Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jumbled Thoughts

Hello Everyone,

Today, I'm going to tell you about some of the thoughts tumbling through my mind this past week. Those of you who know me well know that I sometime lose focus while talking and writing. My thoughts can blow around like the leaves on a tree. My goal for this blog is to center on one subject in each paragraph. lol

To start with I'm going to talk about insomnia. There are many things that can cause people not to sleep. For my hubby the reason is his sleep apnea and having to sleep with a mask over his face. He takes a half an Ambien (5mg) every night and sometimes a whole one if the half doesn't work. Hubby can get by on 4 to 6 hours a night, so if he gets that deep sleep he's good.

Okay, this is extending to two paragraphs because I'm going to tell you why I can't rest. I have fibormyalgia and peripheral neuropathy, both are nerve diseases. I just want to talk about the fibormyalgia because it causes me the most problem both day and night. There are times I can't bear to brush against or to have anything touch me. This is the reason I can't sleep at night. There's no way you can lay in bed without touching the mattress. All night long I may toss and turn trying to find a comfortable spot, which also make the fibromyalgia worse. Sometimes I can get up and work, but usually my mind is mush so I can only mindless games on the computer until I'm so tired I don't feel the pain for a few hours.

Next I'm going to talk a bit about book royalties. This is a topic I've thought about this week because I'm trying to decide if it's worth my while to continue writing other than for my enjoyment. I've talked about this subject a bit before, so I'm going to skim this. We aren't allowed to talk about our contracts so this is only going to be general. I will say this that digital royalties are larger than the print royalties. Everyone knows, Grisham, Patterson, Roberts and others have made huge bucks from their book sales but these authors sold millions of books before they did.

This topic is taking two paragraphs too. Smile. Most authors start as low as $30.00 for their first royalty check. Some even lower. Royalties will grow if they can keep selling books, and if they improve with each book. Many authors who make $5,000 to $35,000 or less have day jobs or a husband to support them. Authors who make $50,000 to $100,000 a year are able to support themselves without a day job. Okay, this is enough on this topic for today.

Did I tell you that repetition is my downfall? When I edit I have to remove one third of my words just because of replicating words (called echo's in the publishing world) and sentences that have already been written. Not exact usage but they mean the same thing. This is a common fault among authors.

I'm going to end on a brighter note. My very good friend, Linda B., called me on Thursday to tell me she'd read my book, ADDICTION, and she really liked it and saw improvement in my writing.

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Until next Sunday, have a great week.



KT BISHOP said...

Patience is my downfall, mainly after submitting books. I get so tired of waiting and waiting.

robynl said...

I once had a Dammit Doll but don't know where it got to. I used it also.

I somewhat understand Fibromyalgia from what my girlfriend tells me of hers. Take care Sandy.

Linda LaRoque said...

I feel for you with your fibromyagla pain. My cousin has it too.

I hope you won't give up your writing.

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Hey, Sandy, my aunt deals with fibromyalga--it's awful. Wishing you as many nights of good rest as possible! And 100x the amount of book sales. :)

Jill James said...

Sandy, that disorder sounds like a total suck. And I bet it is hard to get sympathy because you probably look perfectly fine. I know someone with it and you would never know by looking at her but she says the pain is unbearable. So sorry!

Christie Craig said...


My mom had fibromyalgia. It's tough. Hang in there girl. And hang in there with the books, too.

And I think we need a damnit doll every now and then.


Sandy said...


We all get tired of waiting. It's too bad, but it's part of our world.

Sandy said...

Thanks, RobynL.

Those dammit dolls are making a comeback. lol

I'm sorry your friend is having to deal with fibromyalgia, Robyn. The problem is we don't look like anything is wrong with us so it's hard for others to understand.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Linda.

My sister also has the fibromyalgia. I'm sorry about your cousin. It's not easy to live with.

Sandy said...

Thank you, Stacey. I hope I sell lots of books too, and I hope you do too. Smile.

I hope your aunt doesn't have as much trouble sleeping as I do.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Jill.

You're right. No one with the disease looks like there is anything wrong with them.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Christie.

Fibromyalgia was a difficult disease to diagnose as the symtoms were very similar to MS, and that was what the doctor's diagnosed me with first.

LuAnn said...

Have you tried one of those adjustable beds? My sister has MS and she also has a lot of discomfort. When she got one of those beds, it made all the difference in the world. She can set it to where laying down doesn't bother her so much.

Marianne Stephens said...

Those diseases can be so uncomfortable, but you are a brave soul and bear it with grace.
Royalties? Different for everyone, based on publisher, number of books...etc. I continue to write because I love it. Very few can make a living and support themselves as authors.
I think the Dammit Dolls will be the hit of Moonlight Madness at RWA!

Sandy said...

Thanks, LuAnn.

No, I haven't tried one of the adjustable beds. If they weren't so expensive I would. Maybe some day though.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Marianne/April. I know you have your own health issues to deal with and talk about grace you have it in spades.

I love writing too, but I wouldn't spend the time promoting I do if I wrote for my pleasure.

Those Dammit Dolls are gaining a reputation. lol I think they'll be a huge success too.

Anonymous said...

Just read your blog Sandy girl and you are the same sweet person I remember from MBM years ago. The young, naive, young lady that came from KCAC who got her horse's surgical procedure confused is still wrestling with words rolling around in her head !
Try reading the Bible awhile before bedtime...the pain will go away.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Anonymous. I appreciate your comments.

I think everyone is going to remember that horse comment forever, especially, since you told everyone. lol

jean hart stewart said...

You're a brave lady...Wish I could help. If you ever need a beta editor I'll try to pitch in. Jean

Sandy said...

Thank you, Jean.

That's very sweet of you.