Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tribute to War Heroes

Hi Everyone,

I don’t need to tell that it’s Memorial Day, the day we honor the men and women who served and often died for our country and our freedoms.

There is one such man who was in my life who served during WWII in Germany, Uncle Ray. His name was Ray Warmker, and when he came home from the war, he never talked about his experiences.

He quietly picked up his life becoming a car mechanic, and then eventually owning his own garage. He was a Ford man all the way. He worked on other makes, but he always said Ford was the best made American car.

I remember Uncle Ray as a patient, gentle man. He loved to be around family, to have picnics and other family gatherings. At these times, he spent time with his boys, his nieces and nephew. After dinner, he had all of us outside playing softball, touch football, and croquet in the summer, then making snowmen, riding sleighs, or playing cards in the winter.

This was the American dream, and it was what he fought for. To my American hero, Uncle Ray, he died at the young of forty-eight even though he made it home safely from the war.

There are so many other veterans from other wars out there who deserve our thanks. Please take the time to thank them and shake their hand when you meet them.

I hope everyone will leave a comment about their war heroes.

Happy Memorial Day!



Linda LaRoque said...

Very nice tribute, Sandy. I have a lot of heroes in my life. My father and four uncles served in WWII; my husband, 1 uncle, and two cousins in Vietnam; a nephew in Desert Storm; and my son in Iraqui Freedom.

Anonymous said...

My father served in Vietman and Desert Storm and has the physical scars to prove it. Now my son is serving in the Navy for the next five years or so.

I may not believe in war but I believe in every man and woman who defends our freedom and for anyone serving or who have served, thank you for your service.

Liena Ferror

kt bishop said...

A good post. I have a lot of respect for the military. I hope our President does and make the right decision for them, not for his ego and principles.....

Sandy said...


Thanks for stopping by and telling about your family. I could have picked someone other than a war hero since today is for all the ones we hold dear who have passed. Uncle Ray was special, and I wanted to let him know I had not forgotten him.

Sandy said...


We owe a debt to men like your father that we can never repay.

Like you, I don't believe in war, but I believe in people having their freedom no matter where they live.

Thanks for coming by.

Sandy said...


I think no matter what our President promised, he will do right by our military even if it conflicts with what he has said before.

Thanks for coming by.

Carol said...

Great post, Sandy. My dad was in WWII in Italy, Sicily, and North Africa. My father-in-law fought at D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge. Both of those brave men have passed away. However, my 91-year old uncle is still with us. He was in the Navy and was at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked. My thoughts and prayers go out to all our men and women in the armed services this Memorial Day.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Carol, for sharing your war heroes.

You better pump your 91-year uncle for all his stories about that time, or they'll be lost. He probably won't mind talking about it now.

Glad you could make it by.

Chiron said...

Hi Sandy!

My dad fought in the war and made it home safely, only to die suddenly at age 36 from heart disease. Mom said he never spoke of the war but it had a sobering effect on him.

One interesting fact, he signed up at age 18 along with his dad, who just made it under the cut-off age.

Great post, Sandy. Lovely tribute...

Chiron O'Keefe
The Write

Vanessa Kelly said...

Great post, Sandy! Your Uncle Ray sounds like he was a wonderful man.

My dad was a WWII naval pilot, flying off aircraft carriers. He never saw combat since the war was almost over when he joined, but he still tells lots of intersting stories - especially about landing planes on bobbing boat decks in the middle of the night!

J Hali said...

I have a nephew and two nieces in the service. I pray each day that they stay safe. Their bravery and caring for the American 'way' is commendable. God Bless all our service people - then and now. Wonderful blog, Sandy. Thank you for reminding us what it's really about.

Sandy said...

Thank you for stopping by, Chiron.

I'm so sorry about your dad, he died so young. I hope you had a chance to know him for a bit.


Sandy said...

Vanessa, lovely to see you here.

Yes, Uncle Ray was a great man.

I'm sure your dad had some great stories to tell. He was lucky to miss out on some of the tragic stories.

Sandy said...

J. Hali,

I'll pray for your nephew and nieces, too. They are doing a wonderful service for their country, but it's perilous.

Thank them for me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. It really made me think about all those in the military that gave up their lives, (or were willing to) and how the families are left coping. What a sacrifice.

You've written a great tribute, Sandy.