Saturday, April 30, 2011

Review of Addiction

Hi Everyone,

Okay, I normally wouldn't do this but I thought my sister was honest in her review. However, it was just her opinion, and I would love to have others comment who have read Addiction. Below is what she said about Addiction:

"I stayed up until almost midnight to finish the last 70 pages of your book. You did a great job telling the story. It was interesting and held my attention. BLANK (I took this part out because she gave away the killer in this part of the review) Basically, what she said is that I was clever. lol The only parts of the book I didn't really care for were the way too graphic for me raunchy sex. The romance was missing. I enjoyed the story though. You have come a long way in your writing. Congratulations."

Is this a good review? Well, it depends on how you look at it. lol I certainly won't pick up any inspirational readers and maybe I won't get the romance readers. Not unless you like raunchy sex. Wink! But then I might pick up some men readers because men like raunchy sex. hehehe

Other reviews can be found on Amazon and at these links:

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Sandy or Sandra K. Marshall


Marianne Stephens said...

The term raunchy means different things to different people. Those who are less inclined to enjoy reading sensual to erotic romance books would do better reading "sweet" romances. Your sex scenes were vivid, as was the entire book.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Marianne. My sister only read the sweet Harlequin Romances. I'm sure she wouldn't like their Desires or Blaze lines.

I am concerned that she didn't think it was romantic. Of course, her idea of romance is tender and gentleness.

Rebecca Royce said...

Sandy, I actually didn't find the book to be that raunchy. I thought it had really good love scenes. I thought it was romantic. I think different people have different definitions of what 'romance' is. To me, that is what I expect and want to see when I read a romance. But, maybe she prefers behind closed doors? I loved it.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Rebecca. I think she felt it was too graphic. She wanted something sweeter, which to her is more romantic.

I really appreciate your comment.

Janice said...

With some reviews you have to take the good with the bad.

And remember even though this is your sister who gave the review (and kudos for her being honest), it's just someone's opinion.

The next reviewer will have an entirely different take on what's romance and what makes raunchy sex.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Janice. I agree with you.

Even though me and my sister are near the same age, I've had very different experiences than she has had. Plus, the young people I come in contact with have different ideas than my generation.

Historical Writer/Editor said...

Sounds like a good review, Sandy! I know how sisters can have such different taste. I'm a romance writer, and I have one sister who loves horror stories and another who loves thrillers. Does your sister read your genre normally? If not, than it's a particularly good review. -Laura

Sandy said...

Thanks, Laura. I thought it was a good review, too. My sister reads romances, but she wants the love scenes behind closed doors. Smile.