Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween: A Night of Evil, or a Night of Fun.

You wouldn’t think trick or treating would be such a controversial topic, but it is among many. I’m going to give a bit of history for background here.

Halloween’s origins are believed to date back 2000 years ago when the Celts celebrated their new year on November 1st. On October 31st, they celebrated Samhain, a night that they believed the ghosts of the dead returned to earth. These ghosts were believed to cause havoc upon the land during this night. Supposedly, these spirits made it easier for Celtic priests to make predictions about the future. They would build bonfires to offer sacrifices of crops and the weaker animals that might not survive the winter. During the ceremony, the Celts wore costumes consisting of animal heads and skins, and told each other their fortunes. They may have used people as sacrifices, but I don’t believe this is confirmed. I will add that this is a very simplified version of what may have happened.
(Article by Diana Windgassen: The History of Halloween)

Some people believe that Halloween evolved out of the Catholic holiday called All Hallows Eve, which occurs before All Saints Day, a general celebration of the saints on November 1st. However, All Saints Day was originally celebrated on May 13, and in the Orthodox Church it continues that tradition. Pope Gregory III is credited with moving it in the 9th century to November 1st. Many Christians who are against Halloween celebrations believe that All Saints Day was moved to co-opt a Celtic Irish celebration call Samhain. The connection between these two celebrations is that Samhain placated or honored the dead and All Saints Day celebrates dead saints. This is the cause of much debate. (Is Halloween Christian, Pagan or Secular by Catherine Beyer)

Many Christians believe that we embrace and evil day of Satan when we celebrate Halloween. There are quotes from the Bible that testify to this. I could give you way more history on this, and I admit the topic of Halloween is a complicated one.

My question to all of you is do you think Halloween is evil or fun innocence?

Here is my take on Halloween: This holiday has been diluted regardless of whether its intent was to be evil or good. It has become a hodge-podge of traditions, and I believe we have made Halloween a different tradition from the originals ones. Evil is rampant everywhere in this world, and it’s there day or night. Yes, there’s more evil on Halloween night, but that’s because anyone can wear a costume and hide their true identity.

It’s fun for our little boys to dress up as super heroes and princesses, or anything they want to be. Heck, it is fun for all of us to masquerade once in a while.

I’ll be eager to hear the comments today. Grin.

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Elle J Rossi said...

Hmmm...While I've never been a huge Halloween fan I believe that it's all in fun. Like you said, evil is everywhere! It's ultimately up to us to protect our loved ones as much as possible, everyday, not just on Halloween.

So I say, let the kids pretend, let them dress up, let them have fun!


Carol Ericson said...

My kids have no notion of the origins of Halloween. They just think it's a holiday to dress up, go out at night, get scared at haunted houses,and get candy! No harm there - except that candy is pretty evil on their teeth and tummies! My son has a few friends who aren't allowed to participate in Halloween activities. I imagine it's a religious concern, but I've never asked. To each his own.

K.T. Bishop said...

I always loved Halloween as a child and still do as a adult. Especially the Reese Cup Pumpkins and hershey kisses. One of the more enjoyable holidays. Don't get me started with TMC who has a nice 10 day countdown of great Halloween movies.....

Ilona Fridl said...

I've always loved Halloween. I guess scary stories gave me a thrill. The parties, games, and trick or treat are a wonderful memory of my childhood.
Loved your blog, Sandy!

Sandy said...

Thanks, Elle. Yes, there's little enough fun these days, so why not?

Sandy said...

Thanks, Carol.

There was the scare years ago where someone put razor blades in candy, so that might also be the reason why your friends don't allow their kids to participate on Halloween.

I agree with you that it should be each person's decision.

Sandy said...

LOL Thanks, K.T.

I never was into the scary movies.

Sandy said...

Thank you, llona. I always liked to dress up to.

Anonymous said...


Marianne Stephens said...

I love Halloween and having kids come to the door so I can hand out candy. It's a day for children to dress-up, and adults to have fun watching them.
I hope the holiday never disappears!

Sandy said...

LOL Thanks, Anonymous, for this information.

Just writing this blog was all the time I wanted to spend on this. Grin.

Sandy said...

Me neither, Marianne. Those kids are so cute.

Thanks for your comment.

EmilyBryan said...

I live in a condo and had no trick or treaters. I confess I miss seeing little kids in bumblebee suits.

Sandy said...


The little ones are adorable. I would miss seeing them, too. There are a fewer number every year. It's probably because parents are afraid to take them out.

Thanks for your comment.

Judy said...

All I've ever read about Halloween you hit right on the nailhead, Sandy. But I agree, it's turned into something fun for kids. When I taught, I dreaded Halloween. It started the sugar high that lasted through the New Year. We've lived here in the backwoods for 16 years and have had only one treater...and that was out of compassion. Sooo I buy Giridelli Chocolates for the treaters....and eat them myself.

Sandy said...

LOL Judy, nothing wrong with buying Giridelli Chocolates and eating them yourself.

Thanks for dropping by.