Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gulf Coast Castastrophe

Hello Everyone,

Not all of you will agree with me on what's going on in the gulf coast, but this is my blog, and I'm going to give my opinion. Many of you have probably watched the senate and listened to the testimony from them and the BP CEO, Tony Hayward. Of course, he said very little on the advice of lawyers.

Anyone who knows me knows I like everyone. I do not hate Tony Hayward, he's only as greedy as everyone else on this earth. That includes you and me. Do I think he thought of the bottom line and his stockholders before he thought of ordinary folks who make a living in the region. Most definitely. Do I believe he was sincere when he said he was sorry. Humph. No way. The only thing I think he's sorry for is that he was CEO when the catastrophe happened. He meant it when he said, he wanted his life back. Well, Mr. Hayward, so do the people in the gulf.

There is one person I dislike immensely, and his name is Joe Barton, Republican representative from Texas. If I lived in Texas, and I voted for him I would be asking him to step down immediately. For a man in our congress to apologize for his country for asking for money to help the people and businesses in the Gulf area and call it a shakedown is apprehensible. He's not a patriot, and he's in bed with the oil companies. How would his constituents feel if this had been off the beaches of Galveston? Maybe, he wouldn't have said those words to appease BP then.

Everyone is pointing fingers at someone. The President is being condemned because he didn't act faster. We have a President who is analytical (remember my blog last week about are you analytical), and he tries not to jump in and start doing things without considering all possibilities before acting. We had a President who jumped to action, and he went after the wrong target. No matter whether we act slow or fast there are bound to be mistakes. We all make them.

Here's a group I point fingers at and that is whoever was supposed to be inspecting every detail while the rigs were built and the maintenance of them. Who was being bought off? Someone knew there was a problem. Certainly, the workers did but they didn't speak up for fear of losing their jobs. Instead they lost their lives. These inspectors definitely need to be held accountable for allowing BP to continue drilling.

Those people who are yelling about their jobs, I say: Are you willing to risk your lives that this won't happen to you? Wouldn't you rather the drills are inspected thoroughly before going back to work? I know that's easy for me to say when it's you with the bills you can't pay. Just ask yourself who will pay them if you're dead. I understand very well what is happening even if I'm not there. Keep reading and you'll see why I think I understand.

BP wants to make it right but unfortunately they can't undo what has happened. There's no way to make it right now, but only help make it better. BP is burning off oil now. It's keeping the oil from the shores, but what is the fire doing to the fish in that area? The fire may keep the oil from going inland, but how much oil has already made it from the gulf into the ocean? I bet no one has thought of that. What kind of damage has this oil spill done long range to the sea life in the gulf and oceans?

Now to get back to blame. We are all to blame for this problem because of our dependence on oil. Will this catastrophe teach us anything? I hope so, but I doubt it. Why do I say that? It's because of the 'me factor'. We all think of me and what we want. I'm not excluding myself either.

To those people who think they aren't effected by this drill spill, well guess again. You'll start feeling it in your pockets as gas prices go up. You'll notice it as your food choices decline and the price goes up for sea food.

For those of you not concerned about any of this and who think nothing like this can happen to them. Guess again. There are volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes just to name a few nature made disasters but the man made ones can be just as bad. Do you have a nuclear plant near you? We have one not too far from us. Do we know how well they are inspected? Could something like what happened in the gulf happen at a nuclear plant?

Damn right it could and may if the inspectors are bought off. I can understand how the people in the gulf are feeling because something very similar or even worse could happen here.

Most corporations are greedy, and so are there stockholders. They want more and more. Those stockholders may be you. I know I own stock, and I want my dividend every quarter. I can remember a time when companies were happy with a 10% profit, and now they want a 300% or more profit. Where does it end? BP was one of those greedy company's. They are suspending their dividend to set aside the $20 billion to help those effected by the oil spill. Will the stockholders sell their shares because they aren't making any dividend and the stock is going down. They could. Will BP decide to declare bankruptcy and therefore no one would get any money. All of these things could happen.

All of this could have been prevented if only someone had listened to the workers. On my blog all of you are allowed an opinion and you can voice it here even if you don't agree with me. One word of warning, respect everyone's right to say what they think and don't put anyone down for their opinion.

I could say a lot more, but I think by now everyone is tired of hearing me rant. lol

Have a good week. I'll see you next week.



April Ash said...

I try to stay away from political confrontations in open forums. Bottom line: the oil spill is bad and needs to be fixed. Finger pointing will forever be a part of any controversy, and there are always two sides to every aspect of any confrontation.

Sandy said...

Thanks for your comment, April/Marianne.

Of course there are always two side to every aspect of any confrontation. Maybe even three or four sides or more. Everything has to be looked at and examined.

I like to know what everyone thinks. Even if they disagree with me.

KT BISHOP said...

I live on the Gulf Coast and this bullshit's affecting my livelihood. I can go on for days to toss the blame around.
Obama could've reacted earlier. The bottom line: he has no clue to what's going on. Nobody on his staff doesn't have a clue, either. And I don't mind telling people I told em' so about Obama's experience biting him in the ass!
People can badmouth Bill Clinton all they want, he would've had a clue on how to solve this crisis. Even Reagan.
BP's at fault and deserves to pay that 2 billion dollar pricetag to those workers losing business.

Sandy said...

Thank you, K.T. So glad to hear from you.

BTW, I think you left off a few billion by leaving off the zero after the two. lol

kt bishop said...

The amount doesn't matter. We have this generation's version of Jimmy Carter!

Christie Craig said...


I think mistakes have been made all around. There's blame almost wherever you look. It's sad and devastating. I just hope things get better and there is help to be had for all those wonderful towns with wonderful beaches who are effected by this.


Sandy said...


What a great comment.

What really matters is taking care of those towns and beaches so the people can make a living.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy
I have been on two mission trips to the gulf area and seen the devastation from the storms down there. Those people have been dealt another tragedy this one man made. I can surly imagine what they are going through. The
Government messed up so bad in getting things right in that area before I only hope for there sake they do better this time.

Sandy said...

Thank you, Anonymous. I certainly agree with you and hope they get it right this time.

LuAnn said...

I agree ... stop pointing fingers and let's get it fixed. Unfortunately, Sandy, you're right when you say we won't learn from this tragedy. Do we ever? Remember Exxon Valdez. Admittedly, it wasn't but a fraction of what we're talking about in the Gulf, but it was a horrendous accident none the less. So, OK, they now make the tanks and hulls thicker and that's a plus. But we still don't admit our greed as the cause, like you said, of these types of tragedies. Why are men still dying in coal mines after all these years? It's just another form of energy greed.

Sandy said...

Thank you, LuAnn.

I agree with you about the coal mines, but there again we're talking about someone's liveihood. I really don't know what the answer is. I think President Obama is on the right track about alternative energy creating new jobs. We're talking retraining workers in mines and on oil rigs. Can it be done? Yes, but not overnight. So what do we do in the interim?

Thanks again, LuAnn.

Anonymous said...

I agree it's one big cock up. I could add to that, but I won't :) This is a sensible political debate. Besides, living on this side of the pond I am pretty clueless when it comes to the ongoing war between the Democrats and Republications.

But Obama, I know him well enough to know that I'm hearing a lot of people are not actually liking the way he is running things. Such as shame, I think we all had high hopes for him, even over here.

Congratulations on your new release due out in Sept - I love the cover.