hope you get the glasses corrected. I certainly hope you're right that the murderers are caught and prosecuted. 60 Minutes said there were a lot more honor killings going on than anyone was aware of. It would reprehensible if someone gets away with murder.

Linda, you're so right. They have to obey our laws.

D'Ann said...

I saw that program, too. If you move to the United States, then you need to live by our rules, not those of the place you left behind.

That girl was so beautiful and had so much to live for. It's so sad. She was murdered, plain and simple.

What I think should be done to her father isn't printable.

Sandy said...

LOL D'Ann, I know exactly how you feel. No mother raised and living in this country would allow her daughter to be treated this way. I realize the mother could've been killed too, if she had tried to protect her daughter. It's sad.

D'Ann, I have seen Americans act badly in other countries and not follow their laws. This is a double-edged sword, I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

If one chooses to live in a country with different customs, one must adopt those customs. At least that's my belief and if I were visiting another country such as one in the Middle East where women always keep their heads covered, I would do so in respect of that country's customs.

But like you, I'm appalled that such a custom is practiced in this country. If the person who did such a thing moved here, he should follow our customs since he's in our country which doesn't believe in such practices.

Louise Behiel said...

It can't be tolerated here. Always, in the history and evolution of mankind, women take the brunt of the BS as do the children. We're not that far away from that here (e.g. look at how recently the laws about spousal abuse have been passed) and look at the legal system in terms of the protection of children. sighhhh
so much done yet so much left to do.

Sandy said...

Thank you, Casey. I agree with you. These honor killings are such a part of their culture that it's going to be hard to convince them they are doing wrong.

Louise, thanks for your comment. You're right we're not that far removed ourselves. Sad but true.

Siggy Buckley said...

I applaude you for your comments on Honor Killings. I have written several times on the topic in Opednews and AmericanChronicles. Stories about it reach the public ear more oftn in Europe where I hail from. Both, there and here, we (don't) know how privileged we are to be allowed to speak up for the injustice. When you do, you're often called racist, anti- Muslim and scare monger-er. I'd be happy to support your efforts if you choose to start an initiative or something like that. Best regards, your new reader, Siggy Buckley

Sandy said...

Dear Siggy,

Thank you for reading my blog. My goal is to let the people in my country become aware of honor killings and to let the perpetrators know it will not be allowed here.

I'll not be starting any initatives at this time. I commend you for speaking out, Siggy.