Sunday, August 28, 2011

Would You Evacuate If Told To?

Hi Everyone,

This year has been a bad one for tornadoes, and it looks like it's going to be the same for hurricanes. Tornadoes hit around my area so much this summer that I cringed every time we had a tornado warning. There's no way I wouldn't take a threat like that seriously.

In New York City, a reporter was speaking to a person who had decided not to evacuate.  The reason he gave was that Bloomberg had messed on winter storm and was trying to make up for it by exaggerating the seriousness of Hurricane Irene. 

My question to all of you is would you go to a safe place if told to?

That's all for this Sunday.  Have a great week.

Best to all of you.



Isis Rushdan said...

Hi Sandy! Thanks for your concern for my safety on Twitter :), but I'm out of danger in England. Just the regular rain to contend with.

Since I'm a big chicken, I'd definitely evacuate if told to. I'm sure many folks won't evacuate because they can't afford to leave and stay in a hotel or have no family in a safe zone they can stay with. Lots of folks would prefer to "tough it out" at home instead of shelter where the conditions are uncertain.

Carol Ericson said...

Sandy, I would definitely evacuate - I'm not in tornado or hurricane country, but if someone told me there was a 90% chance of a 8.0 earthquake, I'd evacuate! Even if I had no money, friends or family elsewhere, I'd take off in my car and stay in my car! Why take chances with Mother Nature?

Mary said...

Hi Sandy,

Great question. As a former Disaster Services Coordinator I can tell you it's frustrating and frightening when people choose not to evacuate.

The recommendation is given by the mayor or other elected official, but it's not one person making the decision to evacuate.

There are multiple groups including Emergency Medical System Personnel, City/County Officials, Red Cross and other disaster response agencies who jointly make the recommendation.

When people stay in their homes against recommendations, they can endanger not only their own lives but the lives of the rescue personnel who may be called in to help in the middle of the disaster.

So, yes. Please evacuate. It's safest. Homes can be replaced. People cannot.

Sandy said...

Isis, I forgot you were in England again. Thanks for your comment. I'm a chicken, too. Smile.

Sandy said...

Thanks for your comment, Carol. I totally agree with not trusting Mother Nature.

Sandy said...

Thank you for your comment, Mary. I hope it helps some of those who visit my blog today.

KT BISHOP said...

My job requires me to stay and work during a hurricane!

Sandy said...

You lucky journalist standing out in the rain, KT. lol Thanks for coming by.

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Hi Sandy! Yes, I definitely would if my family was in serious danger. I'd hate to leave my home, but I won't take a chance with my kids' safety.

Christie Craig said...

They don't have to tell me twice.


Jill James said...

If we had a way to predict earthquakes scientifically and I was told it was time to evacuate, I would.

Mr. Cop worked the Oakland Hills Firestorm and actual 911 calls came in with people asking if they evacuated were they supposed to take the children and the pets too.

LuAnn said...

I grew up in Tornado Alley, so yes, I understand the importance of going to a safe place. The lives of your family members are more important than any material items. Whether it's finding a nearby shelter or going to a safer area, we need to do as the authorities suggest.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Donna. Family has to come first.

Sandy said...

Christie, they don't have to tell me twice either. Thanks for your comment.

Jill, are you kidding? People actually asked if they needed to take the children and pets. Unbelieveable.

LuAnn, I grew up in Tornado Alley, too. We lived in Kansas. Thanks for your comment.

Linda LaRoque said...

This is a hard question for me as I've never lived in an area with earthquakes or hurricanes. We do have tornados but all you can do for those is take cover in a safe place in your house or elsewhere and pray if it hits you'll be safe. We learned at an early age not to get in our cars and try to outrun one.

I do believe though, that'd I'd evacuate. I'd grab up items of importance, pack them in my car and head to a safe area. Homes, furniture, etc. can be replaces, but lives can't. I hope I'd be able to take important pictures and special momentos with me. And my little dog, of course.

By leaving, I believe we lessen the chances of a rescurer loosing his or her life by having to come in and save us when we're foolish and stubborn.

Interesting post.

Sandy said...

Thank you, Linda. Very nicely said.

B. A. Binns said...

Absolutely I would evacuate - although I don't know where I would go. Strange thing - I never even bothered to make that emergency preparedness kit the keep saying we should have, but I'd go in an evacuation alert. Not risking my neck to show I'm strong enough to stay or expecing someone to come rescue me at the risk oft heir own necks.