Sunday, November 28, 2010

Contest! Contest!

Don't you just love contests? Here's a biggie with lots of wonderful prizes.

Kris Kringle's Kindle (& More) Kontest! Contest starts 1 Dec. and ends midnight ET 31 December. Sorry, but we only ship to US and Canadian residents. We're giving away a new Kindle and other goodies from Santa's bag of surprises! Totes, hats, tee-shirts, ornaments and more could be yours! To enter, you need to do TWO things:

1. Join "Romance Books R Us" at If you're already a member, great! PLEASE NOTE: WE'RE NOT ACCEPTING MORE PUBLISHED AUTHORS FOR MEMBERSHIP AT THIS TIME. The contest is open to ALL our current RBRU members and any readers/industry reps/unpublished writers who join NOW.

2. Visit the the participating authors and their URLs listed on our blog under the Kris Kringle KINDLE (and more) Kontest message at: , and answer their questions. SEND A LIST OF ALL PARTICIPATING AUTHORS AND ANSWERS TO THEIR QUESTIONS IN ONE EMAIL TO: _contests.rbrus@gmail.com_
Here's my question: What does Melanie Dubois detest? Hint: Books
Thanks for visiting today. Remember you can't until the 1st, or your answers will be deleted. Be sure to get your answers in by December 31st. Have a great day and see you next Sunday.


robynl said...

what an awesome contest; I love contests. Helps to get to know authors better.
Hope everything is fine with you Sandy.
Today is Grey Cup day in Canada so will be watching some of the game.

Sandy said...

Oh, I know how much you love contests, RobynL. Grin. You've only won two of mine.

Thank you for stopping by, RobynL. I hope it's a good game.

Linda LaRoque said...

Good luck with the contest, Sandy. It sounds like fun!

Sandy said...

It's not only fun, Linda, it's easy.