Sunday, March 18, 2012


Hubby and Maxie

Midnight and Dory
If you know nothing else about me from reading my blogs; you know I'm an animal lover.  My hubby and I love all animals whether domestic or wild.  For this blog, I'm going to talk about domestic cats.  Smile!

Here are ten facts about cats:
1.  Cats can reach great heights:  Did you know in 1963, France sent the first cat in to space known as Felicette, and she was dubbed 'Astrocat' by the press. 
2.  Felines sleep two thirds of the day:  Midnight, our black cat definitely sleeps most of her life away, but Dory, our tortie, doesn't sleep nearly as much because she looks out the window most of the day and night.
3.  Cats have human like emotions:  Cats can show happiness, excitability, playfulness, depression and anger.  There's nothing like a female cat who's angry.  lol  Midnight is very vocal and when she's mad she lets you know it by saying so, or tearing up a roll of toilet paper and scattering it all over the house.   On Dory's face I've seen love, puzzlement and fear.  She hardly ever gets angry unless a strange cat comes up on our deck.
4.  Cat bites are dangerous:  I didn't know this, but it's true.  Peter Muller, a doctor of veterinary medicine says a cat bite can result in a serious bacterial infection of Pasteurella multocida.  It can be treated with penicillin, but if left unchecked it can become very serious, especially in the elderly.
5.  Cats can jump high:  Cats can jump up to five times their height.  We once saw our cat, Maxie, jump almost to the ceiling one time.  Believe me it was shocking to see.  Midnight can jump on the kitchen counters, but Dory can't make it. 
6.  Cats can be cloned:  Wow!  This one I didn't know about, but if you have $50,000 to dole out you can replicate a favorite cat by using their DNA.
7.  Cats have internal GPS systems:  Yep, there are records of a lost cat finding its way home to a favored companion.
8.  Cats can use pet doors:  I knew dogs could use pet doors, but had no idea cats could to.  The story passed down over the years is that Sir Isaac Newton came up with the idea because his favorite cat kept opening the door and disrupting his experiments, so he cut a small hole in the door and covered it with cloth.
9.  Cats have a lot of hair:  A cats body is cover with approximately 130,000 hairs for each square inch.   That means a lot of cleaning, vacuuming, brushing and whatever else it takes to keep house and clothes clean.  lol
10.  Cats can use the toilet...and they can flush:  Experts have been interviewed and they claim there's no need for kitty litter.  You can train your cat to use the toilet.  (My only fear is that they would be in there flushing the toilet just for the fun of it.)
Cats are very intelligent and they can be taught way more than dogs.  The problem is they are independent and for that reason most owners don't try to teach them anything.  My husband and I talk to our cats and because of that they've learned our commands and know what's going on through our actions as well as voice. 
Have a great week everyone. 


K.T. Bishop said...

I have a great love for cats!

Louise Behiel said...

I'm a dog person, I must admit. it's the jumping and the hair that get me - my son had cats and could not train them to stay off the counters. disgusting.

interesting post, Sandra. thanks

Diana said...

Oh, I could be the crazy cat lady, if my husband would just indulge me. We have two rescue kitties and they make my life a little hectic at times, but certainly much richer.
The best part of my day is when I got to bed at night and the little girl kittie snuggles up beside my belly and purrs me to sleep.

Amy Atwell said...

What fun, and thanks for the information, Sandy. Even though I've lived with cats my whole life, you taught me a few things I didn't know. A lot of people accuse cats of being very standoffish, but I think it's just that cats are more independent than dogs. We treat our cats like family, and they're very loving.

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

I like other people's dogs and my own cats. :) Our cat is like a dog, letting us know when she wants to go in or out, sometimes at 4:30am. She 'knocks' on the window behind my computer desk when she wants in. If I don't move fast enough, the claws come out and it's like nails on a chalkboard.

I'd LOVE to teach a cat to use the toilet. That'd be so cool!

Loved the pictures of your kitties!

Anonymous said...

And cats were worshiped by Egyptians and believed to have special gifts. They are very Alpha and that is not good inthe house of an Alpha domina/woman. I know this one personally. I absolutely love them outside or in a barn. In my house, well we end up having words. And yes, their bites are not fun. Scratches either. Great blog, kiddo. fun

Sandy said...

Thanks, KT, so do I.

I'm glad you liked my post, Louise. Thanks for coming by.

There's nothing better than a snuggly kittie, Diana.

Amy, I think cats get a bad about being standoffish. They're just like people, they want attention when they want it. lol

Thanks, Stacie. Hubby always said Maxie was like a dog the way he followed my husband around. lol

Thank you, Julia. Glad you enjoyed the post.

Historical Writer/Editor said...

Interesting facts, Sandra. I learned a few things. I have three cats: an all black one, an all white one, and a tortie/half Manx without a tail. They're fun animals. -laur

Sandy said...

Thanks, Laura. Glad you enjoyed my post.

Anonymous said...

Im a Cat lover too!! I think thats why most of my heroes are Cat Shapeshifters. Unfortunately, Im allergic to most of the breeds ---cant figure out why. But no matter, I'll always LOVE cats!

Thanks for the info, Sandra!

hugs, Kari Thomas,

Jill James said...

I love cats. I had a cat when I was a teenager, Sylvester. He was so smart. I bet I could have taught him to use the toilet. Just didn't think to try. LOL

Marianne Stephens said...

I didn't know about the French cat in space!
And, using the toilet and flushing sounds like a way to save on kitty litter!
Not a cat person, but a dog lover.

Sandy said...

Kari, I know so many people who are allergic to cats. How sad. I'm glad you still love these intelligent animals.

LOL Jill, I'm sure you could've taught Sylvester to use the toilet.

That's okay, Marianne. I love dogs, too. They just need more care than a cat. For instance you have to walk your dog (cats don't like to be walked lol) and you have to let them outside at inconvenient times. For instance, at four o'clock in the morning.