Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cruelty to Animals

Hi Folks,

If you've been reading my blog for a long time then you know my hubby and I are lovers of animals; domestic or wild.

Recently, there's been a lot of news on television about cruelty to animals. Last summer there were a couple of little dogs who were tortured and set on fire. Just this week, there was a beautiful black and white cat who was killed and skinned. The killer took the white spots of the hair with him.

I can't imagine what kind of person who can do this to an innocent animal. I'm not getting into the psyche of someone like this in my blog. I'll save this for a book.

The owners of these animals are devastated when their pets are harmed and mutilated. If it were one of my kitties, and I caught someone hurting them they would be very sorry.

Midnight, our little black cat is a talker and a prancer.  She talks, swirls forward and backward to watch you to make sure you are following her.  And did I say she keeps talking the whole time?  lol                                                                                                           
Dory, our little tortie, hardly makes a   sound.  She only gets excited when she sees squirels or another cat.  She can be ferocious, but she's tiny.                        

As you can see these two little girls like each other and are like sisters.  One        minute they're playing and the next they are fighting.  Grin. These two like to     sleep at the bottom of our bed.             
 Remember to always protect the weakest in our society be they animals, children, women or elderly. 

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Carol Ericson said...

Sandy, I can't even read stories about animal cruelty - breaks my heart, especially when pets want to trust us and love us. Of course, nobody would try anything with our big, old boy, Dexter. Our 200 lb. English Mastiff can bark once and that's enough to scare off anyone!

Linda LaRoque said...

I have trouble watching the videos posted on Facebook about animals needing homes. Makes me want to adopt them all. A person who is cruel to animals is sick.

K.T. Bishop said...

It always saddens me when animals are abused!

Louise Behiel said...

Sandra I can't tand to even think about it. Just breaks my heart. and like someone else mentioned, i can't look at the website of our local Humane Society because I want to adopt them all. How can people behave in this way to animals who only want to love us?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree Sandy. Protecting the weakest... adding the unborn child that has no voice.

Sandy said...

Carol, thanks for coming by. Even Oscar would have trouble if there was a gang. Watch your pet closely.

Thanks, Linda, I agree.

Me too, K.T.

Louise, I ask that question all the time, and I don't know the answer.

Thanks, Anonymous/Pat for your comment.

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Pretty much agree with every comment here. It's awful when people are cruel to anything/anyone weaker than them. Expecially agree with Anonymous' comment about unborn children.

Sandy said...

Thank you, Stacey.

Diana Lambdin Meyer said...

Aaah, little Midnight could be a twin to our Miss Silky - who, as the name implies, has a coat as soft and smooth as silk.
At the time we adopted her, the volunteers at the shelter told me they would have a hard time finding a home for an all black kitten - that superstition causes more black animals, dogs or cats, to be left behind.
Miss Silky, our all black cat, is the sweetest, most affectionate pet we've ever had, and if anyone were to hurt her, watch out!

Sandy said...

We've had two black cats, Diana, and loved them both. My little Dory and Midnight love each other like sisters. Often they remind me of me and my sister. lol Thanks for telling us about Miss Silky.

Glad you made it home safe from your trip to New Zealand. Awesome blogs, and I loved following your trip.

Elaine Cantrell said...

I can't stand it when people are cruel to animals! The authorities should take such cases very seriously and hand out some stiff penalties for people who get caught.

Sandy said...

I agree with you, Elaine. The owners are offering a $1500.00 reward because of the strangeness of the kill.

I think this is something that could escalate to people next. Thanks for your comment, Elaine.

Gail said...

That is so sad and horrible. I live in a town that hates cats. We can't let ours outdoors anymore because they trap the cats and then kill them. They don't even try to find the owners. It is a small town of less than 300 people. I lost several cats this way.

Mia Marlowe said...

I don't understand what drives such cruelty. Both my dogs are rescue pups. Mack, my rat terrier, is a puppy mill reject who was born with a surgically repairable defect, but the disreputable breeder was going to put a bullet in his head rather than pay to have him fixed. My niece found Harry, our wire-haired dachshund, tied to a tree in the middle of the woods with no water or food, left to die. They are both wonderful companions and we count ourselves lucky to have them.

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Sandy, few things makes me angrier than animal cruelty; it's hard for me to even read/watch stories on the subject. My mom was very passionate about it as well. Just last night I watched that video about the beagles who had never been outside the laboratory they were born in, and it was so beautiful watching them see sunlight for the first time, feel the grass under their paws. I bawled my eyes out...well, I cry easily, but that's beside the point. *grin*

Your Midnight looks so much like my late cat, Silly Willie. I miss that cat.

Cindy A Christiansen said...

Hi, Sandy.
I have trouble with cruelty too. I include dogs in all of my books and even discussed animal cruelty in one. My boys and I donate time to shelters and I donate a proceed from my books to organizations who help abused and homeless dogs.
I love your comment about protecting the weakest. Great blog!

Sandy said...

Oh no, Gail, that's just horrible. In some ways, I can understand if they are bird lovers. Cats hunt birds and until I had a cat I didn't like them because I had seen one kill a pigeon. Now, I understand cats. They are natural predators like the big cats.

Thanks for your comment, Gail.

Sandy said...

Mia, I'm so glad you saved those little doggies. People can be so cruel.

Donna, I don't cry about the cruelty to animals, but I get very angry. If I saw someone doing something horrible I would plow into them. Smile. I saw those little dogs taking their first tentative steps out of their cages. They were so cute.

Sandy said...

Thank you, Cindy. I admire the people who donate so much time to the shelter animals. I couldn't do it, or I would be bringing them all home with me.